EDAH Chapter 179


Chapter 179: Immortal Shadow

Heavenly Stellar City, Mercenary’s Guild.

Ye Tian Xie stood in front of a counter that was like the store’s counter and spoke to an old fashioned middle aged man, “I wish to form a mercenary group.”

“Let me see your prestige…..Oh, your prestige is enough……”  After saying this, his voice suddenly stopped and his eyes was stuck somewhere.  His eyes fell straight onto Ye Tian Xie.

Prestige: 1800!


This person actually had over one thousand prestige!

The middle aged man’s face visibly changer as he straightened his body and said, “Young man, what is the name of the mercenary group you wish to establish?”

“Heavenly Soul.”

After saying these two words, Ye Tian Xie took off his golden badge from his chest  and he placed it in front of the middle aged man.

The golden rays immediately caught the Mercenary Guild Chairman’s attention.  When he clearly saw the appearance of the badge, he stood up like he had been shocked with electricity.

“God…..What am I looking at!  What am I looking at…..This is, the legendary mercenary group’s, the Heavenly Soul’s glory badge!”  The Mercenary Guild Chairman’s hand trembled with excitement as he muttered to himself.  At different levels and different classes, people of different environments would have different believes.  For this Mercenary Guild Chairman, what he respected most was the illustrious heroic mercenary group, the Heavenly Soul mercenary group.

Because they were the pride of every mercenary, especially their leader, the man known as the Mercenary King.  He was the pride and role model of every mercenary on the Lost Continent.

“Brave young man, the Heavenly Soul mercenary group is the most respected group among countless mercenaries.  I hope that the Heavenly Soul mercenary group’s magnificence will continue in your hands……”

After half a minute, a system notification rang through the Chinese Server.

“Ding……The first mercenary group, the Heavenly Soul mercenary group has been established.  Leader: Xie Tian.”


Su Fei Fei had an apron and slippers on as she busily moved around.  When the final emerald green coloured cold dish was placed on the table, Su Fei Fei let out a slight sigh as she sat down on the sofa to rest…..After working for a while, lunch was finally finished.

She looked over at Ye Tian Xie’s room and from the open door, she could see Ye Tian Xie’s lying down on the bed.  Unconsciously she revealed a smile and after looking at the time, she pursed her lips as she said, “Humph, gaming addict.”

In order not to disturb him, she would not forcefully shake him or shout at him from outside the game world.  She would just silently wait for him and if he did not eat, she would not eat by herself first.  Since she came here, this had been a custom for her already and it was her method to urge Ye Tian Xie to come out and eat his meals.

If he didn’t eat, she wouldn’t eat either……Let’s see you try to not come out earlier.

Feeling bored, she placed her chin on her hand and her eyes looked at the four dishes she made, thinking about some things.  Time slowly passed by and while she was thinking, she stood up and walked into the kitchen.  She decided to add another well made dish that had a harsh requirement as a reward for what he did today.  Ye Tian Xie jumping in front of that small Spiritual Beast was still on her mind, making her feel dazed and she kept revealing a silly smile.

This also meant that he was already caring about her.

Opening the cabinet, she took out a small plate……Suddenly, she felt something and unconsciously turned around, noticing that there was an extra person behind her…..A white figure.

This was Ye Tian Xie and her’s home and the doors were locked, it was impossible for anyone else to come in.  A person suddenly appeared without a sound behind her, this kind of terrifying situation was enough to make any girl scream out in fear……The fear that Su Fei Fei felt only lasted for a second, but she still revealed a shocked expression.

What she was facing was a girl that was a little older than her, but was smaller than her.  When she saw her appearance and eyes…..she instantly choked up.  In that moment, it was as if there was no sound or colours in the world and even her heart completely stopped beating.  Her mind and thoughts were all focused on her face…..

What kind of girl and what kind of beauty was this……

Really beautiful?  Extremely beautiful?  Country destroying beauty?  The most beautiful woman in the world……No, those were not enough to describe her.  Seeing this face, Su Fei Fei understood what a immortal beauty was like…..Because this was a kind of beauty that should not appear in the human world and the human world did not have the qualification to describe this beauty…..

She was actually a very beautiful woman, a beautiful woman above other beautiful women.  Just this morning, she had experienced the “most charming woman in China” Liu Qi Yue’s beauty.  At that time, she felt that Liu Qi Yue’s beauty had reached a point where a single smile and frown would take down ten thousand peaks, unsurpassed and incomparable…..

But when she saw this girl, she realized that even if it was Liu Qi Yue being compared to her, she would still lose.

Her face was absolutely beautiful and her lips were like the finest jade. The most delicate nose, that beautiful as stars eyes, and that creamy white skin without a single flaw…..No matter which angle or how far one was away when they looked at her, they would be deeply shocked by this perfection that should not exist in this world.  Not only did her beauty cause one to be shocked, it also made their heart beat fast……It would make one’s heart infatuated, intoxicated, and they would believe that this was the most beautiful thing that they’ve ever seen……There would never be a more beautiful girl to appear.

Su Fei Fei was also a girl, but she couldn’t help feeling her heart beat faster because of this girl.  This beautiful girl’s eyes were like a deep abyss, completely sucking in all her thoughts and her mind, having no way of escaping at all…..


She looked at Su Fei Fei who had lost her soul and her lips slightly parted to give a gentle summon.  She saw how gentle Su Fei Fei’s eyes were… if even her terrifying eyes would disturb her.

The summon of her gentle voice awakened Su Fei Fei and stopped her mind from leaving her body.  When she recovered herself, she asked in a surprised voice, “You……Who are you?  Why are you here?”

“Because, I wanted to see you……Mo’er, long time… see.”  She revealed a faint smile.  This was a smile that could make all the thousand year old ice on the heavenly mountains melt away.  In that instant, the smile made the entire world lose its colour.

“See me?  But I’m…..I’m not the Mo’er you’re talking about…..This is my home, I…..I have never see you before.  You must have recognized the wrong person.”  Su Fei Fei’s voice kept going on and off.  Facing this girl that was as beautiful as an illusion, she felt as if she was in a dream.

She was dressed in a snow white gauze clothing that was slightly dancing, looking like an immortal…..No, she was already an immortal, an immortal that should not have existed in the human world.  She did not reply to Su Fei Fei’s questions and just looking at her, she gently said, “Heaven and earth reincarnation, a vast variety of changes.  You are her, but are already not her anymore…..”

Su Fei Fei: “…….”

“For him, you had shed countless tears.  For him, you have abandoned all your family and friends.  For him, you knelt down in front of the Suo Luo Goddess on Suo Luo Mountain for eighty years.  For him, you were willing to jump into the ten thousand feet abyss to forget everything about you and him…..For him, how desperate you became…..You and I have met once again, so let me take something out to repay you with.”

A drop of water fell down from her eye and dropped onto the floor, splashing in all directions.

Looking at Su Fei Fei, she revealed a faint smile, but there was a slight sadness in that smile.

What would she use to repay her……

“You…..What are you talking about?  I don’t understand……Who are you and why are you here?”  Su Fei Fei shook her head in a frightened manner.  Facing this incredibly beautiful face, she began to feel a strange feeling deep down in her heart.

“Even though you have been reincarnated, you have finally come together with him one again……This is you using your heart to tie him down.  Even after a thousand or even the thousand years, even across the endless voice, even if she are the smallest piece of grass or a piece of weed floating through the void, you will be brought together by this tie……Never breaking.”

Su Fei Fei: “……”

The room dimmed and she felt like she was in a dream, listening to an illusory fairy tale.

“The current you can see and accompany him every day, you have already obtained everything you wanted…..If the the future, if you wish is different from mine……Mo’er, I beg you…..for me…..take care of him…..for his entire life…..”

Once, she was willing to give up her life, beliefs, and even memories……Then the current her, would she be willing to be that reckless for him again?

She knew she would.  She did not like him because he protected her……Whether he was a thief, a killer, or even a beggar, as long as she saw him, she would be willing to be with him for an eternity.

Just like how he, who never allowed any outsiders in his home allowing her to live in his house……That agreement with Su Luo, was just an excuse for him to reply to her and for him to find her.

Mo’er, I beg you……for me…..take care of him……for his entire life…….

That faint immortal voice rang in Su Fei Fei’s mind and she felt the world turn dizzy as everything turned to white……


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