EDAH Chapter 168


Chapter 168: The start!  Three part large system quest (Part 2)

“……The three part system quest will be different for each server, but they will have the same difficulty.  The beginning of the three part system quest will also correspond with the beginning of the mercenary system, the alliance faction system, and the pet system.  The first players to complete the quest and open the different systems will receive an additional reward and be forever recorded in the history of the Destiny world, as well as obtaining a place in the honour value of your corresponding server.  Your honor value obtained will determine your rank in the Destiny world hall of honor.”

The system notification suddenly cut off here, but the major servers in the Destiny world was completely filled with excitement.

The mercenary system, the alliance faction system, and the pet system……They were all things that players wished would open soon, but the «Destiny» world did not directly open them.  Rather they left the opening qualifications to the players of each server themselves.  They let the players’ power decide when these systems opened.

With the mercenary system, the players would be able to become richer and increase their strength quicker.  Opening the alliance faction system would allow large powers to truly establish and develop themselves, especially those that had enough power.  For an ambitious person, the opening of the alliance faction system was something they were waiting for.  As for the pet system…..After the pet system opened, the players would be able to obtain all kinds of pets.  After obtaining a pet, the players would obtain a partner and at the same time, they would become much stronger, increasing their battle strength and the rate at which they level.  This was especially true for summoners since they had the ability to have two pets with them as they fought, so the start of the pet system would increase their strengths without a doubt.


Other than these, the “servers’ hall of fame” made all the world’s players’ blood boil with excitement.

What did the servers’ hall of fame mean?  It compared the strength of different servers and allowed players to compete in national pride!  National pride, this was something more sacred compared to anything else in this world.  Moreover, this was something that any player in the country had qualifications to participate in, so this was even more eye catching compared to the Olympics.  The higher up countries will be noticed by people of the world while the lower ranked countries…..would be completely overshadowed.

Since «Destiny» opened, the borders of each nation’s servers had not been opened yet, but the competition between servers was now beginning.  All the players with skills felt their blood boiling as they desired to complete the three part system quests as soon as possible.  The first ones to complete the quests would be forever engraved in the history of the Destiny world.  It was impossible for them to accomplish this kind of thing in the real world.  In the Destiny world, as long as a person completed any one of these quests, his or her name would be remembered by the over a billion players in the game.

The system prompt did not just end here, while the players were all discussing with one another, it continued on to describe the details of the three quests.

“Ding…..The Chinese server’s three large system quests are: ‘The Mercenary King’s Relic’, ‘The War God’s Skeleton’, and the ‘Frost Wolf’s Sorrow’.”

“‘The Mercenary King’s Relic’: A hundred years ago, the famous Mercenary King who had shaken the Lost Continent was tasked by the Lost City King to lead his “Heavenly Soul” mercenary group to defeat the Rakshasa Demon King.  After a tragic battle, they fearlessly brought the Rakshasa King to the footsteps of the Lost City, but in the end the twelve sages were defeated by the Rakshasa Demon King’s minions.  The name of the Mercenary King was still left in the memories of every Lost Continent resident.  The Mercenary King and his “Heavenly Soul” mercenary group were all buried in the same tomb now named as the “Heavenly Soul Tomb”.  

Quest Details: Enter the Heavenly Soul Tomb and retrieve the Mercenary King’s relic.  After the quest is complete, the mercenary system will be opened in the Chinese server and players can freely form mercenary groups.  Mercenary groups can take up corresponding leveled mercenary quests and can receive extra rewards while hunting monsters.  The first player to complete the quest will receive an additional reward and will receive 100 honor points in their server.”

“‘The War God’s Skeleton’: Ninety years ago, while the Lost Continent still had not recovered from the shadow brought by the Eight Demon Kings, the Eastern Continent invaded with the intention to take over the Lost Continent.  With an impenetrable line of defense, Zhan Wu Gui of the Eastern Guards led 20000 soldiers and miraculously blocked the charge of the Eastern Continent’s 100000 man army.  After a grueling seven days, Zhan Wu Gui and his 20000 soldiers were all killed, but they took 90000 Eastern soldiers with them.  This display of strength and fighting spirit completely shocked the Eastern soldiers and they did not dare to invade the Lost Continent again for over ninety years now.  The countless bones from that battle formed the ‘Ten Thousand Bone Ruins’ and Zhan Wu Gui was known as a ‘War God’ in the hearts of the Lost Continent citizens.

Quest Details: Go to the Ten Thousand Bone Ruins and bring back the skeleton of War God Zhan Wu Gui.  After completing the mission, the alliance faction system of the Chinese server will open and any player with over 200 prestige will be able to form an alliance.  The first person to complete the quest will receive an additional reward and will receive 150 honor points in their server.”

“‘Frost Wolf’s Sorrow’: In the snow covered northern lands, there is a forgotten ‘Frost Wolf’s Hole’ and guarding it is a incredibly strong Spiritual Beast, the Frost Wolf.  It’s said that for an unknown reason, it guards it without moving, even after a hundred years.  

Quest Details: Travel to the Frost Wolf Hole and fulfill the Frost Wolf’s wish.  After the quest is complete, the pet system will be opened and players will be able to learn the ‘Capture Technique’ from any livelihood skill teachers allowing them to capture any monsters on the verge of death at a certain probability.  At the same time, killing monsters will have a chance of dropping pet eggs and the pet rankings will be opened.  The first person to complete this quest will receive an additional reward and will receive 200 honor points in their server.”

“Ding…..Because of how challenging the Destiny world’s three large server quests are, we ask players to be fully prepared before entering the quest maps.  The quests can be completed alone or completed in parties, with the upper limit being 12 members in a party.  ‘The Mercenary King’s Relic’ is suggested for players level 20 and up with a party of 12.  ‘The War God’s Skeleton’ is recommended for players level 20 and up with a party of 12.  The ‘Frost Wolf’s Sorrow’ is recommended for players level 25 and up with a party of 12.”

“The three large quest’s maps can be entered eight times per day and will close after eight times, with each player being able to go in once per three days.  After the quest is complete, the map will permanently close and should not reopen.  Players can be sent to the quest maps by Heavenly Stellar City’s west side’s Flowerless Temple’s teleport master.”

The long system announcement was repeated three times and there were no players that stopped paying attention after the first time.  They meticulously listened to it three times, making sure not to miss a single detail.  These quests were not just normal quests, they were linked with server benefits and even national pride.

“It seems like there’s something to do now.”  Ye Tian Xie looked into the sky and he revealed a mysterious smile.

“Yo!  Such a beautiful setting.  The server honor rankings will be what everyone will be paying attention to now and the three quests will bring forth a wild storm…..Oh!  How I want to use the bow in my hand to complete this beautifully, but with second brother here, my bow will be like the stars by the sun, completely overshadowed.”  Murong Qiu Shui raised his head and he looked at Ye Tian Xie with a loving gaze, “Second brother, I know that you will definitely not remain silent.”

Zuo Po Jun thought about it and said, “Not only is this related to the pride of nationals, it is also related to the strength of the major servers.  Whichever server opens their mercenary, alliance, and pet systems first will be able to develop faster and increase their average level.  To a certain extent, they will be ahead of servers that do not have these systems…..This level of competition clearly shows that……these three quests are not simple!  Even the simplest ‘Mercenary King’s Relic’ quest is for level twenty and up players.  This clearly means that only twelve players at level twenty only have a chance of succeeding and anyone below level twenty will not even be able to enter.  If the quest was too simple, then the competition would be meaningless.”

Saying all this, Zuo Po Jun nodded his head in approval…..That’s right, it was self appreciation.  He felt what he said was too correct!  Then he raised his head and said, “Second brother, right now the number one player on China’s ranking list……If you can do it, I think my father would be even more grateful to you.”

Ye Tian Xie revealed a faint smile and said, “Po Jun, you should not look down on the other players and you should not look down on the other countries’ players.  A true expert will not peak early and this world is filled with crouching tigers and coiling dragons.  Moreover…..”  He paused for a second and then said, “This gaming world is completely different from even the previous game worlds, it even makes me feel a kind of hard to control feeling…..Ah!  Let’s go, we’ll go do it together.  At least, we’ll see just how difficult the quest is.”

Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time.  Zuo Po Jun said, “Eh…..Hai, second brother, you should go first.  Old fourth and I will go and help elder sister first.”

“Hey!”  Su Fei Fei slightly pursed her lips and said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to level together, but why don’t you want to complete this important mission together?  More people will increase our strength and increase our hope.”

Murong Qiu Shui was speechless.  Zuo Po Jun hesitated a bit and sneaked a look at Ye Tian Xie, but he did not say anything.  He secretly spoke to Su Fei Fei in a private channel, “Young miss Su, when we are no longer second brother’s burdens, we will go wherever he goes.”

Zuo Po Jun’s voice sounded out in Su Fei Fei’s ears and she was instantly stunned.

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