EDAH Chapter 137


Chapter 137: Chen Xue Chen Xin (Part 1)

In the bustling city, there were also quite a few slums.  For a bustling city like the capital city, there were many dilapidated slums where beggars roamed.  In the eyes of those that were rich and those who thought they were rich, their existences generated no mercy and instead were considered unforgivable.  Because they affected the image of the city and polluted their eyes.

In the northern suburbs of the capital city, there was a completely dilapidated slum where not a single complete wall could be found.  Even the highest five story building had turned jet black after being worn out over time.  The road here was formed from dirt and stone, it was hard to find a single flat surface here.

Here there were some seven square meter wide huts for rent.  These little huts that seemed like they could collapse at anytime were rented out for eighty Chinese dollars every month.  The price was the same as renting out a room in a large hotel for three hours.  There was a bed, two old tables, and a chair.  On one of the table, there were some simple cookware and there were some bottles and jars on the other table…….If one looked carefully at it, they would notice that the table was covered in different drugs.

There was a simple support frame at the head of the bed and there was a small pile of girl’s clothes scattered on it.  Except for these, there was nothing else in this small room.  With the bed, two tables, and a chair stuffed into this little space, there was no foot space available at all.


On the only bed, there was a little girl…..An angelic little girl.  Whoever saw her, would feel that they would be conquered and shocked due to her exquisitely beautiful face.  She was just like a little princess.  Her beauty and purity did not seem like it belonged in this world, because this world’s dirty air would only tarnish her…..

This dilapidated scene with this beautiful girl, everything seemed out of place.

There were two pillows on the bed, one on the right side and one on the left side.  She was silently lying on the pillow, gently sleeping with her eyes closed.  Her lips were very tender and her skin was very white, but whoever saw her for the first time would feel a kind of heartbreak……Whether it was her lips or her face, they were all too white.  It was white to the point where there was not a bit of blood present……Her appearance seemed like she had no life energy at all.

There were several holes in the wooden door, but all the areas that were damaged were carefully covered in paper and tightly sealed.  Behind the wooden door, there was also a brand new iron gate that seemed like it had just been installed.  The only light that came in was from the high window.

The sound of the door being unlocked rang out and the wooden door opened, followed by the iron gate.  As the burglar proof door opened, the little girl on the bed opened her eyes……That pair of eyes was beautiful, but it was bleak like no emotions could be seen.

“Elder sister.”  She gently called out.

What came in was a girl whose clothes could not be considered “glamorous” at all, but with her natural beauty, even with the rough clothes she worn, she could not hide the charm that attracted others.  Her willow brows, apricot eyes, jade nose, cherry lips, tender as snow cheeks, cloud like long hair, and jade like skin made every girl jealous of her.  She had everything that a beautiful girl should have.

One had to look at other’s hands first, many people said this.  The hand was the most beautiful part of a girl and her hand were truly stunning, each finger seemed like it was carved from jade.  Her fingertips were shaped like perfect white and tender bamboo shoots.  From the wrist up, the slim arm under her clothes were like lotuses.  Her skin was white, but it was a different kind of white.  It was a perfect snow jade kind of white.

With hands and skin like this, was she really a daughter from this kind of poor family?

“Xiao Xue, I’m back……Xiao Xue, look, look, I’ve bought a lot delicious things and I also have the thing you love eating the most……”  She quickly sat down beside the bed, her hands were filled with many bags full of food which she placed in front of the little girl.  A happy and satisfied smile appeared on her beautiful face, “Do you know, I made a lot of money today.  From now on, I will definitely make even more money everyday.  I will make more and more money everyday and will definitely be able to gather enough money to treat Xiao Xue’s illness.”

The girl on the bed did not reveal a happy smile, but was stunned instead.  Then she raised her head and looked at her sister, “Elder sister, is this……true?”

Her voice was very gentle just like rain falling on an empty mountain, but it was also weak like a gently wind.  The elder sister smiled and nodded as she stroked her little sister’s cheek, “Silly little sister, elder sister has finally found a good way to make money, are you not happy?  I know that you’re worried that I’m doing something I don’t want to do…….It’s not like that.”  She raised the «Destiny» gaming equipment hanging from her neck, then she smiled and said, “It’s because of this.  Do you remember that elder sister told you a few days ago that I changed into a Job that could earn a lot of money?  It’s called appraiser.  Today, I made a lot of money with it.  In a short amount of time, I made a lot of money.”

If Ye Tian Xie was here, he would have immediately recognized that this was the girl that had appraised his equipment in Heavenly Stellar City.  As a fee, he had paid her a total of 350 gold coins.  He never would have thought that this kind of fee would give this girl this much happiness and hope.

Taking that 350 gold coins, the girl had quickly gone to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s exchange center which has the highest degree of trust to change her gold into Chinese dollars.  Due to the news that the currency exchange would open tomorrow, the price of 1 gold coin to 2 Chinese dollars had fallen to a 1:1 ratio.  She did not feel depressed or any regrets and just gratefully took the 350 Chinese dollars.

Some people could take out hundreds of millions or billions to gamble without caring but this 350 Chinese dollars that they looked down on was more important than they could ever imagine for someone with a seriously ill little sister and on the edge of despair. Not only had she received money, she had also received hope……Because, this was a new road and hope for her to cure her sister.  This money wasn’t  stolen or robbed from others and it wasn’t someone’s charity.  It was something she had worked hard to earn.

In order to take care of her little sister, she rarely left this little hut.  In order to make money, she had a few periods of time every day that was used to tutor little children.  She rushed away and rushed back to come home.  For someone that only made a few dollars everyday, making 350 gold coins was a lot of income for her.

Her little sister finally revealed a happy smile.  This was a kind of smile that could melt the winter snow away, “Elder sister, you are really great.”

The elder sister forcefully nodded, then she grabbed her little sister’s cold little hands, “Then Xiao Xue, you need to be happy everyday from now on, alright?  You will definitely be cured and our lives will get better……Look, I even bought a fresh fish today.  We will have fish soup tonight.”

Xiao Xue forcefully nodded and gently said, “Elder sister, let me play that game too.  I want to……help elder sister.  If elder sister can do it, perhaps I……can also do it.”

She shook her head and smiled as she said, “Xiao Xue be good, the doctor said that your body and mind are too weak and your brain cannot be overused, so you can’t play the game right now.  Once Xiao Xue’s body is better, we’ll play together, alright?”

Xiao Xue did not say anything, she just looked at the bag filled with food.  She said with a misty gaze, “Elder sister……For me, you have become thinner by quite a bit……”

The wealthy and elegant life that they once enjoyed was a thing of the past.  Ever since they left that house, even if they have to suffer, starve to death, or die of sickness, they would never regret a thing and would never go back.  These two sisters had been wandering for a while and just last month, they had finally settled in a peaceful place like this……As for the little sister, before she left, she had contracted a terminal disease…..A disease that could not be cured.

But no matter how painstaking it was and no matter how many people told her it could not be cured, she would never give up.  Because this was her little sister, the closest family member she had.

But for her, her elder sister had suffered quite a bit.  All that had been paid for her, she silently watched and remembered in her mind.  For her elder sister, she would live on.  Even if she lived with the pain that felt like she was being pulled into the abyss everyday, she silently struggled to escape death…….Although she dragged her elder sister down, she was also the only person her sister relied on and had hope in.  If she died, her elder sister would truly be alone……

And she often said to her elder sister, “Elder sister, if you do something you’re not willing to do for me, I will immediately die in front of you…….”

She was afraid that in order to get money to buy the things she liked to eat and to cure her sickness, her elder sister would give her body and dignity in exchange.  This was the thing she was afraid of the most.  In her eyes, her elder sister was the most gentle and perfect person in the world and only the most perfect man in the world was suitable to being with her.  She deserved a perfect life and could not sacrifice herself for her.

“How could that be?  Xiao Xue, don’t speak nonsense.  Also, everyone says that a slender girl is very beautiful.”  Her elder sister angrily smiled and said.  Then she opened up the large bag, “Look, there is so much here, what do you want to eat?  Look, these are the nuts you loved eating before.  I bought many kinds, so I’ll peel whichever ones you like.  The doctor said that you should eat less hard things, so you can only eat a little.  There is also some jello which we haven’t eaten in awhile.  There are also these red dates, eating more of these will be good for your body…..”


While she was talking, an ill timed knocking sound suddenly came from the door.  Along with the knocking sound, a gentle voice with a trace of lewd laughter came from outside the door, “Little Chen Xin, open the door.  Your big brother Huang is here to see you.”

Hearing this voice, the two sisters both revealed a look of loathing and worry.

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