EDAH Chapter 150


Chapter 150: Hidden Boss – Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin (Part 1)

-841, -857, -875…….

Under Ye Tian Xie’s attacks, the Golden Sword Lion’s health fell to a third of its maximum.  Other than accidentally touching Ye Tian Xie with his lion claws and dealing six hundred points of damage, he did not even touch the hem of his clothes……The only time its attack had landed on Ye Tian Xie was so that he could determine just how strong its attacks were.

The Golden Sword Lion faced the sky to roar and to release the AOE attack damage lowering Lion’s Roar, but Ye Tian Xie who had faced this attack before did not back away.  Instead he rushed forward and attacked the lion while it was releasing its roar as if he did not care about the weakening effect at all.

The roar rang out and Ye Tian Xie’s movements stopped for a short second, but then he continued to attack the Golden Sword Lion with the “Dragon Rend Slashes”.  His attack power had not dropped at all.  With Ye Tian Xie’s higher than normal focus, this kind of spiritual attack had a hard time affecting him.  When this “Lion’s Roar” that had a 70% chance of decreasing his attack power affected Ye Tian Xie……With his high spiritual resistance, it directly became 0%.


So, if the Golden Sword Lion had enough intelligence, it would have spat out three liters of blood.

After the Lion’s Roar, the Golden Sword Lion’s health had been knocked down to below 20% by Ye Tian Xie.  A wild aura was released from its body, just like waves of anger that increased the temperature of the surroundings……This was the Golden Sword Lion’s terrifying strongest skill – the preparation to release the Enraged Lion’s Roar.

With a fixed 1500 damage and a forced three second stun, Ye Tian Xit still did not retreat.  Rather he contemptuously pointed at the giant lion in front of him, “……You won’t have the chance.”

“Brave One’s Heart!”

The short sword engraved on the Headband of Bravery began to release a golden glow once Ye Tian Xie shouted out.  Then it integrated into Ye Tian Xie’s body and a faint layer of golden light that was hard to see covered his hands……

Brave One’s Heart condensed the will and faith of a brave one.  This was a skill that gave the user’s next attack a 100% critical rate!

“Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits!!”

With Ye Tian Xie’s body at the center, a burst of wild wind was suddenly released.  Ye Tian Xie gripped the Moment of Destiny in his hands and with a loud roar, his body began to spin.  The rotational speed went from something that could be ignored to something terrifying.  The Moment of Destiny in his hand turned into a shadow and in an instant, it slashed the Golden Sword Lion seven times…..

-851, -835, -849, -879, -837, -869, 842!

The seven attacks landed at almost the exact same time.  Ye Tian Xie’s body suddenly appeared and the wild winds generated by dragon power disappeared as Ye Tian Xie’s rapidly rotating body began to slow down…….The description for the Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Strikes said that every time this skill was used, the user would fall into a 1-2 second stun.  With his first time using this unique skill, Ye Tian Xie finally knew why the stun would happen…….

The Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Strikes used dragon power generated winds to help spin the body and then it would use that rotation to help the weapon attack an enemy.  The user’s body would spin seven times and the weapon would slash the target seven times…….With this kind of terrifying rotation, it was impossible for a person not to get dizzy for a while.  Even with Ye Tian Xie’s strong focus, it still took him a full two seconds to regain control of his body.

Seven slashes with the “Brave One’s Heart” meant seven critical hits, which also meant fourteen times the damage.  The Golden Sword Lion’s HP drained to zero and it did not even have the chance to release the “Enraged Lion’s Roar”.  Rather it let out a roar of despair and the straight giant body collapsed onto the ground like a pile of mud.  Golden glows began to fall from its body, forming a perfect contrast with its golden glowing body.

“Ding…..You have successfully killed the level 25 Lord Level Boss Golden Sword Lion.  Prestige +25.”

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 9.  HP +20, MP +80, Physical Attack Power +4, Magic Attack Power +8, Accuracy +1, Dodge Rate +1.”

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 10.  HP +20, MP +80, Physical Attack Power +4, Magic Attack Power +8, Accuracy +1, Dodge Rate +1.”

Fighting it alone, with a ten level difference, and add in Ye Tian Xie’s luck value, if he didn’t get a giant harvest, then that would be truly strange.  With all these factors combined, the items that Ye Tian Xie received from killing the Golden Sword Lion were several times what tens of players at the same level would get for killing the boss.

Those seven overlapping damage figures flashed in Zuo Po Jun and the others’ eyes.  Zuo Po Jun forced down a mouthful of saliva, “Second brother just dealt around 6000 points of damage!”

Dealing six thousand damage at level fifteen, this was an inconceivable and terrifying number!  This was an impossible figure for players of the current stage.

Such a terrifying attack and his terrifying innate skills……This world was truly too wild.

“Oh!  I’m even more interested in second brother’s encounter now…..I’m more interested in why this game called Destiny would allow this kind of broken to appear……Oh!  Destiny, it truly is a mysterious name.  I don’t know what kind of destiny I will have in this world.”  Murong Qiu Shui sighed and revealed a strange expression that couldn’t be described.

“Tian Xie, you’re really strong.”  Su Fei Fei said in a gently voice.  Then she revealed a smile and loudly said, “Let’s go over.”

When the three people arrived beside Ye Tian Xie, he had already picked up the gold coins and potions that the Golden Sword Lion had dropped.  The only things left on the floor were the pieces of equipment letting out gold and silver glows.

“Gold colour!  It’s a Golden……A whole three pieces of Golden Equipment and even three pieces of Silver Equipment!”  Zuo Po Jun said in an exaggerated shocked voice.  The rarity and value of Silver Equipment was recognized by everyone.  If a person could walk around with a piece of Silver Equipment, he would be the center of attention wherever he went, attracting countless gazes of envy.  As for Golden Equipment……The people that owned Golden Equipment in the Chinese Server could be counted on a single hand, so its rarity could be imagined.

In front of them now, there were actually three pieces of Golden Equipment and three pieces of Silver Equipment.  Zuo Po Jun reacted like he had just seen a UFO in the sky.

Picking up the three pieces of equipment, Ye Tian Xie read out their stats.

Lion Marked Bracers: Level 25 Golden Equipment

Requirement: Level 25 Close Combat Job and Strength surpassing 100.

Unidentified, unable to be equipped.

Sword of Excellence (One handed sword): Level 25 Golden Equipment

Requirement: Level 25 Warrior or Knight Job

Unidentified, unable to be equipped.

Bow of Excellence: Level 25 Golden Equipment

Requirement: Level 25 Archer Job

Unidentified, unable to be equipped.

A pair of bracers and two weapons.  Then Ye Tian Xie looked at the stats of the three pieces of Silver Equipment and casually threw them into his inventory.  He said, “There are two weapons, not bad.  They’re perfect for you guys to use, but I’ll give them to you when you’re at the right level to use them.”

The Sword of Excellence was a golden longsword and body of the sword had a serrated edge.  Whether it was the shape or the glow, it was all very eye catching.  In comparison, the bronze sword he held in his hand that all other Knights envied was just a piece of trash.  Looking at it, Zuo Po Jun almost couldn’t help rushing forward and snatching it from Ye Tian Xie’s hands.  Seeing that he was about to put it away, Zuo Po Jun revealed a helpless and pitiful look as he said in a pleading voice, “About that……Second brother, could you……give us the sword and bow first.  Even if we can’t use it, we would feel good looking at it.”

Murong Qiu Shui also nodded along.

Ye Tian Xie looked at them and slowly said, “Feeling good isn’t good.  These will give you motivation to level up.  If you want them, then work hard to increase your levels.”

“But level twenty five……It’s so far away.”  Zuo Po Jun said in a sad voice.

“Is it that far?  Alright……”  Ye Tian Xie thought for a bit and seemed to think of something as he opened his inventory.  Zuo Po Jun’s eyes lit up as he began calling his second brother kind-hearted and a god of mercy…….Then, he was surprised to see Ye Tian Xie take out a golden shield.

Tiger Soul Shield: Golden Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 Knight Job

A golden shield containing the power of a tiger’s soul.

Stats: Defense +110, HP +230, Strength +7, Vitality +15, and Shield Block Rate +5%.  There is a 5% chance of triggering “Tiger Soul Reflection” which reflects an attack and its accompanying effects.

“When you reach level twenty, I’ll give this shield to you.”  Not waiting for Zuo Po Jun to jump out with greed, Ye Tian Xie took back the shield as quick as lightning.

Shields were the essence of the Knight Job.  A Knight could not have a sword, but it could not lack a shield.  When the Tiger Soul Shield appeared in front of him, Zuo Po Jun almost began to drool and kneel at Ye Tian Xie’s legs.  After being unsuccessful with his begging, he acted like a mistreated daughter in law as he muttered, “Alright……I’ll listen to second brother and try to get to level twenty as soon as possible……Second brother, you definitely cannot give that shield to anyone else……You are closer to me than a blood related brother!!”

Murong Qiu Shui moved three steps to the left and looked to the side.  He pretended like he didn’t know this damn fatty that lost his shame just for a Golden Grade shield.

After placing the Golden Sword Lion’s Fur that he harvested from the Golden Sword Lion’s corpse into his inventory, he patted his hands and said, “Alright, I can prove I finished the quest with this.  Po Jun, contact elder sister, we’re going back now.”

After he finished talking, he took out a Town Return Scroll.  From the moment he accepted this quest, he was already confident that he would not fail.  If Ye Tian Xie had not gone to Hidden Dragon Abyss, this killing the Golden Lion Quest would have filled him with fright.  Just getting here would have caused him a lot of trouble.  After opening the power of his Dragon Soul, the rate of his strength increase was not increased by just one-two times.

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