EDAH Chapter 128


Chapter 128: Ten million?  It’s a good thing you’re not too embarrassed to say this

It had to be said, Su Fei Fei had true talent for becoming a gambler.  She was only playing with a small slot machine, but her face easily turned red and sweat began to condense on the tip of her nose.  Her breathing was clearly getting faster.  They exchanged for another two thousand chips and Su Fei Fei ran off to the roulette table.  She was just like a curious child, studying how to play this game.

In the highest level of the casino, there was a sloppy young man senselessly watching the video recording in front of him.  This was the centre control room of the Li’s casino.  When the video cut to the casino, the video suddenly froze.  Standing beside the young man was a middle aged man and he noticed something with a single glance.

Girls with great bodies could be found everywhere, but it was hard to find someone this deeply shocking that it was difficult to look away.  Her appearance was not inferior to her body, it was so beautiful that it took one’s breath away.  Even with his forty years of experience, he still could not find a girl that could compare with her.  It was no wonder he was attracted by her.

“It seems like this wasn’t a wasted trip.”  The young man stared at Su Fei Fei on the monitor and his long eyes turned narrow.  His face revealed a dangerous smile.  He stood up and coldly said, “Let’s go, we’re going to the casino.”


After another ten minutes or so, Su Fei Fei had lost all her chips once again.  She wasn’t discouraged as she exchanged more money for another two thousand chips.  Two thousand chinese dollars……For the daughter of Su Luo, the richest man in Asia, this was just one hair off of nine oxen……No, this wasn’t even a single hair.

“Young miss Su, are you having fun?”  Ye Tian Xie said in a depressed voice.  He could not understand how something a three year old child would like to play with would make this young girl so excited.

“Hee, it really is stimulating.  There is a sense of accomplishment when you win and you really want to destroy the machine when you lose.”  Su Fei Fei stuck out her pink tongue.  This extreme up and down emotional ride was what got countless gamblers addicted.

Ye Tian Xie was speechless.  He said in a depressed voice, “Are you supposed to be an inborn gambler?”

“Humph, of course not, I have my limits.  Look, I’ve been playing with the lowest amount and have only lost four thousand.”

Ye Tian Xie wanted to give a loud roar.  You’ve “only” lost four thousand in half an hour…..You are really making these people that work all day to only earn a hundred dollars feel bad!

“Since you have your limits, then let’s leave now.  There are a lot of other fun places and I’ll play with you until it gets dark.”

“Wu……Let’s play one more time, it’s rare for me to come here.  Look, there are a lot of fun looking things over there……”

Su Fei Fei affectionately leaned in against him and pursed her lips as she swung her body like a spoiled child.  This was the first time she acted like a little girl in front of Ye Tian Xie.  Perhaps it was because of the excitement, she didn’t feel awkward at all, and she made it seem completely natural.  In the end, it gave Ye Tian Xie goosebumps…….This voice, this attitude, and with her body, the lethality of all of this added together reached Guo Guo level…..

He was about to make a compromise when a voice rang out that made him knit his brows.

“Beautiful girl, can we get to know each other?”

A slender and tall man around the same age as Ye Tian Xie walked down the staircase.  He stood in front of them and revealed a very gentle smile.  His eyes were clearly looking at Su Fei Fei’s body and his voice was clearly directed at her……As for Ye Tian Xie who stood beside Su Fei Fei, he did not look at him at all.  It was as if he did not exist.

Before coming over, this young man had already stood at the entrance observing them for a little bit.  In a place like this where the rich gathered, there were bets that went in the range of ten thousand chips.  The way how Ye Tian Xie and Su Fei Fei only betted one hundred each time seemed a little pitiful.  As for the way they were dressed……Ye Tian Xie was wearing a set of clothes that costed one hundred dollars, but also came with a set of free socks.  Plus they had been studying the roulette table for quite a while which meant that they were clearly a pair that was visiting the casino for the first time.  But being able to lose several thousand, their family should have a bit of money.

In terms of being hit on, Su Fei Fei naturally was not surprised and did not find it strange.  She secretly looked over at Ye Tian Xie and then something flashed in her eyes.  She suddenly leaned in closer to Ye Tian Xie and revealed a somewhat terrified expression, “But my boyfriend said that I’m not allowed to talk to other men.”

Ye Tian Xie’s face twitched for a second and then returned back to normal.

The young man finally looked over at Ye Tian Xie.  Although Ye Tian Xie made his heart fill with jealousy and a kind of strange indescribable feeling, he still kept the aloof appearance of a rich man as he said, “I am called Li Tian Peng, what is your name?”

Ye Tian Xie half looked at him for a second and then his eyes turned away as he ignored him.

Li Tian Peng gave a secret cold laugh and then said, “What, you won’t talk?  I’ll be honest, I am very interested in your girlfriend.  But a gentleman does not seize beauties away.  Although I can forcefully take her away, but something desperate like stealing a woman away is something I cannot do……How about I give you a way to dissuade me?  Let’s have a bet.  If I win, then I will no longer have any ideas on taking your girlfriend.  If you lose, ah, it isn’t much.  All you have to do is prove that you’re stronger than me.  He, he, do you dare to bet?”

He wasn’t using force to take her away.  He was just using his momentum and finances to pressure and completely defeat his enemy.  It was impossible for him to let go of a girl that he set his eyes on, this was done to allow him to enjoy the process……This was not the first time Li Tian Peng used this kind of method.

Ye Tian Xie had not said anything, but Su Fei Fei’s eyes were already filled with excitement to the point where she was shooting out stars.  She quickly swung on Ye Tian Xie’s arm and said like a spoiled child, “This sounds very interesting.  Tian Xie, if he wants to bet, then bet with him.  There’s nothing hard about it anyway.”

How could Ye Tian Xie not pick up on her thoughts.  The soft squeezes coming from his arm made him feel a little upset.  He gave a gentle sigh and lazily said, “Alright.  How do we gamble?”

Li Tian Peng gave a faint smile, “It’s very simple, each person will have ten million dollars and how you bet is up to you.  But,” His eyes suddenly filled with disdain, “If you don’t dare or can’t even take out ten million……He, he, then it’s nothing.  Just act as if I didn’t say anything before.  I never gamble with stakes less than ten million.”

The contempt in his eyes was not masked at all.  Everyone looked over at Ye Tian Xie and revealed looks of disdain……Even if you’re a good looking man, if you don’t have the ability, you should just spend your life with an ordinary girl.  For a nation destroying beauty like this, you need to have the ability to protect her.

Gamble?  With his clothing, he did not seem like a rich person at all.  Even if he did take out ten million dollars, it would be dealing him a serious blow and could possibly bankrupt him.  If he doesn’t gamble……Then he could only leave in shame.

The way Li Tian Peng’s voice was filled with disdain and how the people look at Ye Tian Xie filled the excited Su Fei Fei with anger instead.  A woman could tease a man at home, but when they went out, there was no woman that was willing to see their man being bullied or treated as a scapegoat.  A truly determined woman would try to preserve her man’s reputation at all times……At this moment, Su Fei Fei was filled with subtle thoughts that woman should have for their men.

Trying to show off your wealth is not wrong, but you actually tried to do this in front of the daughter of the richest man in Asia……

She held onto Ye Tian Xie’s arm as her eyebrows stood up.  She looked at Li Tian Peng with a disdainful gaze, “Ten million?  It’s a good thing you’re not embarrassed to say this…….This young miss does not like large bets, but my man doesn’t gamble unless the stakes are over a hundred million.  If you want to bet, then we’ll bet one hundred million.  If you don’t dare or can’t even take out a trivial hundred million, then get lost as fast as possible.  Stop trying to ruin this young miss’ good mood with your shame!”


Su Fei Fei did not hold back her voice at all and the surroundings suddenly turned quiet.  People began to whisper in the quiet crowd and gradually, the entire casino turned silent once again……Because what they heard was……”One hundred million”!

This girl……Ye Tian Xie looked over at Su Fei Fei and revealed a faint smile.

“One hundred million?”  Li Tian Peng was visibly shocked.  Su Fei Fei suddenly turning from sweet to rude and unreasonable not only made him angry, it also made him even more interested.  But the astronomical figure that she said was too shocking and he was caught off guard.

Was it a bluff…..or was it for real?  Could they truly take out a hundred million?

Never gambling with stakes below one hundred million……Do you think you’re Su Luo!

[TL Note: Nope she’s his daughter]

“What?  Can you not afford it or do you not dare?  Oh……You can’t even take out a hundred million and you dare to challenge my man?”  Su Fei Fei casually stroked her hair and gave a disdainful laugh.

Li Tian Peng was the one who challenged them first, so if he didn’t respond, he would be considered a large joke.  But even if the Li Group owned properties worth countless tens of billions of dollars, a hundred million was not a small amount.  Not to mention him, even his father would not dare to make this bet.

But Li Tian Peng was the number one candidate for succeeding the Li Group, so how could he accept embarrassing himself in front of all these people?  Moreover, he did not believe that Ye Tian Xie and Su Fei Fei would be able to take out a hundred million.  As well, even if they could take out a hundred million, so what……This was his casino, how could he lose on his own territory?  So he calmly said, “Alright, that’s fine, then we’ll bet a hundred million.  How we gamble is still up to you.”

After he finished talking, he gave a calm smile.  He took out a shining gold card and shouted to the server, “Go and bring a hundred million chips over for me.”

The lively casino was now very quiet because something that made them even more excited than gambling was about to happen.  Even those red eyed gamblers came over to watch while excitedly whispering to one another.  No one dared to talk in a loud voice to avoid causing a disturbance.  How could those that came here often not know about who Li Tian Peng is and what power stood behind him?  Once that golden card came out, everyone’s eyes fell onto it, glowing like hungry wolves.

When the server received the golden card, he held it very carefully.  His hands were trembling and he even walked carefully, as if he was afraid of damaging the card. Such a noble gold colour……This was a special card in China which did not exceed one hundred cards.  It was said that this golden emperor card could overdraft five hundred million dollars!!

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