EDAH Chapter 134


Chapter 134: The angered young master Zuo

Although there were many people, in his eyes, they were just a motley crowd.  Ye Tian Xie was too lazy to even put in effort, but as long as it did not affect Su Fei Fei, he was even too lazy to hide.  Sometimes he would wave his hand, sometimes he would kick out with his foot, and each time he moved either his hand or foot, there would always be someone sent flying.  Screams filled the air…….Of course he would not take their lives, but he was still ruthless enough to break an arm or leg each time.  The bone cracking “kacha” sound continued to ring out which was absolutely terrifying to listen to.

In half a minute, all the people that tried to attack Ye Tian Xie were lying on the ground, either holding their arm or leg as they gave a painful pitiful cry.  This scene caused all the female servers’ faces to turn white, but at the same time, they looked at Ye Tian Xie with gazes of adoration and yearning.  As for the few people that did not move forward to attack, their legs began to tremble as they went into a stance, but they did not dare to move forward.

Was this still a human…..The effort used in a blink of an eye…….A single person had taken out over thirty people…….He was also holding a girl in one hand, so he could only use one hand…….And not only was he not injured, he wasn’t even out of breath!  Was this a human or a monster!

“Hee, how fast!  I still wanted to play for a bit.”  Su Fei Fei looked up to stare at Ye Tian Xie’s face with eyes that shined like the stars.  She indeed had not played enough because she wanted to stare at him more and experience the feeling of him protecting her, while all the “bad people” were sent flying……Wasn’t this the dream that she wished for the most……


Li Tian Peng and Li Lulu who had already escaped to the side were completely dumbfounded.  They had no way of believing what they had just witnessed……The Li Family did not lack first rate Chinese bodyguards, but even the strongest bodyguards could not perform what they had just seen.  Without breaking a sweat, a single person had casually wasted around thirty people.  This was a scene that could only be seen in fictional movies!

When Ye Tian Xie’s eyes looked at them, their bodies began to freeze at the same time.  A cold air quickly entered through the openings in their clothes and drilled down into their hearts.  Li Lulu who had never been attacked before had been sent flying with Ye Tian Xie’s slap, even now her face was still hurting.  The smile that Ye Tian Xie had on his face was just like the devil’s smile to her.  She hid behind Li Tian Peng and Ye Tian Xie’s approaching footsteps made her want to cry out in shock.

“What do you want to do?”  Seeing Ye Tian Xie coming closer, Li Tian Peng spoke with a dark expression.  With each of Ye Tian Xie’s steps forward, the people that could still stand all took a careful step back.  There was no one that dared to move forward.

“If you didn’t provoke me, I would not have been interested in giving you bad luck.  Originally it was just a gamble, if you just gave me the money I won, nothing would have happened.  As for your good for nothing little sister, I was just letting her remember how she should talk in the future……But you did just say you wanted to break my hands and legs.  Unfortunately, I am a man that takes back all my grudges.  Since you’ve said this sentence to me, if you can’t break my hands and legs, then you just have to pay the price of this one sentence……Alright, I’ll be a little benevolent.  One hand and one leg, you can choose yourself.  You can do your right hand or left hand and you can do your right foot or left foot.”  Ye Tian Xie had a taunting smile as he looked at Li Tian Peng’s changing expression with his narrowed eyes.  The words he said made Su Fei Fei who was still clinging to him heart feel a deep fear…….Normally she didn’t feel anything from him.  But after coming out on this short trip, she began to experience his ruthlessness.

She could not help thinking about what her father had told her before…….People are born kind and they become ruthless because they had been deeply hurt by the world.

Her father……Su Luo had changed ten years ago when her mother had been assassinated.  He had rid himself of all his hesitation and tenderness.

Then, what about him…….

She felt a sense of familiarity seeing the expression on his face which made her reveal an infatuated smile.  Her eyes also misted over…….Was it because he had been abandoned by this world and had been deeply injured that now if anyone offended him, he would act this ruthlessly?  Even if it was a tiny offense……Was it like this……

Why was he living alone……Where were his mother and father?  Why did he always avoid these questions when she asked him?  Had they abandoned him, or were they already gone……He was only this young, so his mother and father should not have died naturally…….What had happened to him in the past?

She suddenly had a strong desire to learn everything about him.

“Don’t go too far, you need to leave others a way out.  In the future, we can all be friends.”  Li Tian Peng took a step back as his expression turned calm and his voice became sinister.

“Oh?  What you say has logic, but.”  Ye Tian Xie gave a smile filled with regret, “It’s a pity that I am someone who never takes back my words.  You should be thinking about how to protect your arms and legs right now.”


Li Tian Peng had a sinister face as he finally took out the right hand he was hiding in his waist…….He was holding a small black pistol.  The black muzzle was pointed at Ye Tian Xie’s head and Ye Tian Xie’s forward footsteps finally stopped.

“Now, do you still dare to want my hands and feet?”  Li Tian Peng raised the pistol as he revealed a fiendish grin.  After being forced by Ye Tian Xie, he had finally taken out the gun that he never wanted to ever use.


Capital City, Cloud Soaring Building’s thirty sixth floor.

This was a luxurious room decorated with extravagant elegance and was a room only the most distinguished guests could use.  There was a circular gold table in the center of the room and there were six people happily eating there.  They were boasting about all kinds of things making the scene truly bustling.

A rough faced, tall, powerfully built, and obese man was sitting in the higher chair of honor.  He continued to laugh, creating a sound that made everyone’s ears buzz.  He seemed to be around twenty years old and the other five people all seemed to be around the same age as him.  The oldest was not past thirty years old.

It was very clear for anyone that saw this scene that this luxurious dinner party was held for that tall and powerfully built young man.  As for the other five people, regardless of their attire or manner, it was very clear they were very rich, but it was also clear that they were all either directly or indirectly showering that big fatty with praises.

“Come, young master Zuo, let me offer you another cup.  It’s truly rare to be able to catch up like this, so we must drink until we’re satisfied.”  The man sitting to the right of the big fatty raised his cup as he smoothly said with a smile on his face.  The burly big fatty did not reject him and touched his cup to the other cup.  Then he grandly said, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, good!  Father is not boasting with you, but all five of you brats added together should not think of outdrinking me!  If you all pass out later on, I will not be responsible for getting people to send you back.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, in the capital city, who doesn’t know about young master Zuo’s tolerance for alcohol?  If us five brothers can outdrink young master Zuo, then that would be truly strange.  If we could truly do it, our names would be much more resounding than before.”  The pale faced man sitting to his left smiled as he spoke.  After his voice fell, his cell phone rang.

He gave a mocking laugh and then took out his cell phone.  Without being able to say anything, a nervous voice sounded out, “Second master!  There’s been an accident in the casino.  Look at the video monitor recording…..”

The young man knit his brows and turned off the phone, then he quickly opened up the casino’s video recording.  As soon as it was turned on, he saw a chaotic scene.  There were over thirty people lying on the ground and Ye Tian Xie was slowly walking towards Li Tian Peng and Li Lulu who had faces of fear……His expression instantly changed.

“Second master Li, why is your face like that after picking up your phone?  Did your woman get stolen away?  Ha, ha, ha, ha.”  The big fatty let go of his cup and grabbed a chicken wing as he spoke in a vague voice.

“Ah……”  Second master Li who had been called forced a laugh and stood up as he said, “I apologize young master Zuo and everyone else.  My big brother and older sister have gotten into some trouble.  I need to go make a phone call and will be back immediately.”

“What making a phone call, sit down……Let me see what happened and Father will take care of it for you.”  The big fatty pulled second master Li back.  Under his large physique hid an enormous strength.  Second master Li was carried back like a little bird as he was pulled into the chair, then he took the cellphone away.

The nervous faces returned to normal as they all looked at the phone screen with schadenfreude.  Seeing the chaotic floor filled with people calling for their mothers and fathers, the big fatty revealed a large grin, but when his eyes fell onto Ye Tian Xie……

“Fuck!!”  He suddenly stood up like he had been suddenly stabbed in the butt with knives.  This sudden movement and sound scared the others so much that they almost fell off their chairs.

“Young master Zuo……What’s wrong?”  Seeing the blue vein on the big fatty’s face, second master Li immediately felt something was wrong as he carefully asked.

“What’s wrong?”  The big fatty loudly shouted.  He moved left a step and picked up second master Li who had no idea what was happening.  Then he ferociously said, “You still dare to ask what’s wrong!  Call that broken big brother of yours immediately and make him apologize to that person……Ah, that’s wrong, he should kowtow.  Make him kowtow three times for me, do you understand!!!”

It wasn’t only second master Li, everyone present was stunned.

Kowtow!?  In this era, kowtowing was not as worthless as vegetables in an ancient market.  In this era, kowtowing was something done for one’s parents, elders, masters, or a great benefactor.  Otherwise, if a man kowtows to a person, no matter what kind of achievements he obtains in the future, he will never be able to look up at that person ever again.  He would be forced to bear a shame that he would never be able to rid himself of for the rest of his life.

And young master Zuo……He wanted to make the dignified Li Family’s young master towards that person……Kneel down and kowtow!?

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