EDAH Chapter 149


Chapter 149: Tian Xie’s past

The Golden Sword Lion released three continuous Lion’s Leaps that were all perfectly dodged by Ye Tian Xie.  He always counterattacked before creating distance between them.  He kept drawing back to give himself room to react.  Every time the monster attacked, it would always leave a big or small opening that Ye Tian Xie never failed to launch an attack in.  The only way for the motion to be stopped was if the Golden Sword Lion stood there without moving, not taking the initiative to attack.  Then Ye Tian Xie would feel awkward about attacking.

Ye Tian Xie’s figure twisted around the Golden Sword Lion’s body like the wind while constantly shaking.  Every time it felt like it had caught him, immediately its eyes would become unfocused as its body was sent flying through the air…….Moreover, it only missed by a little every time, but it never seemed to be able to make contact.

Anger and violence condensed in the Golden Sword Lion’s eyes and it seemed like fire would burst out of its eyes at any moment.  After being sent flying several times, it finally stopped with its previous pattern.  Its front claws scratched the ground a few times before a “Lion Strike” shot out at Ye Tian Xie with a strong pressure.

With the “Evil Dragon’s Eyes” Ye Tian Xie had already learned all of the skills the Golden Sword Lion possessed, so he could figure out any skill it used before it used it just based on its actions.  He moved back a little and his lips curled up, then he just stood there welcoming the heavy strike coming from in front of him.  Of course he wasn’t foolish enough to face this Golden Sword Lion’s attack that had a high chance of dealing double damage and stunning.  Rather he was……


The distance between the man and lion instantly closed and Ye Tian Xie stepped off the ground, jumping into the sky.  He used a low jump to fly over the Golden Sword Lion’s tall body, but after he landed, he did not turn back to launch an attack.  Rather he just rushed off in the direction of the wall of the strange cave.

The Golden Sword Lion, having hit thin air once again, let out an angry roar and quickly turned around as it chased after Ye Tian Xie.  The Golden Sword Lion had a move speed around 130 and it quickly caught up to Ye Tian Xie.  With just a little effort, it had forced Ye Tian Xie against the stone wall of the cave with no way of escaping.

A violent “Lion Strike” was once again activated and a strong oppressive force shot out at Ye Tian Xie stuck against the rock wall.  Ye Tian Xie did not turn around as he felt the wind coming from behind him.  He suddenly jumped up and when he reached the peak of his jump, he kicked off the stone wall.  With a backflip, he soared over the Golden Sword Lion launching its strong attack.


A deafening sound rang out and the Golden Sword Lion heavily slammed against the stone wall.  The strong force reflecting back knocked the Golden Sword Lion to the ground and little stars began to circle around its head.  It had been stunned.

Ye Tian Xie laughed once at the Golden Sword Lion hurting itself.  He mindfully launched “Dragon Rend Slashes” at the Golden Sword Lion that couldn’t get up after stunning itself.

-851, -835, -849, -1679, -837…….

The “Lion Strike’s” power was very terrifying.  Even with Ye Tian Xie’s high HP and defense, if he had suffered the 70% chance of dealing double damage, his life would have been emptied by over half.  At the same time, there was the chance that he could be stunned.  For a strong power like this, the reflected power would be just as strong…..The Golden Sword Lion had been stunned for five seconds, but it still had not gotten up.

“This is clearly a very terrifying enemy, so why is it that once it lands in second brother’s hands, it seems so vulnerable?”  Zuo Po Jun shook his head as he gave a self ridiculing laugh.  With how strong the Golden Sword Lion was, any players that met it now could only turn around and run away.  Right now, he watched Ye Tian Xie who felt no pressure at all easily dealing with it.  Not even half a minute had passed and he had already taken off half of its HP……He only felt a kind of feeling that he didn’t know how many times he had felt before.

“The stars, moon, and even the sun can testify that I have thought about it over a hundred times whether he was even a person of this world.  His inhuman body, strength, aura, and expressions…..Oh!  Also his inhuman temperament and looks.  Is he really a person from earth?”  Murong Qiu Shui’s words were even more exaggerated.  Ye Tian Xie who they had been familiar with had always been quiet with them, but the admiration and fanaticism in their eyes was not false.

In this world, there were only a few people that could earn the recognition and praise of these two people.  Seeing the man in the distance, Su Fei Fei’s eyes followed the movements of his body and a kind of pride that never existed before began to slowly fill her heart…….That’s right, it was pride and a bit of pride in herself.

Regardless of whether or not he was willing, she had already begun to treat him as “hers”.

Looking over, she hesitated for a while before she couldn’t help asking, “Big brother Zuo and Murong, you and Tian Xie……How did you meet?”

Murong Qiu Shui raised his brows and casually said, “It was a blood stained night.  There were no stars in the sky that night and no moonlight.  It was a terrifying darkness and the only sounds that were heard were roars and pitiful screams.  During that night, a terrifying story silently occurred.  When the story was coming to a desperate end, he descended from the sky like a god and completely turned the story around……Oh!  Thinking about it now, it truly was a very wonderful night.  If only there was a bottle of red wine or a flute playing at the end, it would have been perfect.”

Zuo Po Ju just stayed silent, but he did not stop Murong Qiu Shui from talking.  A thoughtful expression appeared on his quiet face.

Su Fei Fei gave a laugh as she waved her hand and said, “Not only do you look…..a little strange, you also talk in a strange manner.  I am seriously asking you guys……How did you and Tian Xie meet?  I……want to learn more about his past.”

Murong Qiu Shui knew that the ambiguous things he said would be treated as a tease by her.  The expression on his face slowly changed and he revealed a serious look, “We’ve known him for five years now and regarding him, we don’t know that much more about him than you do.  He is very mysterious, just like the stars in the sky.  We can clearly see them, but we cannot see how far they are, how big they are, or what they are made of…..Oh!  This is actually a very wonderful feeling because it makes me believe that he is not a person of this world.”

“Second brother’s parents and his big brother all died when he was four years old, they were killed by an unknown enemy.  Second brother and us have been searching nonstop over the past few years for these enemies, but even with our strength, we still have not found a single trace of them after five years.  Those people seemed to have suddenly appeared and then suddenly disappeared.”  Zuo Po Jun crossed his arms in front of him and spoke in a guilty voice.

“Four years old?”  Su Fei Fei was astonished.  She had already known that Ye Tian Xie’s parents had died, but she never imagined that they would have died when he was that young.  She felt a kind of pain fill her heart as she looked at Ye Tian Xie in the distance.  Then she asked in a small voice, “Then who was the one that raised him?”

When she said this, Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui both became silent at that moment.  Zuo Po Jun gave a gentle sigh and half raised his head as he said, “When you look at second brother, you probably think that he grew up in a large family and that’s why he has that kind of aura and that terrifying strength……But that’s wrong.  He did not have anything at that time.  He did not have any family members, or any money, or even a single bit of food……On that night when he was four years old, for the entire night he was by himself, without a single person to talk to.”

Su Fei Fei: “……”

“If it was a normal four year old child, perhaps he would have starved or frozen to death on the street.  Second brother in the past had a body just like a normal four year old child.  He did not steal, rob, or beg as he bravely lived his life and became an adult…….The suffering he lived through, the tortures his mind and body suffered, the cold and warmth he lived through, and even the things he ate……they are all things you could never imagine.  While we were thinking about how to live better, more comfortably, and how we could enjoy ourselves even more, he was living everyday while thinking about how to live until tomorrow……”

Su Fei Fei stood there in a daze with her mind completely falling into chaos.  Even her heartbeat and her state of mind all fell into confusion.

Before he had used a strange tone and said in a low casual voice, “We are all pitiful people.”

At that time, she had given a contemptuous snort.  She had complained in her heart how he could never understand just how pitiful her life had been, but in this moment, she finally realized that the life she had was like heaven compared to the life he had lived……

She suddenly realized that the indifference that appeared in his eyes and the cruel and unemotional way he treated people…..It was all because he was someone that had been hurt by the world before.

“In terms of second brother, you just need to know this.  As long as you stay by his side, you won’t need to worry about your safety anymore.  I just hope that you can make him smile more everyday……If you can do this, we will be filled with gratitude towards you.  Second brother is a person that doesn’t like others mentioning his past, especially…….In short, it is better to not ask things about him.”  Zuo Po Jun sighed as he spoke.  As soon as his voice fell, he turned around.  In his mind, there appeared that immortal shadow that should not have appeared in this world that even Liu Qi Yue paled in comparison to……Even if it was him, he still wondered if he was in a dream the first time he had seen her.

She was the same as Ye Tian Xie, a person that should not have existed in a world of mortals.  He had thought that they were a perfect outcome that could never be changed, but he never would have thought that……His heart would break without any preparation.  In Ye Tian Xie’s heart, there was a scar that would never heal or disappear unless he found her.

He had used everything at his disposal to find her, but after three years……he had found nothing.  It was as if she had completely disappeared from this world.

“I understand.”  Su Fei Fei gently nodded.  When her eyes looked over at Ye Tian Xie, she unconsciously reached out a hand and placed it over her heart.  She could finally enjoy the life she had always wanted under his protection, so now, what could she do to make him truly happy……

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  1. In all Honesty, I Detest Su Fei, she hasn’t really done anything wrong, but I just honestly hate her personality or how presumptuous she is, “she had already started think of him as “hers”” annoying what probably irks me the most is that I can already practically see how their relationship will be, eventually she’s gonna “help” him get over other girl, fall in love with her ,other girl will come,where it could end in a few ways,she and him can’t be together for whatever stupid reason like “I don’t have long to Live, they end up on two different sides etc., Or she does like him but never hoped they could be together and hopes he could get over her and find someone else or possibly she sacrifices herself and asks one chick to take care of him, or the one I dislike the most. She joins his harem but takes on a miniscule role where she obviously doesn’t matter and Su fei is still the main girl.ANYWAY enough of the rant, god I hate her, honestly I hope other girl comes back and is main girl cause, let’s be honest here Su fei will at most take care of him while he was sad,for a few years while other girl picked him up when he was broken, took care of him just like her AND for an entire decade,but he still falls in love with Su fei, GOD SHE PISSES ME OFF,anyway hope it goes differently. nuff said

  2. I’m quite positive MC told this girl a few chapters ago that his parents died when he was 3 years old. So why is it all of a sudden 4 years old and that female forgot she was told.

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