EDAH Chapter 142


Chapter 142: Shielding Breaking A Thousand Armies, Madame Autumn Water (Part 2)

“Hee.”  Su Fei Fei gave a laugh, “How could a girl say that about herself.  Little sister Madame, are you…..Ah?”  Su Fei Fei suddenly thought of something and her voice paused and her expression froze…..Murong Qiu Shui……Murong Qiu Shui……Such a familiar name…..

“Ah!!  You…..You are Murong Qiu Shui, you’re that……that……”  Su Fei Fei moved back a step, moving back beside Ye Tian Xie who had a strange expression on his face as she stuttered, “You’re….a man!”

“Bingo!  You’re right beautiful young miss.  Not only do you have a beautiful voice like an angel, you also have an angel’s mind and wisdom.”  Murong Qiu Shui made a normal gentleman’s gesture and revealed a charming smile like spring flowers blooming.  Then he embellished his beautiful peach blossom eyes that shined like the autumn waters……He was simply too beautiful!

Murong Qiu Shui was a name that not many people knew because this name was only spread amongst the top ranked individuals.  Those that knew the name Murong Qiu Shui would also know a forbidden name, the Sacred Domain!


No one knew when the Sacred Domain was established, but it had gathered all the power users present in China.  Regardless of whether they had innate powers or developed powers, as long as they were discovered by the Sacred Domain, they would be recruited into the Sacred Domain at any cost.  For these people that had “superpowers” in the eyes of normal people, there were actually only a few of them.  If one looked across the entirety of China, one would would find around one hundred power users, which was not even a millionth of the chinese population.  At the same time, these powerful existences, there couldn’t be too many of them or else they would start affecting normal people’s lives.

As for the existence of the Sacred Domain, they existed to maintain the balance of power users.  On the other hand, they also concentrated the powers of all these people into a super guard force.  It was used to protect the highest powers in China, which meant protecting the safety of the Zuo Family.  In other words, the Sacred Domain was the Zuo Family’s strongest guard force and China’s strongest guarding power.

But the Sacred Domain had its enemy and it was an enemy with equal strength, the Demon Palace.

The goal of the Demon Palace was the exact opposite of the Sacred Domain, which was to destroy the Zuo Family and disrupt the Chinese government.  No one knew the true origin or progenitor of the Demon Palace, but one thing that was certain was that there were both Westerners and Easterners in the Demon Palace.  The Demon Palace was also completely filled with power users.  The Sacred Domain and the Demon Palace had been fighting for countless years in secret, but the fighting suddenly stopped five years ago…….Five years ago in this hidden war, half of the Sacred Domain had been killed and the Demon Palace completely disappeared.  They have not appeared up to this day.  It was unknown whether they were all exterminated or if they were still recuperating.  There were only a few people that knew about this hidden power user war and those that did know did not dare to speak of it because no one would believe them…….As for what happened and who participated, no one knew and no news was spread.  The people of the Sacred Domain that participated kept their mouths shut just like it was a taboo topic.

The current leader of the Sacred Domain was named Murong Hong Yi and his only son was named Murong Qiu Shui.  Before Murong Qiu Shui had turned thirteen, everyone had thought he was a girl.  Even Zuo Po Jun who had been playing with him since they were children had thought he was a girl……Perhaps even he thought he was a girl.  After he turned thirteen, the news that he was a man was spread, but his normal appearance was still the same as a normal girl.  So, all those that meet him for the first time would all question the fact whether he was a female or not.  When they found out that he was a man……That kind of psychological shock would cause them to have countless restless nights.  Especially those shocked men who had fallen in love at first sight…….

He was just like a bewitching monster.  Even if he doesn’t do anything, he was still more cruel to men than those bewitching women.

Murong Qiu Shui’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears……His face was more delicate than most women.  Even his body was so soft and supple that women were jealous……What made people spit out blood was that even without doing anything, his eyes would emit a kind of charm that no men could resist……Putting that aside, his voice was very special, in a way that made people speechless or feel chills.  But if you just judge him by his feminine features and declare that he was harmless, then you would be making a fatal mistake.  This was a man that could not be provoked and one of his taboos was when people called him names.

Three years ago at a high society banquet, the Guo Family’s second son had called him a transvestite while drunk.  The originally smiling Murong Qiu Shui’s face changed and in an instant, the entire hall turned from being as hot as the summer to being as cold as the winter.  It was so cold that people began to tremble and the lively hall turned silent like it had just been frozen.  In front of all the officials and in front of second master Guo’s parents, Murong Qiu Shui used a hand that was even more beautiful than a girl’s to rip him into several pieces with his power.  Then he took out the gun he carried with him and left a bullet in each stump remaining of his limbs.  The sound caused by each gunshot was like a bullet being shot into the hearts of everyone present.  Finally he left with an elegant and cruel smile leaving a pool of blood and flesh that made everyone’s hearts fill with fear……

They learned in that moment what was a demon……

It was also from that day on, other than a few people close to him, no one dared to call him a transvestite……The only successor of Sacred Domain, how could he be a normal person?  He was also a very terrifying power user.

So when Su Fei Fei learned that this person was a devil with a elegant woman’s appearance, her heart filled with shock and fear.  She was shocked because……he really did look like a woman.  When she heard about it before, she had never believed it and thought that he would look just a little feminine…….She never thought that it would be to this extent.  She was afraid because she had naturally heard about what he did to people he did not like.

“Second brother, I never thought that there would be such a beautiful and wise angel by your side, this truly is a wonderful thing.  I don’t know what will happen after elder sister finds out……”

“Alright, Qiu Shui.”  An itch appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s scalp and he interrupted Murong Qiu Shui.  For some reason, he didn’t dare to hear the words “elder sister” right now.  At this moment, he looked for another topic to talk about, “Qiu Shui, why did you choose to be an Archer?”

Murong Qiu Shui eyes shined and it seemed like a wave was crashing through in his eyes, “Second brother, you’re finally willing to look away from that damn fatty and remember this person that is willing to live and die with you.  Ai, life is short.  It has been a while since I’ve stared at the moon with second brother, breathing in the night air……”

Ye Tian Xie, Zuo Po Jun, and Su Fei Fei’s heads filled with black lines.

He held a steel coloured bow in his hand and shook it while saying, “This bow is my answer.”

“Second brother, it’s useless asking this question.  This damn transvestite always becomes an Archer.  It would be strange if he wasn’t an Archer.”  Zuo Pu Jun curled his lips and said.

Damn transvestite!?  Su Fei Fei nervously jumped back.  From what she heard about Murong Qiu Shui, those that call him transvestite would all be…..

“Taking a human life from a hundred steps, seeing the elegant blood blooming in the distance, there is nothing more beautiful in the world compare to that.”  Murong Qiu Shui took back the bow and gave a satisfied smile.  He did not react at all to Zuo Po Jun calling him a “damn transvestite” at all.  Su Fei Fei was surprised when she saw this. It seemed like the rumours were false, or……they had a very close relationship that prevented all arguments.

Zuo Po Jun completely ignored Murong Qiu Shui.  After thinking for a bit, he carefully said to Ye Tian Xie, “Second brother, do you know about the situation with the Xie Tian person?  Although this person makes me unsatisfied being above second brother, it has to be said that he is a strong person.  Perhaps he will be your greatest enemy from now on.  It’s a small matter for him to be on top of the level and prestige ranking, but he could actually pass through the Abyss Ranked Trial by himself…..When me and the damn transvestite went through the trial, our best attempt was passing the third stage, but by himself, he actually…..”

If others heard that these two had passed the third stage by themselves, they would definitely be shocked.

Su Fei Fei revealed a strange expression and she asked, “Yi?  You guys don’t know……Tian Xie is Xie Tian.”

“Eh?”  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui were both stunned.

Ye Tian Xie shrugged his shoulder and revealed his name. Instantly, two words appeared above his head – Xie Tian.

“The current me is called Xie Tian.”

“This…..Eh, ha, ha, ha, ha, so Xie Tian was actually second brother.  I already said before, how could there be anyone above second brother and how could there be anyone stronger than second brother.  Second brother, you should have told us earlier that you changed your name, making all suspicious for nothing.  Even my father has been trying to find out Xie Tian’s true identity, but if he knew it was you…..”  Zuo Po Jun was a little stunned and then he revealed a large smile.  The name Tian Mo Xie being suppressed made him feel a little angry.  He could be suppressed by other, but he could never let Ye Tian Xie be suppressed.

Murong Qiushui knit his brows and a cold glow flashed in his eyes, “Since second brother is Xie Tian, then the current Tian Mo Xie……Who is he!?”

Zuo Po Jun’s smiled froze and he was startled……That’ right, if he is Xie Tian, then who was the current Tian Mo Xie on the level rankings……

“Just a person seeking death.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a disdainful smile.

With his response, the air surrounding them suddenly turned cold, so cold that Su Fei Fei could not help shivering.  That terrifying cold aura actually did not come from Ye Tian Xie, but rather it came from Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui in front of her.  Their faces turned sinister, revealing a terrifying sinister expression.

“There’s actually someone that dared to steal the name second brother uses, he truly is a person seeking death.”  Zuo Po Jun gently spat once and said in a cold voice.

“Aiya, why would there be a pitiful person that would be so anxious to plunge into the abyss.  Do they not know that once they made the wrong decision, the devil was already beckoning at them……Ou!  Let’s pray a lot, pray that once he appears in front of us, he doesn’t regret coming into this world.”

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