EDAH Chapter 139


Chapter 139: Dark Green Plains Wolf

Coming out of Guo Guo’s little cabin, Ye Tian Xie left Heavenly Stellar City in a low key manner. He walked past countless parties practicing, coming to a familiar grassy area……Not long ago, he had still been practicing in the small raccoon’s territory.  These little monsters that did not take the initiative to attack others did not recognize the evil person who had killed countless of their comrades as they walked around pretending like he did not exist.  Before today, in order to level quickly, he was forced to keep his HP at less than 20% in order to maintain the Berserk Fighting Will, but now……

Calling out the Moment of Destiny, he rushed to where there were the most small raccoons gathered and casually swung out…..

-669, -1352, -1355……

The small raccoons only had 680 HP and Ye Tian Xie’s attack had reached a terrifying 669.  That ordinary attack had triggered a critical hit on two of the small raccoons instantly killing them.  As for the only one that wasn’t instantly killed, it was left with a pitiful…..11 HP.


As for the two golden coloured damage figures, they had broken past one thousand points of damage!

A level fifteen player could actually deal over one thousand damage.  If this was not personally witnessed, how many players would actually believe this?

As for that one small raccoon that had luckily escaped, it had became Ye Tian Xie’s new test subject.

“Dragon Rend Strike!”

The Moment of Destiny cut down and with the Moment of Destiny, the Dragon Rend Strike turned into the Dragon Rend Slash.  It heavily hit the small raccoon causing  it to fall down with a sad cry.


The small raccoon with only 11 HP left was hit with a strike that could kill it a thousand times as the attack drained the last of its HP.  The attack also triggered the 30% push back effect and it fell after staggering back dropping two copper coins and a bottle of red potion.  

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 1.  HP +20, MP +80, Physical Attack Power +4, Magic Attack Power +8, Accuracy +1, Dodge Rate +1.”

In a normal situation, if the pet did not come out to fight, it would not gain any experience when the master killed monsters.  But it was obvious that this Snow Spirit Fox was an exception.  It had not been released from the pet space by Ye Tian Xie, but it still gained experience points.  The experience gained from the three small raccoons was enough for it to go from level zero to level one.  What was strange was that the stats increased for the Profound Snow Spirit Fox was not that high.  Other than its magic values, the other stats increased could be considered pitiful.  But… the Snow Spirit Fox…..who was also called Yao Yao, magic values were the most important stats for it.  Because it had several shocking basic skills that all required a large amount of MP to cast.

When pets were released to fight, the master would gain less experience points than normal as the pet would recieve a portion.  The approximate distribution was that supposing a monster gave one hundred experience points and a pet was released to fight, the player would receive ninety five experience points and the pet would receive the full one hundred experience points.  If there were two pets, the player would receive ninety points and the pets would both receive one hundred points.  Although a pet reduced the experience gained by 5%, the amount of damage it dealt surpassed the value of this 5%.  It was a pity that unless one had a heaven defying item or achieved a special condition, only Summoners could bring out pets to fight at the current stage.  If one could bring along a pet, it would be a large increase in batle potential.  But in the end, with the method of getting a pet and the scarcity of pets in the Destiny World, having a single pet was already considered very rare and there were only a few people with the ability to have two pets.

With the way that experience was distributed, the speed at which pets leveled up would always be higher than its master, but the Destiny World had a very strict setting.  Mounts and pets could never surpass the master’s level.  If the master was at level twenty, the pet would be stuck at level twenty and 99.99%.  If the master did not reach level twenty one, then the pet had no chance of leveling up.  If the master fell from level twenty to level nineteen, the pet would also lose a level.

Currently, the average level of players was at level thirteen and the majority of the players on the rankings was at level fourteen.  Gradually there were players that were entering the small raccoons’ territory to level up.  Ye Tian Xie could easily take care of these small raccoons, so he headed to the south.  When he had been rushing to Gu Ping Town, he learned of the general distribution of territories on this Falling Wind Plains.  The place he was heading towards now was the level twenty Dark Green Plains Wolves’ territory.  With his current strength, it was more than enough for him to fight level twenty monsters.

Dark Green Plains Wolf: Level 20

HP: 1150

The most docile type of wolves.  It likes green grass and has a pure nature, so it will not initiate attacks on other living beings.  Its pair of wolf eyes sometimes looks off into the distance with a touch of sadness.

Innate Skill:

Lives in packs: It does not move alone.  As long as it is attacked, the nearby Dark Green Grass Wolves will rally together.

Skills: None

Weaknesses:  It is afraid of fire attacks, so there is a 5% chance of falling into a “fear” state after suffering a fire attack.

Actually with Ye Tian Xie’s shocking innate skills and his current stats, he would not feel any pressure even if he went to kill the level thirty Fire Foxes on the edge of the Falling Wind Plains.  However, the difference in levels was too high and his accuracy would be decreased by quite a bit, so in terms of efficiency, the level twenty Dark Green Plains Wolves was the best choice.  For monsters that were five levels higher, the decrease in accuracy was not very visible and with Ye Tian Xie’s attack power, he could instantly kill the Dark Green Plain Wolves with the “Dragon Rend Strike”!

He did not have a Job before and his overall stats were much lower compared to normal players, but even like this he was able to fight the small raccoon while being three levels down to a shocking efficiency with the “Berserk Fighting Will”.  But now, he was able to instant kill these level twenty Dark Green Plains Wolves, so it was unknown how much higher his leveling efficiency would be.  In half the time, he would be able to obtain several folds what normal people would be able to obtain.

With the Evil Dragon’s Eyes, the Dark Green Plains Wolf’s stats, innate skills, skills, and weaknesses were completely exposed to Ye Tian Xie  with just a single glance.  There was even a clear HP bar that appeared above its head.  Ye Tian Xie slowly walked over to a wolf that was sadly looking off into the distance.  After looking at it for 0.5 seconds, a Dragon Rend Strike shot out at its head.


The Dark Green Plains Wolf’s HP bar instantly emptied and the wolf fell down with a sad cry.  Ye Tian Xie’s attack was like poking a hornet’s nest as seven idle Dark Green Plains Wolves within the area turned to look at him.  Their eyes turned blood red with frenzy and they angrily charged at Ye Tian Xie from all directions.

How does one have a higher efficiency in the same amount of time and kill more things?  Having a stronger attack power?  Stronger attack power would take care of the targets faster.  Having a stronger defense?  Stronger defense would let one worry less and attack more.  What was the most effective way to attack?  Only a stronger method of attacking would allow one to kill the enemies faster.

If all of this was unified together…….

Ye Tian Xie narrowed his eyes.  He did not welcome the dark green wolf in front of him and swept his eyes around his surroundings.  Then he locked onto a gap in between two dark green wolves and began to move sideways.  With a single jump, he extracted himself from the encirclement of the seven dark green wolves and at the same time, the Moment of Destiny was already swinging out in front of him……

“Dragon Shadow Slash!!”

This was Ye Tian Xie’s first time using the “Dragon Shadow Slash”.  After it was activated, a wild energy gathered in his hands and wind began whistling by his ears.  Shooting out just like lightning, he left a shadow hard to see behind him.

It had a sprint time of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds and this time depended on the person that initiated the attack.  As for Ye Tian Xie with his incredibly high focus, he displayed the fastest sprint speed and the lowest sprint time of 0.2 seconds!

Just like lighting being released horizontally, Ye Tian Xie’s body flickered as he appeared five meters away.  He had perfectly planned out the positions of the seven dark green wolves so that five of the wolves would be caught in his sprint path……

-772, -779, -760, -768, -1542!

Four out of the five wolves had a large chunk of their HP reduced by this one attack and the last one was sent flying away as it was killed with a critical attack.  From rushing out to reappearing, a total of 0.2 seconds had passed and those dark green wolves that lost their target did not even have the time to react…….But the moment he stopped, Ye Tian Xie with his terrifying reactions turned around the second he stopped and moved forward a small step as his sword slashed out at the wolves that had been sent flying by the “Dragon Shadow Strike”.

One of the terrifying effects of Ye Tian Xie’s normal attacks is its group attack stat.  With the Dragon Rend Strike added on, it became even more powerful.  Stepping forward a little allowed his attack to perfectly envelope those four wolves with half emptied HP bars and allowing him to kill all four dark green wolves with a single slash.

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 2.  HP +20, MP +80, Physical Attack Power +4, Magic Attack Power +8, Accuracy +1, Dodge Rate +1.”

When those four dark green wolves fell down, the sound of Yao Yao leveling up rang out in his ears which made Ye Tian Xie a little jealous…….Without needing to work hard, its leveling speed shot up like a rocket.  Thinking of himself in the Beginner Village…….It really is enraging to compare himself with this fox.

For the entire afternoon, Ye Tian Xie went on a slaughter in this dark green wolves’ territory with the wolves’ cries ringing out everywhere.  Without needing to activate the Berserk Fighting Will and to be completely focused at all times, even though the monsters were stronger than the small raccoons, it was still much easier compared to before.  There was naturally no comparison between the leveling efficiency and the experience gained.  During this time, he did not use a single HP recovery potion.  The rare wolf claws that landed on him only dealt five damage each which he could easily recover with his health regeneration.  But instead, he consumed quite a bit of MP recovering potions.

As for Yao Yao, during this afternoon while its master was focused on leveling, its level went from level two to level three……to level four……to level five……to level six…..

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