EDAH Chapter 126


Chapter 126: Assassination

Su Fei Fei had never dared to go out along.  After her mother died ten years ago, the shadow of fear had been deeply planted in her heart.  From that moment on, she had always dreamed of having someone that could protect her and could allow her to no longer feel any fear.  Because she had constantly been in danger, she did not fully trust her bodyguards and was worried that one day she might run out of luck.  But while spending these past few days in Ye Tian Xie’s house, although she was tired, she had never felt worried because of the tremendous strength he had shown.  This kind of relaxed atmosphere was something she was infatuated with and clinged to……And he had said before, as long as she doesn’t leave the house, even an atomic bomb could not hurt her.

She believed what she had saw with her own eyes that night, so she believed in his words and her father……There was no need for her to suspect or worry about if even her astute father was willing to spend three hundred million dollars and even remove all her bodyguards.

So, with Ye Tian Xie’s warning that seemed like a joke, she clearly knew that there were people outside staring at her.  This was something that had occurred to her countless times, but this time, she strangely did not feel any fear.  Rather, she was a bit excited…….She was anticipating what would happen next.  This was because this kind of situation had caused her to be scared countless times, so she was eager to see it being easily taken care of in front of her.  This would allow her to finally dispel the shadow of fear that had been covering her heart all these years.

As long as Ye Tian Xie never asked her to go out, for her own safety, Su Fei Fei obediently spent all her time inside these past few days.  She had diligently cleaned every corner of the house, making the house seem like it was completely new.


Once she stepped out of the door, she let out a gentle breath.  She excitedly took in a breath of fresh air filled with freedom and she wasn’t worried about any kind of danger that might show up.  Since she made her choice of what to believe in, if she was still afraid, it wasn’t being fair to herself.

“Wa oh!  After being in your house for so long, I finally realized just how nice the air outside is.  I really don’t know how you managed to live like that for so long.”  Su Fei Fei closed her eyes and took a breath, not forgetting to poke fun at Ye Tian Xie with a few sentences.  Then she turned around and said, “Go and get your car out, this young miss really wants to go out and play today……Who told you to make this young miss unhappy.”

Ye Tian Xie walked beside her and rubbed his forehead, “I don’t have a car.”

“Un?  Living in this kind of villa, wouldn’t you have enough money to buy a car?”  Su Fei Fei revealed an astonished expression.

“I don’t know how to drive.”  Ye Tian Xie was a little embarrassed as he honestly said.

“You don’t know how to drive?”  Su Fei Fei wrinkled her nose and muttered, “Are you serious?  You’re this old and you still don’t know how to drive?  People like you are pretty rare.”

“I really don’t know.”  Ye Tian Xie stressed once again.

“Then how do you go to places far away?”

“I don’t go far from my house.”

Su Fei Fei: “……”

The speechless Su Fei Fei took out a wine red little cell phone and dialed a number.  As soon as it connected, she said in her young miss voice, “Seventh Uncle, immediately send my car over……Which one?  It doesn’t matter, just be quick!  Come to where I’m living now……You have ten minutes, or else I’ll get father to cut your salary!”

With a “pa”, the cell phone was closed.  Su Fei Fei then pursed her lips at Ye Tian Xie and said in a soft and angry voice, “You should have said you didn’t have a car earlier.  You didn’t think that we would walk to the city, right?”

“You didn’t ask……and we can take the bus.”  Ye Tian Xie argued back in an innocent voice.

“No way.  I heard that people get sexually assaulted on the bus.”

Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help it as his eyes moved onto Su Fei Fei’s long legs.  He had to admit……if she did ride the bus, the entire bus would still try to assault her even though they knew they would be slapped.

The Heaven’s Garden District was the most luxurious residential district in the capital city and the people that had the qualifications to live here were all rich and powerful.  For people like that, there wouldn’t be an idlers.  Money was just a number for them and was something they wouldn’t lack in their entire lifetime, but that didn’t stop them from making more money.  They did not care about expanding their assets, but rather they made money to compete with their peers and to increase their prestige and reputation.

So the Heaven’s Garden District was much more peaceful compared to a normal neighbourhood.  With a single glance, it was impossible to see a person other than the guards that patrolled around the neighbourhood.

While Su Fei Fei and Ye Tian Xie were waiting for their car to arrive, a man wearing a suit with a hurried look walked over.  Seeing that Su Fei Fei and Ye Tian Xie were just standing outside, he quickly came over and asked, “Hello, do you know where the No 19 villa is…….”

In an instant, he suddenly pulled out a finger length long little blade from his waist and stabbed it a Su Fei Fei’s throat.

This person could be considered a specialized killer.  Before he made a move, whether it was his clothing, his appearance, his expression, or his words and actions, they all contained no flaws.  At the same time, he waited until he was in the middle of his sentence to make a move since many people will listen and subconsciously let down their guard during this time……


An oppressive sound rang out and the knife wielding killer seemed like he was hit by a heavy blow.  With a silent groan, his body was flew like a falling leaf, flying tens of meters away.  He gave another groan once he hit the ground and then was completely silent.

When a normal person kicked someone else, it would only cause the opposite side some pain and would impede their actions at the same time.  A person being sent flying by a kick was a rarely seen situation…….And for a kick to send someone flying this far, it was something only seen in martial arts or science fiction movies.

Although Su Fei Fei had Ye Tian Xie so she had no need to fear, when that killer suddenly stabbed out with his dagger, her face still turned pale in fright.  But the killer was sent flying the moment he stabbed out, so when she had just broken out in a cold sweat, that person had already been sent flying.

Su Fei Fei had not just experienced something like this once or twice, so she had long learned to cope with it.  She patted her fluctuating chest.  She didn’t bother to look at the killer and raised her head to look at Ye Tian Xie.  Her eyes shined bright with excitement like tiny stars, “Wa!  Tian Xie, you’re so powerful.  You knocked someone that far with just one hit……Tian Xie?  What’s wrong with you?”

Ye Tian Xie looked at his hands in a daze and he had a dumbfounded expression on his face.  It was as if he had seen something hard to accept or something unbelievable.

He hadn’t even used 20% of his strength with that kick and the kick should have only sent him flying a few meters.  Why was he able to use that much strength……What was happening?  How did his strength increase by that much?  Also how had he not detected it?

Hearing Su Fei Fei call him, he looked over at the killer that had no fear of death.  He knit his brows and said, “They want to kill you?  With your identity, it shouldn’t be a matter of life and death.  Shouldn’t they be trying to kidnap you because of your father?  Why would they try to kill you?”

With Ye Tian Xie’s cognition, kidnapping was a very normal thing for Su Fei Fei with the status she had.  Because she had a super rich father, people would try to kidnap her for money while competitors would kidnap her to compel Su Luo to obey them……But when that killer made a move, it was clear that he wanted to take Su Fei Fei’s life.

Why would he want to kill her?  What interest would they have in killing her…….Was Su Fei Fei’s previous living environment also filled with assassination attempts?

Su Fei Fei revealed a deep pained and sorrowful look for a second, but she quickly concealed it.  She wanted to have the same smile as before, but once she thought about all the things she had face over the years, she had no way of smiling.  She said in a bitter voice, “You thought……This kind of assassination happens several times a month, so I’m used to it.  My father is a very ruthless person.  If he wasn’t ruthless, he wouldn’t be where he is today.  A lot of people have gone bankrupt because of him with nothing left and even their wives and children have left them……They have nothing left in their lives except for taking revenge and their revenge usually falls onto me.  If I die, then it would be painful for my father……Also there are my so called uncles and aunts.  My father only has a single daughter and if he is gone, everything would belong to me……If I die, all of my father’s possessions would be split between the uncles and aunts, some would even go to my uncles-in-law…….Perhaps even their children.  So, they all hope that I die.  Father and I clearly know this, but we can’t find any evidence or flaws……Why did you think I was so afraid every day?  Why did you think I was so shameless about living here…..I just want to stop worrying.  If it could allow me to not live under the shadow of fear, I would rather have nothing.  I would rather have a father that was just an ordinary worker.”

Ye Tian Xie’s feelings were deeply moved.  Survive, she had said “survive” instead of “living”.  Living is to create a better life.  And surviving……was just to have a life.

The scars deep in her heart were opened while she was complaining.  Su Fei Fei’s voice got smaller and when she turned around, her eyes were filled with tears, “Although I don’t hate my father, I just hate being born in this kind of family.”

Since she was a child until now, safety was the most thing to her.  That night when she saw Ye Tian Xie use his body to block a bullet and killed four people in the blink of an eye, a strong desire was lit deep down in her heart……It was a desire to stay by his side and be protected by him.  A desire that she had never experienced and could not understand.

While living in Ye Tian Xie’s house these past few days, although she had been extremely tired, it had also been the most relaxing and comfortable she had felt in years.  From the first day she moved into Ye Tian Xie’s house, she felt as if she had entered another world, a world without fear.  So, that’s why she had treated him so kindly……

At this time, Ye Tian Xie personally witnessed and realized just how deep the shadow that covered her was before she met him.

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