EDAH Chapter 181


Chapter 181: Miracle of the Sea

“Master, has Guo Guo angered you?”  Guo Guo floated in front of Ye Tian Xie, holding her hands together.  Those crystal clear pitiful eyes looked at Ye Tian Xie.  The strange fluctuations in Ye Tian Xie’s mood made her suddenly turn obedient…..Because this was the first time she felt her master feeling sad, feeling very sad.

Guo Guo’s voice was like the light of spring, slowly leaking into Ye Tian Xie’s wounded heart.  He forced a stiff smile out, “Guo Guo is being so obedient, how could I be angry at you.”

“But…..Guo Guo can feel that master is sad.”  Little Guo Guo’s eyes filled with tears as she said this.  Seeing Ye Tian Xie in pain for the first time, Guo Guo who had normally seen him calm and composed fell into a panic.

Ye Tian Xie was silent before revealing a faint smile and shaking his head, “People will always have a variety of happiness, anger, sadness, and joy.  I am sad because I have a normal heart…..If I did not feel sad, that would mean that my heart has already died.”


“…….”  In Guo Guo’s tearful eyes…..a flash of confusion appeared.

If she could understand it, then she wouldn’t be Guo Guo.

Seeing this little living being in front of him, Ye Tian Xie slowly felt his heart fill with warmth.  She was usually mischievous, overbearing, and shameless……But when he was truly sad, there was true worry in her eyes…….

She would act so shameless because she had no guard against him at all, she was really treating him as her favourite person.  So, by his side, she would be happy.  She would be able to do whatever she wants, even blackmailing and bullying her own master.  But when her master was sad, she would also feel sad.

“Guo Guo……”  Ye Tian Xie said in a gentle voice.  Guo Guo had come from the Moment of Destiny…..and the Moment of Destiny had come from her.  Guo Guo was like a little life form she had given him to accompany him.

In his subconscious, he had never placed any of the love he had for her on Guo Guo.

Guo Guo……

Guo Guo……


“Wa……Look, she’s grown bigger again.  Mo’er, don’t you think she can open her eyes tomorrow……Wa!  She’s so cute, I really want to pick her up and hug her.”

“Un, this way, when I’m not around, you can have another adorable partner.”

“She’s not a partner……She was raised together by us and is like our daughter…..Remember, she is our daughter, hee!”


“Tell me, what should we name her?  She’s so cute, so we have to give her a cute name.”


“She was brought back from there by Mo’er……She’ll be called…..Guo Guo, she’ll be call Guo Guo……”


This voice from who knows where was like a stream as it flashed through Ye Tian Xie’s mind.  Ye Tian Xie trembled as he closed his eyes and concentrated his mind, trying to find which memory that voice came from……But that vague and illusory voice was like a falling star in the night and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find another trace of it.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Guo Guo’s body, gently holding her soft and delicate body.  Guo Guo’s blinked her clear and large eyes, but she did not resist his actions…..

Three years ago, because she had left, he had felt pain penetrate his heart again and again.  Everyday, he was filled with pain like someone who was only half alive.  That time, she had left and there was only him remaining in his home.  There was no one to accompany him or to comfort him, comfort his deeply injured heart.

And today, even if he once again felt pain in his heart because of her, he was not alone anymore.  Guo Guo did not know how to comfort others, but her pure eyes and tender voice warmed his heart more than any amount of comforting could because she was genuinely worried about him.

So the pain in his heart quickly faded.

This feeling, was quite good.


The door that Su Fei Fei closed gently opened and slow footsteps sounded out.  Approaching Ye Tian xie, after a while, Su Fei Fei’s sweet voice sounded out behind him, “Tian Xie, look, is this pretty?”

“Wa!  Wa……So pretty!  Master, look, elder sister Fei Fei’s clothes are so pretty!”

Guo Guo’s voice made Ye Tian Xie turned around.  When his eyes were locked on, he was stunned.  He was in a daze as he looked at Su Fei Fei whose beauty was otherworldly.

Su Fei Fei quietly stood there.  She was wearing a blue skirt decorated with golden flower and bird marks embroidered on with a variety of sky blue jades dotted all over her body.  The long snow white dress stretched on, showing no ankle, flowing onto the ground.  With bright sparkling eyes, lips like sea shells, eyebrows like new moons, the most moving thing was the smile on her lip and those large eyes that entranced others.  People could not help indulging in her eyes……Listening to her, caring for her, and protecting her……

The dazzling person that she was became even more beautiful after wearing this dress.  Although she was just standing there without moving at all, her appearance now gave Ye Tian Xie a shock that did not lose out to when he first saw Liu Qi Yue.  Especially after seeing her deliberately raising her long white neck, revealing her beauty and noble temperament, just like an aloof princess of an ancient era.  It was just a short period of time, but Su Fei Fei had changed into a completely different person.  Her debut was like the rising sun…….Ye Tian Xie could only think of two words in his mind – peerless immortal.

“Does it look good?”  Su Fei Fei blinked with her pair of stunning bright eyes.  A beautiful smile that could melt ice and snow appeared on her beautiful face as her slightly decorated pink lips parted and she gently said, “This long dress is called “Miracle of the Sea” and it is the french master Pu Luo Yi’s final and greatest work.  That year, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and wanted my father to buy it for me……That day was also my birthday, so my father took out three million and went to thirty million, but Pu Luo Yi still denied him because this was a dress specially made by Pu Luo Yi for the British Queen, Elizabeth the 27th…..Then, I asked Pu Luo Yi to let me try it once and he agreed…….When I came out with the dress in front of Pu Luo Yi, he said that I was as beautiful as a daughter of the sea.  He gave me this dress that he had specially made for Elizabeth the 27th and said that I was the most beautiful princess.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“If I am a princess……Then my prince……Can you let me dance for you?”

As her voice fell, she opened her arms and began to dance.  The beautiful skirt swayed with her dancing form, as the jades on the dress released a magnificent flowing glow while she was dancing.  She waved her jade like hands that were white to the point of being transparent.  She danced like flowing water and as gentle as the breeze passing through willow trees.  Adding in her clear delicate fingers that flowed like dust, this dance painted a beautiful picture that attracted Ye Tian Xie’s eyes like a magnet.

She was the young miss of the richest family, but she never used her family fortune to indulge herself, even being able to cook such shocking dishes.  Currently she was using her most beautiful appearance and her dance to once again shock Ye Tian Xie’s heart.  Seeing the gentle dance, Ye Tian Xie was completely stunned.  He lost himself as he watched her, forgetting about his pain and forgetting everything.  In his heart and in his line of sight, there was only Su Fei Fei’s graceful as mist steps and her immortal dance.

“So pretty……So beautiful.”  Guo Guo did not even blink as she looked at Su Fei Fei.  Her eyes glittered like they were filled with stars and her voice was fluttering……She was so enamoured that she didn’t even notice the lollipop that never left her hand fall onto Ye Tian Xie.

Su Fei Fei’s graceful body turned and a crystal clear and soft face appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie.  Their gazes met and Su Fei Fei revealed a faint sweet smile, “My prince, can you… with me?”

Feeling absent minded, Ye Tian Xie unconsciously stretched out his hand which was grabbed by a small gentle hand…..Being tightly gripped.

Su Fei Fei pulled him up and leaned in close as she guided him through the dance.  Ye Tian Xie clearly had never danced before, not even knowing the basic moves.  His body was completely frozen as it was pulled along by Su Fei Fei.

The sky blue dressed girl came in closer and closer to him.  Finally closing her eyes, she tightly hugged him, nestling against his shoulder……

“Your sentiment to her… very deep.  I know I will never replace her…..”  She closed her eyes and her eyelashes slightly trembled.  She muttered from her mouth, “But…..even if she has left temporarily, you are not alone.  You still have big brother Zuo, Qiu Shui, Liu Qi Yue…..and me.”

“Fei Fei, I……”

“Don’t say anything.  I know, I know.”  Su Fei Fei quickly cut him off.  Her body leaned in closer to his, “I will not pester you or do anything I shouldn’t do…..I just hope that before she returns, you will not drive me away…..Just let me stay here, alright…..Alright……”

The defenses of his heart was deeply touched.  Shock, warmth, and pain…..He realized that he could not say anything.

“Being alone, is very terrifying.  Because I have been gradually walking through this terror.  She has temporarily left your side, but I believe that with how you love her, she will definitely come back one day.  Before then, just let me stay with you and wait for her…..alright?  If she comes back, I will immediately leave…..Not turning back….as I leave…..”

Not turning back… I leave……These six words were said with Su Fei Fei’s heart broken voice.  Thinking of that day’s image, she had no way of breathing.

Because she had never loved before, she had never known that liking a person could be this happy and this painful.

She knew that she loved him.  In her dreams, she always dreamed of him.  Whenever she woke up, she would smile and sit there in a daze…..Loving him like this, why would she still say something like this……Why did she actually decide that…..if she came back, she would silently leave, never seeing him again……

Was it because she was too silly or too dumb?  Or was this the magic of the word “love”?

If she could be with him, it was the most beautiful dream she ever had……

Then can this dream continue on a little longer……

One year…..two years…..three years…..ten years……a hundred years…….

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