EDAH Chapter 160


Chapter 160: Single Slash Soaring Through the Skies

Hearing his voice, the appraisers began to gather around him.  What they needed the most right now wasn’t gold coins, but rather to level up their appraisal skill.  There were only a few pieces of equipment that could be appraised at this stage, so how could they not wildly fight over it?

Because of them gathering together, Broken Heart who was standing by herself stood out more, making it so that anyone could see her with a single glance.  When that person that loved feeling aloof unconsciously saw Broken Heart, he was stunned.  Then a shocked and greedy expression suddenly appeared in his eyes.

There was no set of beginner clothes that could hide the curves of her body that stimulated one’s imaginations.  As for her face, it was beautiful without any flaws at all.  This was a beauty that could only be found in paintings……For a beautiful person like this, she was wearing the most common clothing, silently standing in the middle of the crowd waiting.  Between her brows, there was a clear sadness and hope.

The person holding the piece of Silver Equipment almost felt his drool falling down, as if he could not believe that the heavens would place something so high quality right in front of him.  Beautiful girls were common, but this kind of beauty was rare.  Being able to possess this kind of heavenly beauty was generally something only the daughters of the most prestigious families could have.  Seeing this kind of women lacking in gold coins and easily persuaded with all different kinds of methods, or even force was truly rare……In fact it was generally impossible to appear.


So, if he allowed this kind of opportunity to escape, he would never be able to forgive himself.

He walked in front of Broken Heart with large strides and revealed a grin as he said, “Beautiful girl, are you an appraiser?”

His voice, manner, and gaze all went against her instinct and she unconsciously moved back a step, but she still honestly replied, “I am…….Is there anything I can help you appraise?”

“Yes, here!”  He proudly raised the piece of Silver Equipment high in the air and swung it around as if he was afraid others couldn’t see it.  He was disappointed that he did not see a look of shock, pleasant surprise, or awe coming from this beautiful girl’s face…….He never would have even dreamed that just a few minutes ago, she had just seen and appraised a pile of Golden Equipment and even a piece of Spiritual Equipment.  Compared to that, this piece of Silver Equipment did not have much impact.

The surrounding appraisers could only let out a silent and woeful sigh.  Beautiful women, they would have a large advantage no matter where they went.  They immediately understood what this person holding the piece of Silver Equipment was planning.  His hand was about to move out, but he immediately pulled back and revealed a lewd smile, “Beautiful girl, call me big brother and I’ll let you appraise this.”

Broken Heart suddenly knit her brows and a look of disgust and a unsettled look appeared on her face.  She moved back a step and shook her head, “I’m sorry, I won’t appraise for you.  You should ask someone else you help you.”

That person raised his brows and then laughed as he said, “Just call me big brother and I’ll give you one hundred times the appraisal fee!  I’ll also bring all my high level equipment to you for appraisal in the future, how about that?”

He had thought that giving this girl lacking in money such a large enticement would make her obedient, but she still firmly shook her head and politely rejected him.  With his patience, how could he continue to play nicely?  He rubbed his nose and said, “Forget it, I’ll be honest with you.  I like you and we can go somewhere for a good exchange…….Hei, do you know who I am?  Have you ever heard of War Soul Hall?  I’m the third leader of the War Soul Hall – Lei Bao!  Hei, have you ever heard of the Lei Group?  That is my family.”

Everyone was already clear on what this person named Lei Bao was trying to do, but once the names War Soul Hall and the Lei Family appeared, no one dared to go forward to be the hero that saved the beauty.

They did not dare to offend him or cause trouble.  Those that dared to cause such trouble in the game world all had great backing in the real world, was there a lack of men bullying women like this?  In the real world, they did not fear the law because the law would be trampled in front of them.  In the game world, they were also people that normal people could not offend.

“I’m sorry, I……I’m logging off.”

Because she had suffered too much pain in the past, her heart was filled with fears.  When she was younger, she had not feared anything because there had always been people there to protect her.  She had her family background, so no one dared to have any ideas about her.  Now she was all alone with nothing, facing this kind of situation, she was completely helpless.  Now she was filled with regret over not covering up her own face.

Lei Bao was not willing to let her escape.  When he heard that she wanted to log off, he even reached out to grab her.  Broken Heart was terrified by this one action from him and quickly moved back, moving all the way back into a corner.  She was so afraid that she even forgot to log off.  Lei Bao stretched out his hand halfway, before pulling back again.  In the Destiny world, females were very heavily protected by the system.  If a man tried to violate a girl, then the system would punish them based on the degree of the offense and the girl’s wishes.  If it was light, then they would be struck by lightning and be paralyzed for a while.  If it was heavy, then they would directly loses levels.

There was no PK allowed in the city, so if Broken Heart wanted to log off right now, there was no one that could stop her.  Lei Bao gritted his teeth and said in a sinister voice, “You want to log off?  Alright……I’ll leave people here to guard this location and wait until you log on!  How about that?”

Broken Heart gently bit her bottom lip and her hands gripped the hem of her clothes, at a loss on what to do.  Other than her little sister, she had no one else.  She had no one to protect her and could only count on herself, but with her tender body, what could she even use to defend herself?  So, that was why she chose to settle in the slums because it was relatively peaceful there and there weren’t as many ill willed people.  When she usually went to the hospital or went out to shop for her little sister, she always wore a large sunhat.  She knew just how dangerous it was for her to go out alone with her beauty.

Yet even living in the slums, trouble still found her.  Even after being in this world for a little bit, trouble had found her once again.

In order to avoid this person in the future, would she have to avoid logging into the game again?  She could not do this……By becoming an appraiser, she had found hope.  She had seen a way to earn enough money to protect her stuck at home little sister as well as earning enough money for her hospital fees.  She did not want to……

But the current her had no one she could depend on……

Unexpectedly, she thought of the person that had affected her with hope and excitement.  She grasped at the hope of being rescued as she called him.

“How shameless!”

At this moment, an ice cold voice came from the crowd, resounding in Lei Bao’s ears.  These words were clearly targeted at him.  Lei Bao angrily turned around and the first thing he saw was a pair of sharp eyes locking gazes with him.

It was a cold faced person wearing normal Warrior clothing.  His expression did not seem like it was deliberate and seemed natural, like he was usually this ice cold and serious all the time.  His eyes were incredibly sharp, making Lei Bao tremble deep down and his body feel uncomfortable.  He immediately revealed a cold smile and said, “Hey!  There really are a lot of people overstepping their bounds and seeking death.  You bastard, go preach somewhere else, stop ruining my fun!  If this was the wild……Father would have wasted you already!!”

First he had a cold smile and now he was shouting out, his hot tempered nature was clearly being shown right now.  Those that were afraid of trouble couldn’t help being apprehensive.

With Lei Bao’s words, the Warrior’s face suddenly turned sinister.  A sharp glow appeared in his eyes and his brows sunk as he said word by word, “You’re……seeking…..death!!”


An ice cold glow flashed in everyone’s eyes and a giant two handed sword appeared in his hands……On the body of the sword was…….A stream of silver light.

“Sil…..Silver Equipment!”

When the silver giant sword appeared, a surprised cry sounded out.  The gazes of the crowd fell onto him and those eyes were filled with shock and admiration.  Even Lei Bao’s expression changed.

The two of them were both Sword Warriors and swords were the souls of Sword Warriors.  It was the most important thing to them and the thing they could not be lacking.  Lei Bao only possessed a Bronze Sword and once the Silver Sword appeared, it completely suppressed the Bronze Sword’s aura and light.  His expression fell……Someone that could own a piece of Silver Equipment, he was not a simple character!  It was no wonder he dared to provoke him.

He intentionally disdainfully turned around and said with a cold smile on his face, “What?  You want to kill me?  Ha, ha, ha, ha, come and kill me then.  I will just stand here for you, so come!  Slice me in half!”

As soon as Lei Bao said these arrogant words, a whisper sounded out in his ears, “Third leader, that is the seventh placed Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds!  You shouldn’t offend him!”

Lei Bao’s face fell once again.

Players could usually choose to hide their information and not let other players see anything about them, but those that chose to hide in the dark as Assassins or use traps as Hunters could see the stats of players and monsters.  They had a chance of acquiring information on higher level monsters, or secret information on players or NPCs.  Lei Bao had obtained this information from the Hunter standing beside him.

Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds, no one was unfamiliar with this name.  No one would be unfamiliar with someone that could enter into the top ten and remain in their spot.  These first ten ranks, were all chosen from a pool of over a hundred million players.  Being able to obtain one of these spots, if someone were to call them a simple person, who would even believe them?  Being able to obtain one of the top ten ranks meant that they either had a strong personal strength or a strong background, or even both.  Regardless of how they reached the top ten, one thing was unquestioned.  Every single one of them was someone who should be won over and never provoked.

Winning them over meant having a strong ally.  Offending them meant they might gain a strong enemy.

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