EDAH Chapter 138


Chapter 138: Chen Xue Chen Xin (Part 2)

“Elder sister……”

“Xiao Xue, you should rest up first.  Don’t worry, with Aunt Li and the others here, they won’t dare to do anything.”  The elder sister revealed a comforting smile as she spoke in a warm voice.  She gently covered her sister with the blanket.

The man outside the door was called Huang Quan and the burglar proof door was installed because of him.

All the people that lived here were truly poor people and rich people disdained coming here because they thought that it would decrease their value and dirty their eyes.  It was because of this reason that the two sisters could live a peaceful lives, otherwise with their beauty, it would be unknown how many people would stare at them and stop at nothing to obtain them.


But even here, her beauty still caused trouble for her.

Huang Quan’s father was a businessman and his family was worth several millions. As a result, his vanity and self confidence had both been excessively inflated because of his father.  On that day, he came to the slums on an impulse to show off.  He wanted to satisfy his vanity by letting these poor people know what a true rich person was.  He wore dazzling clothes and drove a sports car here, looking at each person with an aloof look…….

Then, while he was here, he saw the elder sister who was rushing by.  In that moment he felt as if he had seen an immortal descending onto earth and was so enamoured that he felt as if he lost his soul.  He even almost crashed his car into the wall in front of him.  In this land of dilapidated houses, there was a young girl that was as beautiful as a fairy, this was a giant visual and psychological gap.

So, he quickly began to inquire about her name and origin……He learned that she was called Ran Chen Xin and had a seriously ill little sister named Ran Chen Xue.  The two of them lived in a small rented house and lived a very difficult life.

After learning all of this, he was filled with joy, as if he could already see Ran Chen Xin falling into his hands……From what he could see, with such a poor and hard life as well as needing to make money for her seriously ill little sister, in order to get her, he just needed to drive his car in front of her.  Then he would just need to stick his hand out and snap a few times…….

Then, this idiot actually did it but only got a casual glance from Ran Chen Xin who quickly went back into her house to take care of her little sister.  So, he chose to make an unwise move……going to her door to launch an attack.

Since then he has been coming to her house every several days.  In the beginning he forced himself to seem courteous, however, he soon he lost his patience and revealed his true nature.  The only thing he got in the end were disdainful looks from Ran Chen Xin and Ran Chen Xue.  But the people of this residence took care of the sisters so he did not dare to be forceful, but that didn’t stop him from harassing them.  After all, Ran Chen Xin had completely captivated him and made it impossible for him to stop.  He felt awkward looking at other girls since he could not get interested at all.

“Huang Quan, leave right now.  Stop disrupting our sisters’ rest……Go as far away as possible!”  The good natured Ran Chen Xin could not say anything mean at all.  Not to mention swearing, just screaming at him to leave already showed just how angry she was.

“Chen Xing, as long as you agree to be my girlfriend, isn’t it fine if I listen to everything you say?  There’s no need for you to live in this kind of small and broken house anymore.  I promise to give you the best clothes, the best house, and the best cars……”

“I’m not interested in those, leave right now!”  Houses?  Cars?  With her appearance and manner, only a fool could not see that she was from a very unusual background.  Because only generations of good genes and living environment could create a perfect fairy like person like this.  Huang Quan’s cars and houses could not compare with the cars and houses that this kind of person had seen.

“……Alright, I’ll just say it once.  As long as you agree to be my girlfriend, I will immediately give you one hundred thousand and will send your little sister to the capital city’s best hospital.  An elder sister like you wouldn’t be selfish enough to not care about your little sister’s life, right!!”

“Don’t say anything else, leave right now!  Leave!”  How could Ran Chen Xin not care about Ran Chen Xue’s body?  She dreamed that she would have enough money to save her sister, but she knew that with Chen Xue’s personality, if she gave herself to Huang Quan for Chen Xue, then Chen Xue would not hesitate to think of a way to kill herself.

“Who is being this loud in the afternoon and disturbing people’s naps……Yo!  Brat, it’s you.  You little thief that won’t give up, scram for me now!  Coming to disturb Chen Xin once again, this old lady will beat you everytime I see you!  Sisters, get this fellow……”

Four-five obese and thin middle aged women held washboards or ladles as they rushed out.  They all looked at Huang Quan with a disgusted expression as they rushed forward to beat him.  Once the powerful Huang Quan saw this group of women appear, he began to run away.  He ruthlessly shouted while running, “Ran Chen Xin, you just wait……It’s fine if you don’t accept my favour.  My father knows quite a few people in the underworld, so don’t blame me for being ruthless!!”

He quickly ran into his car and then sped off.

Ran Chen Xin let out a long sigh and opened up the door.  Then she said in a grateful voice, “Aunt Li, Aunt Liu…….Thank you.  Come in and sit for bit.”

“No need.”  The middle aged woman smiled and said, “We won’t bother you sisters.  Take good care of Xiao Xue.  There’s no need to care about that toad bastard that wants to eat swan meat.  If he dares to come back, then we’ll beat him off.”

“Un…..Thank you everyone.”  She gratefully thanked them and then gently closed the door.  That beautiful smile reappeared on her face, “Xiao Xue, you rest first.  Elder sister is going to make some fish soup for you.”

In the Destiny world, the first pot of gold that she had earned from Ye Tian Xie made her feel like there was a new future and it made the smile on her face even more beautiful.  When she turned around, she held the necklace hanging in front of her and silently thanked the Destiny world as well as the “Xie Tian” person.  She believed that she would be able to make even more money in the future and would be able to cure her sister’s illness.


When Ye Tian Xie and Su Fei Fei returned home, it was already dusk.

Falling onto the sofa, Ye Tian Xie began panting like he was about to die.  Window shopping was truly the most terrifying enemy of men.  It was clearly just walking, but it was more tiring than fighting for three days and nights straight…….And on the other hand, Su Fei Fei clearly walked as much as he did and had much less stamina, but not only was she not tired, she was actually very energized.  Her face showed no exhaustion and seemed like she wanted to go strolling some more.

For the whole afternoon, they had been buying things……Actually it was only Su Fei Fei buying a lot of things, enough things to easily fill a ten square meter wide house.  So, they could only call for Su Fei Fei’s bodyguards to bring everything back.  Su Fei Fei did not buy these things for no reason and did not buy them just because she felt like it, she bought them because she had a clear use for everything.  One could only blame Ye Tian Xie’s house for having too little things.  As for these things, there was a refrigerator, a lot of clothes, and more than half of it were just ingredients.

On the other hand, Su Fei Fei silently pulled Ye Tian Xie along for as long as possible because he rarely went out and even if he did go out, he did not go far.  If he didn’t go out, Su Fei Fei who relied on his protection also could not go out and she was not willing to beg him to bring her outside…….So she had to do it all at once and buy everything that was needed.

After bringing back everything they bought, the bodyguards who Su Fei Fei had worked hard and finally left while sweating profusely.  The sad thing was they did not even get a cup of tea and the owner of this house did not even move since he had not recovered his energy yet.

“Tian Xie, is it really that tiring?”  Su Fei Fei appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie as she giggled and spoke.  After she finished speaking, she gently breathed out a fragrant breath into his face.

“Un…..”  Ye Tian Xie weakly hummed.

“Then…..I’ll tell you a piece of good news and maybe you’ll recover your energy.”  Su Fei Fei’s elegant face moved forward a bit and she mysteriously said, “Let me tell you, I am almost level ten in «Destiny» and I will be able to reach level ten with just a little bit of time tonight.  Once I arrive in the city, we can play together.  Are you happy?”

“Ang…..”  Ye Tian Xie hummed out once again, he did not really feel any happiness at all.

“Hey!  What kind of expression is that……Humph, I’m ignoring you.  I’m going to make some soup first.  What kind of soup do you want?”  Su Fei Fei was angry at first and then she pursed her lips as she secretly looked at him and asked.

“Hibiscus seafood soup!!”  Ye Tian Xie did not say anything and Guo Guo suddenly appeared.  She went all out while shouting at Su Fei Fei……But even if her voice was ten times louder, it was still impossible for Su Fei Fei to hear her.

“Well……Hibiscus seafood soup.”  Ye Tian Xie mumbled out.

“Humph, only knowing how to eat.  You’ll die from your laziness.”  Su Fei Fei gave a small complaint and then with a gentle smile, she entered the kitchen.

“Master, you have an obedient and cute loli like Guo Guo and a good elder sister like Fei Fei, you really are lucky.”  Guo Guo’s eyes shined as she said in a envious voice.

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

Being too lazy to care about this little girl, Ye Tian Xie raised his right hand and pressed down on the gaming gear on his left hand.  His consciousness immediately entered the Destiny world.

He appeared in the center of Heavenly Stellar City, right in front of his super luxurious mansion.

At this moment, he was wearing that strange mask that covered half his face and the black and white dragon wrist guards.  There was an illusory grey glowing cloak on his back and he was covered in glowing bronze armour.  His entire body released a powerful aura.

And in the long period of time following this, his unique Holy Dragon’s Fang and Demonic Dragon’s Fang became the symbols of his status.  Wherever he went, there was no one that dared to go against him.

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