EDAH Chapter 161


Chapter 161: Killing with a single strike

So when he knew that this person was the seventh ranked Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds, Lei Bao’s heart suddenly filled with regret.  It had to be known that even the War Soul Hall’s boss Lei Ting couldn’t even reach the top ten……He wasn’t even in the top thirty.

As he said those humiliating words, he could clearly feel a pair of eyes staring at him with a terrifying killing intent that made his scalp itch.  The ice cold eyes turned even colder, a cold that filled him with fear and made his heart beat fast.  After suffering this cold gaze for only a few seconds, his head was already covered in cold sweat.

To have this kind of gaze, this was an extremely terrifying person……In this moment, he revealed a completely convinced look.

“Forget it, forget it, my mood is still not bad today, so I won’t lower myself to your level!  Just go back to where you came from!”  Lei Bao calmly waved his hand.  His voice was still tough, but everyone could hear that it was clearly different.


Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds just stood there without moving, holding his sword in his hands.  That cold aura still locked down Lei Bao’s body and his eyes shined with a coldness that a normal person could not have.  Just this gaze was enough to show that he wasn’t a normal person……Because only those that had truly killed a person and completely disregarded human life would have this kind of gaze.

His eyes were like that of an angered Ye Tian Xie.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make a move, but……It was forbidden to PK in the main cities.  If he did make a move, not only would he be unable to kill Lei Bao, he would be stopped and taken away by the city guards for punishment.  But if he did not make a move……How could he endure the insult Lei Bao had given him?

No matter who was stared at by this gaze, they would feel discomfort filling their body.  That gaze made Lei Bao feel as if there was a knife pressed to his neck.  After a brief period, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he pushed down his fear and loudly shouted, “You bastard!  Are you deaf!  You mute!  Didn’t you hear father telling you to scram!  Scram now!  If you won’t scram, then just attack me already!!”

A murderous intent that made everyone’s hearts tremble filled the air and Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds pointed the sword forward right at Lei Bao.

In reality, Lei Bao was not afraid of Single Slash Soaring Through the Cloud attacking because when PKing in a main city, no matter who was in the wrong, the person who attacked first would be stopped and taken away by the city guards.  Single Slashing Soaring Through the Cloud was seventh in the level ranking and was someone that could not be offended, but Lei Bao had a very proud personality, so how could he compromise with anyone?  Adding in the War Soul Hall behind him, he relied on this huge power to act arrogantly and not put anyone in his eyes.

Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds was incredibly quick, and that completely stunned everyone.  He had the Warrior Job, but he was moving as quickly as an Assassin.  As soon as he rushed forward half a step, a burst of violent wind mixed with a piercing whistle sounded out and a person’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him……It was as if he had just teleported out.

His movements stopped and his terrifyingly cold eyes stared at the person in front of him.  The speed with which this person appeared had shocked him, so he just stared at him, but the more he stared, the more shock he felt.

The one who stopped Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds was indeed Ye Tian Xie.  Of course he wasn’t worried about Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds making a move and being captured by the Heavenly Stellar City guards.  Rather… was not his chance to take care of this Lei Bao.

“We meet again.”  Ye Tian Xie gave a cold laugh and slowly walked over to Lei Bao.

At this moment, Ye Tian Xie had already equipped the Holy Dragon’s Fang, the Demonic Dragon’s Fang, the Headband of Bravery, and the Undead Cloak.  When he appeared with this outfit, everyone began to whisper around him.

Wrist guards, mask, and cloak, these three pieces of equipment were enough to make everyone look at him with shock.  That dragon head designed wrist guards, the mask that no one had seen before, and the cloak……Cloaks were considered a special class of equipment.  Being able to obtain a cloak was a very enviable thing.  Not to mention that the Undead Cloak had a continuous grey light that shined from it that also had traces of gold light that added a trace of shocking mystery to it.

As for this Lei Bao, he was the person who had cast an impolite glance at Ye Tian Xie’s wrist guards when he came back to Heavenly Stellar City.  He had silently whispered that you had better pray you don’t run into me on the outside……But now, there was no need to wait until they were outside.

Lei Bao also immediately recognized him because all of his equipment was unique.  After being surprised, he twisted his nose and said with a cold smile, “It’s you……”

Before he finished saying the word “you”, a terrifyingly oppressive force came from in front of him.



In front of everyone’s astonished gazes, a giant black shadow appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s hand and he slashed at Lei Bao.

A single strike!  At the location where the weapon hit his body, an incredible burst of sound rang out, just like two stones slamming against each other.

He attacked without any hesitation or second thoughts, without even giving his opponents the time to say anything.  This completely surpassed the expectations of the onlookers.

That strange weapon with a shocking shape, it had dealt over a thousand damage.  This made everyone’s eyes contract with shock.

What was this thing…….Was it a strange sword?  Or was it a special blunt weapon?

And that damage figure……He actually dealt over one thousand damage!

Who was this person?  Was he a NPC?  That’s right, he had to be a NPC.  There was no player that could have that kind of exaggerated attack power at this stage.

Lei Bao’s HP was completely emptied by Ye Tian Xie’s one attack and his body fell, turning into a corpse.  Hearing the “you have died” prompt ring out, he still had not reacted yet.

“Hu, second brother, you’re still like this.  You’re always disinclined to talk more with someone that must die and you don’t even find out who the other side is……Un, that person, he’s the Lei Family’s third young master.”  Zuo Po Jun walked out of the crowd and stroked his chin as he spoke.

“Oh!  It really is lucky for the Lei Family’s third young master.  In this world, he only loses a level for dying.  He should go all out in celebrating the fact that this didn’t happen in the real world……Oh!  Of course, if his pitiful brain is obsessive, then we will see a tragic scene unfold right now.”

As Lei Bao fell, two white coloured figures suddenly appeared beside Ye Tian Xie.  Two powerful broadsword carrying city guards appeared in front of him and they directly shouted, “Xie Tian, you have violated the Heavenly Stellar City law by causing a fight in the city.  According to the Heavenly Stellar City rules, we will now arrest you.  Please come with us.  If you resist, your punishment will be increased by several times!”

Xie Tian!?

He is Xie Tian!?

When the city guards said the name Xie Tian, the crowd filled with discussion.  Everyone’s eyes opened wide as they stared at this legendary and mysterious person.  At least half of the players were holding their wristbands, recording this either openly or discretely.

In the Beginner Village Stage, the name Xie Tian had resounded through the world by passing through the Abyss Level Trial alone and then he created another legend by rising to the peak of the level ranking.  To this point, there was no one that did not know the name Xie Tian, but there had been no one that had seen this incredibly strong and mysterious number one person in the Destiny Chinese Server……And today, this was his first time appearing in public.  How could they not be excited?

His attack was very terrifying, to the point that it surpassed their imaginations.  Dealing over a thousand points of damage, even the Fire and Thunder Mages that had the highest attack at this stage couldn’t deal over a thousand points of damage.  Yet Xie Tian had done this, he had accomplished something that was completely impossible for any other player right now.  At the same time, the equipment he had shown that he was not a normal person and his personality was even more shocking.  He made moves without any hesitation, without any second thoughts, even if he was in a city.

He was like a monster or bug that shouldn’t have existed in the Destiny World……In the same world and with the same start, no one understood just how he had obtained what he had now.

And in this moment, they could all tell that Xie Tian was about to face a giant dilemma…..attacking someone in the city meant being punished.  Attacking someone in the city meant being caught by guards appearing out of nowhere and being sent to jail for three hours.  If they resisted……then it would be even simpler.  The guards would not hesitate to fight back and not only would they be unable to avoid the prison punishment, they would also suffer a harsh level and equipment durability punishment.

Would Xie Tian obey or fight back?  Obey?  After killing someone in front of everyone and then being arrested by the guards just like that, it would harm his reputation.  Fight back?  How could players fight back against the strong city guards?

But a scene that made everyone’s eyes drop appeared.

Ye Tian Xie slowly took out a bronze plate and shook it in front of the two city guards.  This was a plate the players had never seen before and they could not see the words on the plate clearly, but the guards stared at the plate and they relaxed their stance.  They simultaneously saluted Ye Tian Xie and disappeared with two mass of white lights like how they had appeared.

Up until the point when Ye Tian Xie had put away the Heavenly Stellar City Special Pardon Command Token, the surrounding people still had not recovered from the sudden shock of the scene they saw.

Ye Tian Xie walked to Broken Heart’s side and looked at the pair of eyes that seemed to be covered in a faint mist.  He revealed a faint smile and said, “Alright, it’s fine now.  If this happens again in the future, you can just call me.”

Broken Heart gently nodded which turned into forceful nodding.  She suddenly felt like she wanted to cry……She was filled with a sudden impulse to cry.

After being used to using her gentle shoulders and heart to lift everything up, being used to being alone and helpless, the long absence of having someone be nice to her and helping her warmed her heart.  They were clearly strangers, but he was willing to give her the help she longed for and the hope she now felt in her heart……Now, in her most helpless moment, he had appeared at her side without any reason for doing so.  This touching moment was enough to remain in her heart for a lifetime.

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