EDAH Chapter 131


Chapter 131: Outrageous…….

The die has six sides and there was a different value printed on each side making each side different, thus making the sound of each side landing a little different.  For normal people, it was very hard to determine this difference and to use it to control which side is facing up.  This “Devil’s Hands” had never made a mistake in this area since he was ten years old……But when Ye Tian Xie’s dice began to move faster, he found that even his hearing was disturbed……Because the dice were shaking too fast.  He had never heard dice collisions this strong and with the interference from the bamboo tube sliding across the table……After his thoughts and hearing fell into chaos, he just stopped listening completely because this was not important.  No matter what he rolled, it was impossible for him to win.

Because, the value of the dice under his tube…..was at one!

When playing big or small, the largest number possible was three sixes……together it becomes eighteen.  But the smallest figure was not three ones……Rather it was just one!  Only a true expert could roll a one and to do that, they needed to have all three dice falling perfectly on top of each other and having the top die show a one……So the only thing showing on top was just a single one.

It was impossible to imagine just how hard it was to achieve this kind of task.


But, it was impossible to get less than one……That would be zero……In the movies, one could use a strange power to shake the dice into powder and then showing no numbers at all!

Ye Tian Xie had shook the dice for a full half a minute and then suddenly stopped.  The moment he raised his head, a strange glow flashed in his eyes.

He had already said it before.  Money, is actually something easily obtained.

Sitting back in his chair, Ye Tian remained silent and did not open his mouth at all.  Su Fei Fei whose heart was wildly beating took out a tissue from her purse and began to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.  The gentle touch and careful action made Ye Tian Xie raise his head, but he did not reject her.  Rather he just revealed a gentle smile at her.

Su Fei Fei felt her own heart beat faster at that moment.  Because, this was a look he had never revealed to her.

“Open it.”  Chu Tian indifferently said.  Regardless of his current stance, expression, or look, they all made people astonished.  He had lost his crazed appearance and it had been instead replaced with a strange quiet cold appearance with no trembling at all……Or at least it seemed like it from the surface.

Was victory in his hand?  Or was he forcing himself to be calm…….No matter who it was, they all thought it was the latter.

Li Tian Peng gave a slight nod and the dealer looked straight ahead as he prepared to open the bamboo tubes.  Ye Tian Xie at this point said, “You were the ones who shook first, so in order to be fair, let’s open mine first.”

The dealer retracted his hand and Li Tian Peng waved his hand, “Whatever……Ah, I really want to see if the dice have turned to dust like in those fictional movies with the strength you used.  If it really is like this, I, Li Tian Peng can only admit my defeat, he, he, he, he.”

Li Tian Peng’s taunting voice made the surrounding people unable to hold back their smiles.  Ye Tian Xie’s expression did not change, he just picked up the tube on the table and threw it to the side.

When the three dice were revealed, everyone on site were all taken aback.

Six, six, five……Seventeen.

It was the second highest number, seventeen!

Everyone broke out into happy laughter and there were some people that were laughing so hard that the fell under the table.  Even the poker faced dealer couldn’t hold it in as his face twitched a little as he tried to force down his laughter.  Li Tian Peng suppressed his wild laughter with great difficulty and calmly said, “Friend, it seems like you’re not destined to get a small number.  If you had chosen to see who was bigger, I, Li Tian Peng would have lost everything……A pity, truly a pity.”

“You’re saying it’s a pity too early.  Do you really think you have a smaller number than me?”  Ye Tian Xie looked at him and revealed a pondering smile.

The surrounding people suddenly snorted…..Had this man gone crazy from this large blow?  If he wanted to win, it would require the opponent having three sixes……for the highest of eighteen points.  But was this possible?  With the “Devil’s Hands”’s power, not to mention three sixes, he wasn’t even willing to get three ones.

“He, this is a little interesting.  Open it.”  Li Tian Peng curled his lips as he signaled the dealer.  There was an expression on his face like he was enjoying a good play.  The dealer slightly nodded and then picked up the bamboo tube.  He turned to look at Ye Tian Xie with a clear expression of contempt.

But in the next moment, he felt as if something was wrong……He did not see the look of despair that should have appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s face and he didn’t hear Li Tian Peng’s wild laughter.  The surrounding was filled with a terrifying silence and it was incredibly peaceful without a single sound.  Everyone stared at the three dice as if their eyes were about to pop out.

He subconsciously looked at the dice underneath his hand……The moment he saw it, his face turned white.

Six, six, six…..Eighteen!!

“He.”  Finally it was Ye Tian Xie’s turn to smile.  He leaned back in his chair and comfortably laid back against it.  He coldly stared at Li Tian Peng’s face as it turned into the colour of a pig’s face.

Eighteen to seventeen, the two largest numbers possible had appeared in a gamble of seeing who was smaller, this scene filled everyone’s hearts with excitement.  The people in the surrounding almost couldn’t react from this large shock.  A period of time passed before a variety of voices sounded out.  A man’s strange cry, a woman’s pitiful cry, and even people’s stunned muttering sounded out.  Everyone here felt as if they could not hear at all.

“……Won……We won, we really won!  It’s three hundred million!  Wa!!”

Even though she believed that Ye Tian Xie would give her a large pleasant surprise, when she saw him reveal the seventeen, a very nervous feeling appeared in her heart.  Even when people were trying to assassinate her, she had never felt this nervous.  Money, even if it was four hundred million, she did not care about it at all, but she did not want to see Ye Tian Xie’s truly disappointed face……

Naturally he had not disappointed her.  When Li Tian Peng revealed an unbelievable eighteen, she felt her mind go blank from the excitement.  The excitement of the moment made her realize what uncontrollable excitement felt like.  This period of time had given her a huge surprise and stimulation that she had never felt before.  An inexplicable impulse made her wrap her hands around Ye Tian Xie’s neck and forcefully kiss him.

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes instantly became wide and he subconsciously wanted to push Su Fei Fei away.  In the few short seconds that their lips touched, Su Fei Fei felt a strange feeling that made her heart beat fast and woke her up.  She panickedly moved her body away and a faint red glow filled her cheeks, quickly spreading to her neck.  It made her look even more beautiful.

After their lips touched, the two of them made the same movement……They unconsciously reached out a finger and touched their own lips.  Su Fei Fei could not imagine why she had suddenly made such a bold move……Because, it was her first kiss.  She had never kissed a boy or had a boy kiss her.   She had actually made a move that she never would have done while being under the influence of her excitement and impulse.

Ye Tian Xie’s face was frozen for a while……Inadvertently, she had become the second girl he had kissed…….He should have rejected it, but without knowing why, he did not hate this feeling.

He shook his head and threw away all the distracting thoughts in his head.  He pointed at a shocked server with an ugly expression and then used his eyes to hint at the pile of chips in front of him and Li Tian Peng, “Go, exchange all these chips into money and put it into my card.  You can take the tax money out for me.”

“Impossible!  This is impossible!  Cheated…..You must have cheated!!”  Li Tian Peng loudly roared out and his face began to turn white.  He had completely lost all his calm from before.  This was a person without a strong will because he was a rich family’s child that had grew up in a sheltered environment, how could he suffer a kind of strong attack like this?  He had acted so calm before because he was certain that he would not lose…..And now, he had gone from winning one hundred million to losing two hundred million, how could he withstand such a blow?

This was not two hundred, or two thousand, or twenty thousand……It was two hundred million.  An entire two hundred million!!

At this moment, even if he was an idiot, he would still be able to see through Ye Tian Xie’s performance and the fact that he had been played……And he had been led along by the nose from the beginning.  From losing his calm when he lost and from wildly proposing the three hundred million gamble……this was all done to hook him in.  And he must have used a special method to guarantee his victory.  Otherwise, it was impossible for a situation like this where seventeen and eighteen would appear.

If he allowed himself to be cheated out of two hundred million dollars, he would definitely become a laughingstock……His father wouldn’t be able to wait to peel his skin off.

“Cheating?  Hey!  What do you mean!  You shook your own dice and my man never touched it once, when did you see us cheating!  If my man cheated, then why wouldn’t he have shaken a three or four?  Young master Li, you wouldn’t be saying that we’re cheating just because you can’t afford to lose, right!”  Su Fei Fei red face did not fade, but she still pointed at Li Tian Peng and shouted at him.  If you try to slander my man, I’ll go all out with you.

Everyone had seen Ye Tian Xie shake his own dice and he had actually gotten that laughable seventeen…….Could you associate that kind of number with the word ‘cheating’?  Li Tian Peng even had the dealer shake for him and Ye Tian Xie did not touch his dice at all.  If you wanted to say that he was cheating, it could only be described with the word “outrageous”.

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