EDAH Chapter 135


Chapter 135: Swaggering off

“Young master Zuo…..I don’t understand……That person is……”  Second master Li gingerly asked.  Young master Zuo had a terrifying influence, everyone was certain of that.  Even if he was the aloof Li Family’s second master, in front of this person, he had to act very honestly.  This was a person that his father, or his grandfather could not offend.

“He……”  The big fatty gave a cold laugh, “Do you think that I’m insulting your Li Family like this?  Wrong…..Who he is, you don’t need to know, but I am responsible for telling you that the one your big brother has offended is not a person…….He is a demon king that does not care about human lives at all.  If you want your big brother to live, then you’ll immediately do what I told you to do!  If not……If not, he doesn’t even need to make a move.  Father here will make your Li Family disappear from China within three days!!”

His last sentence filled everyone here with amazement.  Their faces all filled with shock as the looked at each other in blank dismay.

Making the Li Family disappear from China……What kind of person would make young master Zuo say this……


A cold sweat soaked second master Li’s clothes and he quickly nodded, “I……I understand young master Zuo.  Please calm yourself, I’ll……Immediately call my big brother…..No, I’ll call my father.”

He raised his finger and his finger was trembling as he searched for his father’s number……Because if he directly called Li Tian Peng, he might not listen to him, so it was necessary to explain everything to his father first……To make the Li Family disappear from China, for the entire Li Family, this sentence was like a nightmare.


That black muzzle did not make Ye Tian Xie’s expression change.  The smile on his face was clearly strange and even Su Fei Fei did not feel any fear or worry……She just thought of that one night…….He had used his own head and blocked a bullet without any danger.  It was also that one scene that had made her deem him a superhuman existence and yearn for his protection.

“If I urged you to put the gun down, would you do it?”  Ye Tian Xie raised his brows and a dangerous aura came from his smile.  A gun to a normal person was a very terrifying thing, because it could instantly make a person lose their life.  But to play with something dangerous like this, one had to pick the right person.  There were some people that did not like having guns pointed at them.

The gun in Li Tian Peng’s hand seemed like a life saving amulet to Li Lulu who was so scared that she was trembling.  She came out from hiding behind Li Tian Peng and shouted in a wild voice, “Big brother, make him kneel down like a dog and beg……Did you hear me?  Kneel down for me otherwise I will make my big brother explode your head!!”

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes narrowed and they moved to the side, falling onto the girl.  That terrifying vision made her body violently tremble as she moved backwards a step……At this moment, the sound of a cell phone ringing came from Li Tian Peng’s body.

Before he had begun to attack Ye Tian Xie, the people he had called rushed over.  It was about time.  Li Tian Peng pointed the gun at Ye Tian Xie as he answered the phone with his other hand……

A middle aged man’s angry roars came from the other side of the phone and in just a few seconds, Li Tian Peng’s expression completely changed……It continued to change and gradually the muscles on his face began to tremble and twitch.  Finally his entire body began to tremble.

The cell phone weakly fell from his hand onto the floor and the gun in his hand also fell down, landing with a “peng” sound.  Li Lulu took in a low breath and then quickly rushed forward to pick up the gun, but she then saw Li Tian Peng walk two steps forward with a face that was like dying ashes.  In front of everyone’s eyes, he kneeled down in front of Ye Tian Xie and Su Fei Fei with a “putong” sound.

Not only was Li Lulu and the rest of the Li Group members affected, even Su Fei Fei stared on dumbfoundedly at him.  A trace of surprise flashed on Ye Tian Xie’s face, but it immediately returned to normal.  He looked at the cameras distributed around the ceiling and began to ponder.

Li Tian Peng’s lips trembled and shocking everyone, he unwillingly muttered out, “……I, Li Tian Peng am blind……I ask you… forgive me…..”  Then he clenched his teeth in front of everyone’s enlarged eyes and heavily knocked his head on the ground.

The gun that Li Lulu had picked up fell onto the floor once again.  She was at a loss as she looked at Li Tian Peng and feeling helpless.  She was stunned from her fear.

“This……He……”  Su Fei Fei looked at Ye Tian Xie with a shocked and confused gaze.  Ye Tian Xie shook his head while smiling and then he walked forward.  His eyes swept across Li Tian Peng and Li Lulu’s bodies and then walking in front of Li Tian Peng.  He kicked his foot and the gun appeared in his hand.  Holding it, he pointed it at Li Tian Peng lying on the ground.

“I said it before, I don’t take back the words I’ve said.  So, even if you become obedient, the results will be the same.”



Two gunshots rang out and two pitiful cries could be heard.  All the people present felt their hearts beating fast from the sound of the gun being fired.  Blood began to drip from Li Tian Peng’s right arm and foot at the same time.  He began to cry out in pain on the ground as he tumbled around…….

The muzzle was turned and it was pointed at the pale faced Li Lulu.  A demonic smile appeared on his face.  Li Lulu collapsed onto the ground in fear.  She wiggled backwards as she asked for mercy in a trembling voice, “No……Don’t kill me……Fei Fei, save me……”

“Tian Xie, she……She only insulted you once, you don’t need to……”  Su Fei Fei held onto his arm as she spoke in a nervous voice.

Ye Tian Xie moved her hands away and pointed the muzzle at Li Lulu.  He said in a sinister voice, “Earlier, you said that you wanted your big brother to explode my head……Ah, your brother said he wanted to break my arms and legs, but I broke his arms and legs.  You said you wanted to explode my head, so what do you think I should do?”  While saying this, his hand slowly pulled back on the trigger.



The sound of the gun being shot rang out.  Li Lulu heavily fell onto the ground with her head rolled back in her eyes, not making another sound.

“Tian Xie!”  Su Fei Fei’s entire body was trembling, even her voice began to tremble.  Li Lulu’s character came from her living environment.  Although she was not very smart, she was still only a little arrogant, it shouldn’t have……It shouldn’t have been like this……

“Silly girl, look carefully.”  Ye Tian Xie blew out the smoke coming from the muzzle and silently looked at the girl who fainted from her fear……The bullet had not hit her head and had flown past her ear, hitting the ground beside her ear.  Since the beginning, he had only wanted to scare her.  Of course, the result was very good…..At least, this girl will not be able to gather herself in the future.  Un?  Will she develop some kind of mental problem in the future?

Not seeing any blood appear, the shocked Su Fei Fei immediately saw the hole on the ground beside Li Lulu’s ear and then gave a long sigh.  She came close to Ye Tian Xie and said in a low voice, “Tian Xie, they’re taken care of……How about we leave now?”

Ye Tian Xie smiled and nodded, then he threw the pistol behind him.  When the pistol hit the ground, it slid across the floor until it reached a person’s toes, stopping under their feet.  But that man’s entire body was trembling, he did not dare to bend down to pick it up.  His eyes just stared at Ye Tian Xie wishing that he would leave as soon as possible.

With just a single phone call, the dignified Li Group’s first successor was willing to kneel down to this person……Even if they were idiots, they could still guess what kind of phone call that was and just how terrifying of a background this person had.  A person that could make Li Tian Peng kneel down and beg for forgiveness, was that a person they could afford to offend?

“Help me exchange these chips for money.  Place four hundred million into my card and two hundred million into her card……Do it quickly, we don’t want to stay here any longer.”  Ye Tian Xie brought Su Fei Fei in front of the pale faced casino manager.  He pointed at the chips scattered on the ground as he spoke.

“Yes……Yes……I’ll do it immediately.”  The manager nodded as he responded.  Then he quickly ran over to service desk and found that his clothes were completely covered in sweat……


Coming out of the casino, Ye Tian Xie took a deep breath of the clear air.  Then he revealed a satisfied expression.

“Casually gaining one hundred million and being able to witness this kind of gambling and fighting, how do you feel?”  Ye Tian Xie moved his arm, trying to get Su Fei Fei to move away.  He had secretly tried and failed several times, so he could only leave her be.  Although he felt a bit unnatural…..But perhaps unconsciously, he did not hate it.

“That two hundred million was won by you, why are you giving me one hundred million?  It’s one hundred million!  Other people can’t earn that much in their entire lifetimes.  I never thought that a normally stingy person like you could also be this generous.”  Su Fei Fei giggled as she spoke.

“Because if it wasn’t for you, I would not have gambled with him and obtained this reward.  If I don’t give you half, I would not feel right.”  Ye Tian Xie shrugged his shoulders and said.  The world was too beautiful.  If every day he could bump into an idiot like Li Tian Peng who threw away his money, then that would be great.  He would not be forced into getting a job as a bodyguard.

“You have a conscience?  Hum, hum, I can’t see it.”  Su Fei Fei curled her bright red lips.  Unknowingly, she began to think about how she had taken the initiative to kiss him and she secretly licked her lips.  Remembering the strange feelings of that moment, a bright red colour began to appear in her cheeks.

Ye Tian Xie looked at her and gently breathed out, “You want to say……that I am too ruthless and emotionless, right?”

How could he not know that his performance in the casino would be described as devilish to a normal person?  All the people that attacked him had either their arm or foot broken and when Li Tian Peng was begging for mercy, he still ruthlessly made his move…..He was even that ruthless to a girl that had only insulted him a little.  He could imagine what kind of impression he had given Su Fei Fei with his performance.

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