EDAH Chapter 192


Chapter 192: Tailoring technique

Aunty Yu thought about it and said, “If it’s just for cold protection, then the pelt is enough to make the coat.  However, if a gem was inlaid into it, the protection would be strengthened and other stats could be added on.  The Snow Wolf Pelt is so rare and using it so simply is truly a pity…..Alright, I’ll get started…..”

“……Ah, wait a minute.  Aunty Yu, what kinds of……gems do you sell here?”  Broken Heart asked.

Aunty Yu stood up and said with a laugh, “I have two residual warmth jades here.  If you add them in, then it’ll increase the warmth protection by around 50%.  Each one will cost three hundred gold coins.  Little girl, if you want, I can sell them to you.”

Each one……was three hundred gold coins……


For her, this price was quite expensive.  Three hundred gold coins, it was enough to buy her little sister many things she liked to eat and many toys to play with……Also those paper flowers.

But she had made a promise and this was the only thing she could do for him.  “Un, I’ll have to trouble aunty Yu to make two coats, both embedded with the residual warmth jade.”

“……Each coat will have a tailoring fee of one hundred gold coins.”


The giant eight hundred gold coin transaction between Broken Heart and aunty Yu was finished.  The gold coins that Broken Heart had now came from the appraisal commission fee Ye Tian Xie had given her before.  Today was the first day that Broken Heart had come to “work” for Ye Tian Xie but she had not received her first “paycheck” yet.

With the gold coins in hand, aunty Yu’s face revealed a warm as cotton smile.  Her hands also began to move and after threading the needle, she held the wolf pelt in one hand while the other hand guided the needle through the pelt, slowly increasing in speed.  Broken Heart could not see her hand at all as it moved, but slowly she began to see a shaking shadow.

With today’s standard conventions, wanting to find a girl that knew how to cook food and wash clothes was not hard, but to find a girl that knew how to make clothes and sew was incredibly hard to do.  As for Broken Heart, she was one of the few that knew how to do so, but in front of aunty Yu, she was stunned.  The stunning technique left a deep impression on her…….She completely forgot that this was a game world and that aunty Yu was a NPC.

The tailoring technique of the game world would not be as slow as the real world, otherwise even with aunty Yu’s god given skills, she would not be able to serve all those players.  In a few minutes, the Snow Wolf Pelts had been turned into two coats.  In the collar area, there was a small transparent button that was inlaid which was the residual warmth jade.

“It’s done.  Here you go.”

Receiving the two snow white coats, Broken Heart gave a little bow, “Thank you aunty Yu.”

“No need young girl.  If you need anything else in the future, then come find me.”  Aunty Yu replied with a smile.

Holding the coats and preparing to leave, Broken Heart’s footsteps suddenly slowed down.  She then turned around to walk in front of aunty Yu and said, “Aunty Yu, can I also learn the tailoring technique?”

“Of course you can.  Everyone can learn the tailoring skill.  Little girl, if you want to learn it, I will teach it to you right away.”  Aunty Yu replied with a very simple answer.

The tailoring skill was one of the basic life skills that battle players and life skill players could all learn it.  Only, learning this skill would mean having an extra life skill and it wouldn’t be much use…….Just like how the real world professionals wouldn’t make clothes for themselves.

The tailoring skill was an equipment creating skill, but it was different from the forging skill.  Forging is using materials to cast armours and weapons, so it was relatively complex and used more times.  At the same time, it also had a lower rate of failure.  Tailoring was using existing material and turning it into equipment, but not changing the material itself, only changing the shape of the material.  At the same time, it was popular with female players because they could make beautiful clothes for themselves if they had beautiful materials.  This type of clothing can be worn with equipment at the same time and the magical thing was that if they were worn at the same time, one’s equipment will be hidden, but the equipment would still have their original stats.  Since it’s like this, they could get rid of the rough armour that went against their female aesthetic senses.

To women that loved beauty, the beautiful clothes in this world was one of the top things they chased after.  Their popularity was not below that of strong equipment.

“Thank you, please teach me the tailoring technique.”  Broken Heart said in a voice filled with anticipation and happiness.

“He, he, alright.”  Aunty Yu nodded with a faint smile.  Putting down the embroidering needle in her hand, she slightly raised both hands and formed a strange hand sign.

“Ding…..You have successfully learned the basic tailoring technique.”  Very quickly, the clear system prompt sounded in Broken Heart’s ears.  She quickly expressed her gratitude once again, “Thank you aunty Yu.”

“The tailoring technique is different from the other life skills, it requires one’s innate talent to be high.  The more clever and skilled a person is, the faster the level of their tailoring skill will increase by.  The way to increase the level of your tailoring technique is to continuously practice and gaining experience by continuously using your tailoring skill.  With your current basic level tailoring skill, you can only make simple white level equipment or simple decorative clothing.  Little girl, persevere.  As long as you work hard, you will definitely become a tailoring master.”  Aunty Yu said all this with a smile.  Then thinking of something, she picked up something beside her and handed it over to Broken Heart, “These are some simple materials and items that will help you practice, I’ll give them to you.”

“Thank you, thank you.  I will not disappoint you.”

It was unknown when it started, but whenever she received the help of others……even if it was a little bit of help, she would always seriously give her “thanks”.  These words were not just simple responses of gratitude, but it was true heartfelt gratitude towards everyone that has helped her.

The way to increase the appraisal technique was very hard, one could only continue to appraise equipment and they had no way of controlling their own improvement.  As for the tailoring technique…..In Guo Guo’s Little Cabin, when she had free time, she would be able to practice and increase her level.  As long as she increased her level, she would be able to help him more, repaying him for all he had done for her.

Watching Broken Heart leave in a hurry, the tailoring master aunty Yu had a faint smile as she watched her back, “Kind little girl, the Xi Yao Goddess will protect you.”


Snow Coat: A coat made from the pelt of Snow Wolves.  After being equipped, it will resist all mild cold states and provide a weak resistance to medium cold states.  It will weaken all life loss to cold environments by 30%.  The user’s move speed will decrease by 10 after equipping this item.

The two Snow Coats shocked Ye Tian Xie because they far exceeded his own expectations.  The Snow Wolf Pelt was something he obtained from normal monsters, so it wouldn’t have that exaggerated stats…..But that 30% decrease to life loss surprised him.

He naturally didn’t know that this strong cold resisting ability came from the transparent button on the collar.

“How much did it cost for the two of them?”  Ye Tian Xie placed the two Snow Coats in his inventory and asked.

“Each one cost one hundred gold coins, so it cost a total of two hundred gold coins…..Big brother Tian Xie, this time it’ll count as my…….”

“Un, these gold coins will be added onto your pay for today.”  Ye Tian Xie’s cut Broken Heart off.  He knew that she had a gentle heart, but she should have her own problems, so how could he accept her “gift”?

Ye Tian Xie’s casual and insistent tone made Broken Heart unable to say anything else.  Raising her head, she probingly asked, “Where is elder sister Fei Fei?”

“She…..went to make dinner.”  Ye Tian Xie replied.  Hearing his summon, Su Fei Fei quickly came back and then dragged him around in a circle before logging off.  It was the afternoon right now and Su Fei Fei always cooked as slow as possible, going from five to seven o’clock……She might not even be done then.

“Un……Big brother Xie Tian, you have such a good girlfriend.  She’s very beautiful, kind, and considerate.”  Broken Heart said in a low voice before giving a low gentle laugh.

Ye Tian Xie just tapped the table with his hand, not responding at all…..Hearing what Broken Heart said, he felt that what Su Fei Fei normally did could fit the meaning of the words beautiful, kind, and considerate.

His mind could not help thinking of Su Fei Fei wearing the “miracle of the sea” and dancing for him, as well as the scene of her holding him and muttering.  A strong impulse began to fill his heart……He had clearly just seen her, but he had the sudden impulse of wanting to see her again.

“Chen Xin, your boss will make someone give you your pay within three minutes…..If you don’t have anything else to do, then you can log off early and be with the person by your side.”  Ye Tian XIe revealed a faint smile as he spoke.  Picking up the communication device, he said a few sentences to Zuo Po Jun.  Then after saying goodbye to Broken Heart, he logged off.

Right now it was around five in the afternoon.  For a long time…..or perhaps, since he entered the gaming world, he had never logged off this early before.

Exiting from the Destiny World, he silently watched that familiar ceiling for two seconds before sitting up on his bed.  There were sounds of footsteps that entered his ears…..Moreover, it was very clear that they were wearing slippers.

Standing up and opening the door, he almost bumped heads with Su Fei Fei who was standing right in front of the door.  When Ye Tian Xie wanted to say something, his eyes opened and his expression froze on his face.  Su Fei Fei was the same as they just stood there…….

After a second, Ye Tian Xie reacted first and as fast as he could, he used his hands to cover his ears.  Sure enough, after half a second, a high pitch scream began to dig right into his ears.


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