EDAH Chapter 182


Chapter 182: Going to the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins

Ye Tian Xie’s hand reached out and touched Su Fei Fei’s back, pulling her into a gentle embrace.  In this moment, he only had Su Fei Fei in his heart.

Other than Xian’er, he had no space in his heart for anyone else, but why…..was he showing signs of wanting to protect her…..She would occasionally show her temper, but he was not mad and instead enjoyed the expression she made.  Seeing her smile, his mood would get better…..Why did his heart hurt when he heard the slight trembling of her voice?

Deep down, does a “reason” truly exist……

In this moment, I am sure…..that I do not want her to be sad.  Never being sad, not even once, but…..


Xian’er, what should I do……

The two of them just stood there, silently feeling each other’s warmth and heartbeat.  From that moment on, the relationship between them had began to change.

There were some relationships that once formed, even if they were apart for a long time, the relationship will never break no matter how far they were.

A hundred years…..

A thousand years……

Ten thousand years……

Even if they had to wait an eternity and use their life and soul as a price…..

I still want to see you again……


Turning on the computer and entering the «Destiny» forum, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help revealing an awkward smile……Because from the first glance, he could see that the entire page was about him, Xie Tian.

The topic of the discussion was not how he had completed the Chinese Server’s mercenary system quest alone, but rather……it was about how he had defeated thirty members of War Soul Hall by himself for Broken Heart.  The fight had been recorded by several people and once it reached the forum, it created a giant controversy.  His amazing movements, changing between running and walking in an instant, as well as his terrifying attack power shocked the entire world.

Combining all the rumours about him……Passing the Abyss Level Trial alone, rising to the top of the level ranking in just a few hours, and obtaining a shocking 1800 prestige on the prestige ranking……

With the same world and the same beginning as other players, how did he become like this!?

One thought process that many people had was that Xie Tian had discovered a loophole in the Chinese «Destiny» Server, which allowed him to have strength far beyond a normal player.

When this idea appeared, what happened next was an intense chain of reactions.  The ones that reacted the most intense were the countries displeased with China.  The strength of the Chinese player Xie Tian caused shock in their hearts, completely unnerving them.  The fact that the Chinese Server was the only server on the server honor ranking was a bitter matter for them…..So, many people thought of ways to stop this cold blade of the Chinese Server.

So, they began to send complaints to the Outer World Group.  When the first country sent their complaints, over twenty other countries followed suit, evolving this matter into a world topic.

But in less than twenty minutes since the complaint was sent, the Outer World Group had already responded.  Or, not……The one to reply wasn’t the Outer World Group, rather it was the lead researcher of «Destiny» that the late Pu Luo Si created, the one rumoured to be an alien – Alpha.

“The «Destiny» world is an independent and complete world.  The world has its own life, so it will not have loopholes like your earth games and we will not permit these loopholes to exist.  The Chinese Server’s Xie Tian is walking on his own path of destiny and he relied on his own strength and luck without any special opportunities.  Instead of feeling envy, you should use your own hands, brain, and heart to find your own beautiful path of destiny.”

However, the last sentence that Alpha said was quite impolite, “I won’t explain it twice.  Destiny will take care of those that believe in it……Those that don’t, may leave right now.”

After Alpha’s response, no one tried to make a complain again.  As for Alpha’s final sentence……If this was any other game that had made this kind of statement, it would have enraged the players and caused everyone to leave the game.  This was because to a game, the players were gods……But when the player count of «Destiny» reached a terrifying figure of four billion in just two weeks, it was no longer a simple online game.  Now whoever chose to continue to complain to the Outer World Group about “Tian Xie’s Bug” in «Destiny» would be similar to a person who believed that no one in the world uses cell phones.

Because this matter had been solved quickly, the pressure Xie Tian gave the other players of the other servers increased by quite a bit.  There were more and more discussions on him and various rumours were blown out of proportion.

After drinking Su Fei Fei’s special milk tea, Ye Tian Xie kicked at the power cord and turned off the computer.  Looking up with closed eyes, he thought about everything he had experienced in the Destiny World.  Together, Guo Guo and the Moment of Destiny showed him how strange the Destiny world was.  These days, he had been actively searching for this strangeness and this caused all the things that should not have appeared to appear by his side……From the Reverse Boned Evil Dragon to the Rainbow Bracelet to his newly obtained Heavenly Scroll, God’s Gift.  The appearance of these items clearly undermined the balance of the game world.

A virtual online game that lacked basic balance?  What would the consequences of this be?  Without a doubt, this game would have issues with their development prospects, but «Destiny»  was different.  What Ye Tian Xie cared most about was that since he could meet these kinds of things that shouldn’t exist, then what about other people?

The players of the same country and the experts of other countries?

There would be a person that would meet something!  He believed in this.

For the entire afternoon, he had been silently pondering some things.

The next day, at noon.  After he had finished lunch.

Heavenly Stellar City’s north side, Flowerless Temple.

Just like the first time Ye Tian Xie had come here, he had not met a single player on the way and there was only the monk inside the temple.  The monk he met was not Flowerless who had sent Ye Tian Xie to the Heavenly Soul Tomb yesterday, but rather it was another kind looking monk.

The old monk looked to be around eighty years old with a shaved bald head and a wrinkled face that looked like a thousand year old tree.  Seeing Ye Tian Xie enter, his face did not change.  His hands came together as he calmly said, “This benefactor, are you here to accept the trial?”

“That’s right, I’ll have to trouble you to send me to the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.”  Ye Tian Xie politely replied.  At the same time, he looked around himself……This place seemed empty and there was no trace of that monk, Flowerless from yesterday.

Yesterday, when he heard that ““In….the…..past………wanted……to……break…..up…’s…..fine…..if…..we……break……up……” from outside the temple, he was almost too scared to go in.

“Ten Thousand Bone Ruins…..Amitabha, that is a terrifying and sacred place.  Terrifying because there are countless bones accumulated there.  Sacred because it is the where the bones of a hero are buried.  That man known as the War God, Zhan Wu Gui is buried there……Only after the heroes died, their souls are still left behind, guarding that piece of land.  So after all these years, the War God’s bones have never been brought back to his hometown……Brave young otherworld, I hope you will be able to accomplish the wishes of countless people of the Lost Continent.”  The old monk honestly said in a detailed manner.

“Alright.”  Ye Tian Xie tried his best to not reveal an impatient face as he replied in an honest manner.

“Then is it just you?”  The old monk placed his hands together and said.

“That’s right.  I’ll have to trouble you to send me there.”  Ye Tian Xie said.

“Amitabha.  This old monk has already sent three hundred and seventy two teams of heroes there already and you are the first person to try this alone……This monk will be honest with you, currently the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins have been opened seven times and there is only one final try left.  There are currently three hundred and forty three teams waiting, so do you still want to go?”  The old monk reminded him.  The three system quest maps could only be opened eight times a day and it will close once it reaches that number.

“Yes, send me there.  Thank you for your information…..Is there anything else this old master can tell me?”  Ye Tian Xie just agreed.  At the same time, his heart filled with doubt……It was currently two in the afternoon, which meant that fourteen hours had passed today……In just fourteen hours, only seven teams have tried this map already.  This meant, when a team entered into the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins, they took an average of two hours……

Two hours!?

Thinking of how difficult the Heavenly Soul Tomb quest was and the current level of all players, lasting two hours…..was something that was impossible.

Is the “Ten Thousand Bone Ruins” that easy?  Or was there another hidden reason?  After the “Relic of the Mercenary King” had been finished, it had given one hundred honour points and this “War God’s Skeleton” is worth one hundred and fifty honour points.  From this fact, this “War God’s Skeleton” should be harder.

“Amitabha, this benefactor is truly courteous.  This old monk’s name is……Brothel Goer.”  The monk placed his hands together as he spoke in a gentle voice.

Ye Tian Xie: “!@#¥%……&”

“Then Brothel…..Master Brothel Goer, I’ll have to trouble you to send me to the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins.”

“Alright, benefactor.  Please stand still.”

When the old monk’s voice fell, the same two streaks of white light fell from the sky and enveloped Ye Tian Xie, sending him away from Heavenly Stellar City.

The old monk’s expression did not change as he quietly sat down, quietly looking down.  His solemn appearance gave an old fashioned appearance and anyone who saw him would think of “monk achieving enlightenment”.  His old eyes were closed as he gently tapped his wooden block.  His mouth was silently muttering something as he recited his verse to the rhythm of the wooden block, “I……..not……a…..yellow……lotus……I…..don’t…..know…..martial…..arts…..”

[TL Note: This is a reference to the song 我不是黄蓉 by 王蓉.]


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