EDAH Chapter 158


Chapter 158: Hope and a miracle

Perhaps it was Ye Tian Xie’s high seventeen luck value that affected Broken Heart, but the three pieces of Golden Equipment were all appraised by her in no time.  She secretly let out a sigh of relief and a faint pink colouring appeared on her cheeks, “Alright.”  Saying this in a gentle voice, she returned the three pieces of equipment to him and received her ninety gold coins.

Ninety gold coins meant ninety Chinese Dollars, which was equal to a month’s rent for her.  She could buy all kinds of body supplementing things for her little sister as well as buying coloured paper, which her little sister could use to fold the flowers that she loved to fold.

Golden Bow: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 Archer Job and 20 Strength or above.


A bow crafted from gold with a beautiful appearance and strong stats.

Effects: Attack +55, Agility +10, Accuracy +5, Firing Range +3, and a 3 % chance to knockback enemies.

Golden Staff: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 Mage Job and 60 Intelligence or above.

A staff made of gold imbued with magical powers.

Effect: Magic Attack +70, Intelligence +15, MP Recovery +2, all magic skills are 2% stronger, and 15% reduced costs when using magic skills.

Golden Marked Robe: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 Male with Mage, Priest, or Summoner Job.

A magnificent gold marked robe that has a mysterious power.

Effect: Defense +55, Thunder Resistance +8%, Intelligence +8, and Vitality +7.  There is a 3% chance that when attacked, the “Golden Guard” will activate increasing the user’s defense by 20%.

The Golden Bow and the Golden Staff had clear requirements, but the Golden Marked Robe……His Reverse Boned Dragon Job allowed him to use equipment from any Job and although he could equip it, he did not choose to do so.  It went against his stats, so this Golden Marked Robe would not have much of an effect for him and it would be more useful somewhere else.

After these three pieces of equipment, another three pieces of Golden Equipment appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s hands right in front of Broken Heart’s shocked face.  He revealed a faint smile as he traded them to Broken Heart, “There are three more here that I’ll have to trouble you with.”

This time, these items were at a higher level – level 25.  These were the three pieces of Golden Equipment from the Golden Sword Lion.

“Three pieces of level twenty five Golden Equipment will cost a total of 170 gold coin.”  It was very hard for Broken Heart to calm down.  She finally began to realize just how powerful the man in front of her was, as she clearly knew just how valuable these pieces of equipment were at the current stage.

After the appraisal for all three items succeeded, Broken Heart revealed a satisfied smile on her face.  Her smile was filled with a kind of moving tenderness that also made Ye Tian Xie feel a touch of warm feelings in his heart……It was as if he were seeing his past self that struggled to find food giving this kind of heartfelt smile.

Lion Marked Bracers: Level 25 Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 25 close combat Job and 100 Strength or above.  

Bracers made with the pelt of the Lion King.  There is a special mark engraved onto it that allows one to draw out the remaining power from the Lion King to release a powerful strike.

Effect: Defense +30, Strength +15, Accuracy +10, and Critical Rate +3%.  There is a 3% chance of activating the “Lion Soul” effect that increases the user’s strength and critical rate by 8% for 10 seconds.

Sword of Excellence (One handed sword): Level 25 Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 25 Warrior or Knight Job

A sword crafted out of fine iron that is incomparably sharp and has excellent abilities.

Effect: Attack +110, Strength +10, Attack Speed +12, and a 3% chance of completely parrying incoming attacks.

Bow of Excellence: Level 25 Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 25 Archer Job

A bow crafted from fine iron that seems to contain a strange energy that allows it to be light and strong.

Effect: Attack +140, Agility +20, Accuracy +20, Firing Range +5, and Move Speed +15.  There is a 10% chance of triggering the “Penetrate” effect when attacking, which will allow one’s attacks to hit enemies behind the first enemy hit.

They really were worthy of being Golden Equipment, every one of them was truly abnormal.  If they did not find something better by the time they reached level twenty five, the Sword of Excellence and the Bow of Excellence would go to Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui.  After all six pieces of Golden Equipment were appraised, Ye Tian Xie did not leave and asked Broken Heart something that shocked her, “Can you also appraise Spiritual Grade Equipment?”

Ye Tian Xie’s question made Broken Heart stunned for a while because with this one question, he implied that on his body there was a piece of……Spiritual Grade Equipment.

“My…..My appraisal technique is still at the lowest level, so it’s basically impossible for Spiritual Grade Equipment……My Job Instructor said that the lowest level appraisal technique only has a 0.01% of succeeding when used on a piece of Spiritual Equipment.  I’m sorry…..”  Broken Heart honestly said and anxiously apologized at the end.

0.01%……A one in ten thousand chance.

A one in ten thousand chance was a small probability, but it also meant that it wasn’t completely impossible……Isn’t there still a one in ten thousand chance?

Ye Tian Xie took out the Purple Streaked Sword that dropped from the little Spiritual Grade Beast and traded it over to Broken Heart.  When she saw the stats of this two handed sword, Broken Heart was completely stunned, being unable to say anything for a while.

Not just her, if this Spiritual Grade Equipment that shouldn’t have appeared suddenly appeared in anyone’s hands, they would all have the same reaction.  Golden Equipment were priceless treasures, but Spiritual Equipment……It was an illusory piece of equipment that could not be bought for any amount of money.

“I’ll have to trouble you to help me appraise this Spiritual Grade Sword.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a faint smile as he spoke, which woke her from her daze.

Broken Heart’s hands tightened, having great difficulty calming her heart.  She had an apologetic expression on her face as she shook her head, “I’m sorry…….With my current skills, I really can’t appraise a Spiritual Equipment……I’m really sorry.”

She carefully apologized in a frightened manner as if she was afraid of making Ye Tian Xie dissatisfied or angry.  Her voice and expression seemed to pull on Ye Tian Xie’s heart strings.  Her past experiences had made her very careful and afraid of her surroundings, but the young her had depended on herself to get through everything.  And her……she was just a young girl.

“Since there is a 0.01% possibility, why are you saying it’s impossible?”  Ye Tian Xie gently shook his head as he revealed a smile.  His voice became soft, it could be even described as gentle as he said, “As long as there is hope, even a little bit of hope and as long as one does not give up.  If one loses the courage to attempt something, then that is true despair……”

Broken Heart stood there in a daze as she looked into his eyes.

“Come have a try.  No matter how uncertain it seems, one needs to believe in miracles.  As long as one truly believes, then miracles will not be far off, just like a little tree in the cold winter.  If it gives up in that cold and desperate situation, it will be buried in the world of ice and snow, but if it has hope and pushes through that cold and desperate situation, then it will welcome a beautiful spring.  So why don’t you try your best?  Don’t forget, even if it fails, you still can’t lose hope.  Behind you is an appraisal shop that can still make this hope come true.  As long as a person has hope, even if their heart were completely destroyed, there would be a day where it would be healed.”

If anyone else had heard this, they would have snorted and said that he was just trying to sound profound……But after Ye Tian Xie finished speaking, Broken Heart’s tears fell like rain drops.

She lowered her head and gently bit her lips, not letting him see the tears falling down her face……Broken Heart, why did she call herself Broken Heart?  This was because her heart had already been crushed by her desperate reality…….

Raising her head, she gave a forceful nod and revealed a gentle smile to Ye Tian Xie as tears dripped down her face.  If it was like before, the impression Ye Tian Xie would leave would only be superficial, but now, he had touched her heart.

A person would never forget someone that touched their heart with any method.

She did not say anything, but she relaxed her face and closed her eyes.  With gentle movements, she used the “appraisal skill” that only she could use.

First time, failure.

Second time, failure.

Third time, failure.

Nervous sweat appeared on the tip of Broken Heart’s nose and Ye Tian Xie’s heart was also filled with anxiety.  His expression did not change as he smiled and said comfortingly, “It doesn’t matter.  There’s no need to worry since there is an appraisal shop right behind you.


At this moment, a ray of gently light shined down on the Purple Streaked Sword.  Broken Heart opened her eyes and the gentle light glittered in front of her as tears began to pour out of her eyes.

She had succeeded.

At the same time, the light of leveling up appeared above her head.  Using a low level appraisal technique to appraise a Spiritual Grade Equipment was like obtaining the experience from killing a monster that was dozens of levels above you.  Perhaps even she did not know it, but she was the first person in the Chinese Server to obtain the intermediate level appraisal skill.

The excited tears that she could not suppress was not because of her Job advancement, but instead, it was the excitement that came from this miraculous success……This kind of success was too important to her because it was just like the light of dawn shining in the cold winter, suddenly warming her frozen heart and body…….

Never letting go of hope…….

Never letting go…….

As long as one had hope, miracles would not be that far away…….

His words rang out in her ears and in her heart, making it impossible for her to stop the tears from flowing.  Ye Tian Xie let out a gentle sigh of relief as his smile became even warmer…….A one in ten thousand chance had really appeared.  This truly was a perfect result, as this would allow this pitiful girl’s broken heart to once again slowly recover……

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