EDAH Chapter 156


Chapter 156: Starting From the Beginning

“……”  Ye Tian Xie just put it back into his inventory.  After hesitating for a bit, he also placed the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s body that he could not longer harvest in his inventory as well.  From the Spiritual Rank and up, there were only a few individuals, but they were strong enough that their corpses did not disappear.  At the same time, these beasts were strong enough to be unique.  That meant that if they were killed, a second would not appear, or at least in a short period of time.

“We’ve completed the quest, so let’s go back.”  Ye Tian Xie took out a Town Return Scroll.  Thinking about it now, he felt like the Heavenly Stellar City Lord was quite a loveable person.  With the first quest he had given him, he had received the Blood Feather, Yao Yao, two incredibly strong pieces of equipment, and an incomparably strong Job.  This time, in the process of completing the second quest, there was another accident that resulted in him receiving giant rewards.

Could this Heavenly Stellar City Lord have some kind of immortal’s aura?

“Second brother.”  Zuo Po Jun couldn’t help asking the question surging forth in his heart, “Can you tell us why your attack power suddenly became so terrifying?  Not to mention the final attack, even your normal skills could deal over eight thousand damage……Is it because of that red light?”


Murong Qiu Shui’s ears perked up as he revealed a look of attentive listening.  He really wanted to say that if he could not unravel the mysteries behind this terrifying attack power, he would not be able to sleep tonight.

Ye Tian Xie did not hide anything and took out the Moment of Destiny.  Then he shared the information on the “Blood Sacrifice of Destiny” with them.

Blood Sacrifice of Destiny: With blood as a sacrifice, the user will receive a wild energy.  When the user’s HP is below 10%, their attack will increase by 100%.  When the user’s HP is below 5%, their attack will increase by 200%.  When the user’s HP is below 3%, their attack will increase by 300%.  When the user’s HP is below 1%, their attack will increase by 400%.  Forcefully activated, unable to be deactivated.

A skill that could be called terrifying.  It was not terrifying just because of its incredible attack power increasing effects, rather it was terrifying because of its cruel activation conditions.  In order to even activate this skill, the user had to decrease their HP to 10%, which was no different from seeking death even with a normal monster of the same level.  But there was no need to activate this skill when facing small and weak monsters.

They immediately understood that the reason why Ye Tian Xie’s attack could be so terrifying was because that he had activated the 400% increase in attack by decreasing his HP to 1%.  This allowed him to increase his attack power by five times!

“Second brother, you had old fourth attack you before for……”

“Un.”  Ye Tian Xie gave a slight nod, “I have a skill that completely protects me, but it drains my HP by 10% every second.  So with my HP being between 90-91%, once my defense disappears, my HP would be below 1%.  My current HP is 2620, so 1% of that is 26.  So I need Qiu Shui to take off between 9-10% of my HP beforehand.

Zuo Po Jun carefully considered Ye Tian Xie’s words and then suddenly asked, “But second brother, how did you determine that old fourth’s attack was enough to take off the right amount of HP……If it was a point more or a point less, the result would have been different.  The degree of error allowed was just twenty six points of damage, this……”

Ye Tian Xie raised his brows and slowly said, “Before coming here, I saw Qiu Shui attacking the Demonized Battle Tiger before.  From the damage I dealt to the Demonized Battle Tiger, I could determine its defense and from the damage Qui Shui dealt to it, I could determine his attack power, as well as how much damage Qiu Shui would deal to me.  The Archer Job has the highest accuracy and can deal the most consistent damage, so there wouldn’t be much change in his damage.  Two Double Shots was just enough.”

Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were completely speechless.  They looked at Ye Tian Xie like they were looking at a monster from another world.

One needed a terrifying calculation skills and judgement to accurately inference and calculate all of this in such a critical situation.

Yet Ye Tian Xie had defeated a small Spiritual Grade Beast that had over a hundred thousand points of HP with just 5 HP left.  No one would have believed this if it were ever spread.

“Let’s go, we’re returning to Heavenly Stellar City.”  Taking out a Town Return Scroll and crushing it, Ye Tian Xie returned to Heavenly Stellar City before them, with Su Fei Fei quickly following after him.  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiushui looked at each other in blank dismay.  Murong Qiu Shui rubbed the tip of his nose and helplessly said, “Don’t look at me.  Emotions are a luxury for me and I don’t know a thing about things like that.”

“It seems like second brother is a little interested in Su Fei Fei, but he isn’t aware of it himself.”  Zuo Po Jun shrugged as he spoke.  Then he gave a gentle sigh, “If Su Fei Fei can bring second brother out of the shadows, then that is a good thing, but elder sister……Ai, with elder sister’s charm, even the Dugu and Yun Family fellows are fighting over her.  As long as she points at something, those men would be willing to die countless times for her, but she insists on……Hu, forget it.  Let’s let nature take its course.  Elder sister…..will find happiness.  Let’s go.”

At this moment, a system announcement filled the air and sent the entire Destiny World into an unprecedented giant stir.

“Ding…..System Announcement!  As per everyone’s request, the currency exchange will now be opening with the rates set at 1 gold coin = 1 Chinese Dollar.  Could players that wish to exchange please come to the exchange centers and create a funds card.  This funds card will be bound to your real world debit card so that players can freely exchange or trade currencies.”

This announcement was repeated five times, filling the entire Destiny world with excitement as countless players immediately returned to Heavenly Stellar City.  Those ambitious players revealed excited smiles.


At the same time, in a luxurious villa in the capital city.

“……Boss, this should be the last time calling you boss.  She has already transferred all the stocks over to the Yun Family……Everything……Not a single cent is left……”

The cellphone fell to the ground and he fell dispiritedly as he sat on the ground.  His eyes and face all turned a listless white colour.

“Ding…..”  The cellphone rang once again and he mechanically picked it up.

“Ah, I like to regretfully inform you that the Tian Hua Group no longer wishes to associate with you…..”

Du, du, du, du……

With this simple sentence, the call cut off.  The opposite party was disinclined to say anymore to him.

His hand weakly dangled down as he sat down in a corner, leaning against the wall.  There were no tears and no pain, there was only his heart, slowly burning away.

The world seemed to collapse all around him at this moment.  He was thirty three years old today, but he suddenly aged by ten years.

Why……Why would she do this to me?

They had been in love for seven years, completely harmonious with one another, sharing everything.  They were even planning to get married at the end of the year.  He was completely infatuated and would have willingly given her everything……In order to make her smile and to prove he was willing to give everything to her, he had transferred the 59% share he owned to her.

Then she had given that 59% over to the Yun Family and left China, disappearing without a trace.

He was a genius, a recognized genius.  He had started with just five hundred thousand and with fierce competition, he had created the Tian Hua Group that resounded throughout China in a short ten years.  As for how difficult it was, only he knew the answer to that.

But in a single night, everything was gone.  Everything had popped like a bubble.

He could accept being poor and not having a single thing to his name, but what he couldn’t accept was her betrayal.

All his memories of her lost their colour and the world turned grey.  His heart was like dying embers as he thought about dying……Standing up from the corner, he walked over to the desk where a sharp fruit knife lied.

But the first thing he touched was not a cold thing.

It was a necklace – the Destiny gaming equipment that belonged to him.  While he was busy with his business, he had no free time at all and had no chance to experience this era-changing online game.

A virtual gaming world…..Another world……

Another world……

He put the gaming equipment on his neck and used his finger to tap the center of the necklace…….The world in front of his eyes suddenly began to fade.

“Ding…..Welcome to the Destiny world.  In the Destiny world you will have a new life, a new beginning, and a new fate……You are entering for the first time, so please pick the permanent name you want……”

“Starting From the Beginning.”  He looked at the colourful world in front of him as he whispered.

“Ding…..You have successfully named yourself ‘Starting From the Beginning’…….”


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