EDAH Chapter 125


Chapter 125: Going out

“Who let you in here!!”  Ye Tian Xie’s face was black as coal.  No matter who saw his face, they would feel a very deep cold that penetrated deep into their heart.  Even though he was trying very hard to endure, he still found it hard to suppress the rage rising in his heart……Every person had their own taboo and Su Fei Fei in her curiosity had touched the dragon’s inverse scales that absolutely should not be touched.


“Get out!”  Ye Tian Xie restrained his anger and coldly shouted.

Su Fei Fei who had never been yelled at felt aggrieved.  She knew that she had done something very wrong and she did not dare provoke Ye Tian Xie who looked this angry.  She pursed her lips and said in a small voice, “I was only a little curious, why are you so fierce…..”


“Get out!!!”

Aggrieved tears fell with a “pa da, pa da” from Su Fei Fei’s eyes.  She lowered her head and forced back her tears.  She walked away like a little wife that had just suffered a large grievance.  

Ye Tian Xie leaned against the door.  He raised his head and closed his eyes, then he let out a gentle breath.  This room was a forbidden area that he had never let anyone else enter before.  Because, this was the only place that still had her scent and the place with the last traces of her……He had never allowed anyone to come in to make sure that no one tarnished this place.  If anyone dared to come in here, he would make them regret it for their entire lifetime…..

She was the only person in this world that could make him this crazy.


He roared out to himself……Because he had entered this room……Because of the girl that lived in this room……Su Fei Fei ran back to her room and covered herself in her blankets, finally she couldn’t hold in her tears any longer and released them with a “ying, ying”.  She had clearly done very well, cleaning every corner every day, making him three meals a day, and even urging him to change clothes and to shower……Why would he treat her like this?

The tears caused a small wet spot on her blankets.  It was unknown when Ye Tian Xie had appeared behind her with his hand in the air, but he did not place it down.  The anger he felt from seeing Su Fei Fei enter that room had already faded and he knew that he had said too much to her……After all, she had done what she had done out of curiosity and contained no malice.  She had no way of knowing how important what was inside the room was to him.

After living together for a few days, her position in his heart became more and more clear.  Sometimes he even thought about if she suddenly left, would he be willing to return to his original way of life……Without anyone to clean for him, no one to cook for him, and no one to smile and talk to him……He was slowly becoming accustomed to her being here and he was slowly getting to know that this was a great girl that is hard to find.  She did not have any of the arrogance, laziness, or irritability of a normal rich girl……

He really should not have hurt her.

“Fei Fei…..”  Ye Tian Xie’s hand still did not touch Su Fei Fei’s trembling shoulders.  He had always called her “young miss Su”, but now he was calling her in a much more intimate tone now.

The sounds of her sobbing stopped and Su Fei Fei dug her head deeper into her blankets, “Get out…..Get out.  Who let you in my room……”

“Because this was originally my house.”  Ye Tian Xie half knelt down and came close as he spoke.

“You……You, get out.  I hate you, I don’t want to see you ever again……”

Even if Ye Tian Xie was an idiot, he knew that if he left like this……he would really be an idiot then.  But he was really bad at coaxing girls.  After holding it back for a while, he could only let out a small breath and say, “Fei Fei, the most beautiful and hard working Fei Fei, it was my fault.  Don’t be angry, ok?”

This was the first time Ye Tian Xie coaxed a girl (Even if Guo Guo was considered a little girl, he had never coaxed her) and he felt his body feeling awkward.  His body was completely covered in goosebumps.

“You…..If you agree to a request, then I won’t be angry.”  After a little while, Su Fei Fei’s voice came from the blanket.  Her voice was still filled with an aggrieved tone.

“……Alright, what is it?”

The body wrapped in the blanket was silent for a while and Ye Tian Xie could not see Su Fei Fei’s expression.  She tried hard to keep down pleased tone and said in a very calm voice, “Change your clothes, I want you to go out with me…….Also, you’re not allowed to come in again.”

Ye Tian Xie moved back and obediently left her room.  After closing the door, he shook his head and gave a slight smile.  Are all girls this easy to coax?

Going out……He should go out more anyway.  He had a habit of staying home and she must have suppressed it all because she was afraid of affecting him.  She never took the initiative to ask and she didn’t dare to go out by herself……Thinking of this, Ye Tian Xie felt a bit of guilt.  He returned to his room and changed into a random set of clothes to go out in.

Su Fei Fei had prepared some cold dishes for lunch and it was very tempting in this kind of hot atmosphere today.  As he was about to pick up a piece of fruit from the plate, Su Fei Fei came out from her room.  When Ye Tian Xie raised his head, he felt like it was very bright in front of him.

Without knowing what the mentality was, seeing Su Fei Fei wearing a tight fitting purple coloured little coat which tightly accentuated the two bundles on her chest, which was being tightly held together by three buttons, made it hard for people to not imagine the twin buttermilk coloured snowy white peaks that was tightly covered.  It was impossible to hide her perfect and almost sacred beauty.  Her black satin like hair was beautiful and soft, perfectly complimenting her beautiful jade like neck and her elegant and refined face.

Looking down, the snow white slender long legs were covered in a white skirt that had a power that seem to take people’s lives.  There were black netted stockings connected to the white skirt and her beautiful slender legs were showing through them, endlessly enticing.  There was a pair of cream coloured sandals beneath the black stockings with ten tender white toes sticking out.  The shoelace was winded around her sexy ankles and her three inch heels perfectly accentuated her figure.  Her bare feet released a kind of sexy aura that made it hard for people to breathe.

Black silk temptation?

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes wandered to Su Fei Fei’s long legs hidden in the black silk stockings and he wanted to tell her with a parched throat that this was the legendary……sexy tease.

Su Fei Fei was secretly witnessing Ye Tian Xie’s reaction.  Feeling his gaze, she fully enjoyed him watching her.  Intentionally walking slowly, she moved step by step over.  Finally she pressed down on her skirt and carefully sat down in front of him.

“Humph, let’s quickly eat and then go out.  You can’t take back your promise now!”  She pursed her lips together to show that she hadn’t completely forgiven Ye Tian Xie yet.  Actually, once Ye Tian Xie had called her “Fei Fei”, she was already no longer angry.  Instead she began to laugh to herself.  A woman’s pride and a woman’s modesty……She had to show these to him.

Ye Tian Xie did not look away and corners of his mouth were raised into a smile, “You’re very beautiful.”

A red glow appeared on Su Fei Fei’s face and her face began to feel hot, but she did not look away.  She accepted this heartfelt compliment and was very satisfied.

“……Then, you want to go out like this?  Don’t you think it’s a little revealing?”  Ye Tian Xie looked at her short skirt and asked in a serious voice.

Su Fei Fei unconsciously pulled down on her skirt a few times, “Humph, I have leggings on underneath.  Do you think that everyone is a pervert like you who looks where they shouldn’t be looking?”  Then she lowered her head and then said in a low voice that was unclear whether she was talking to Ye Tian Xie or herself, “I usually wear this outfit to look at myself, I don’t wear this outside.”


After finishing their lunch, Su Fei Fei carefully put on a layer of makeup.  This was the first time she went out with Ye Tian Xie and was also the first time she went out to play with a man.  Without her bodyguards surrounding her and no longer needing to be as nervous as before, she was filled with excitement.

With his hand on the knob, Ye Tian Xie did not open the door right away.  He just smiled and said, “Young miss Su, your popularity is enough to make others jealous.  Do you think that once you go out, there will be people out there to greet you?”

Su Fei Fei was doubtful at first, but then she calmly said, “I ran here to live alone, it would be weird if people weren’t here to watch me.  But with you here, I have no reason to fear them……He.”  She smiled and then as if she was thinking of the night they met, she took the initiative to open the door as she fearlessly walked out.

Ye Tian Xie did not choose to do this to scare her or to play a joke on her.  Around two-three days ago, Ye Tian Xia had noticed that there were several people paying attention to his house.  The reason, was probably because of Su Fei Fei.  Su Luo  had many personal enemies and most people began with their revenge with Su Fei Fei.  For onlookers, they would assume that Su Luo’s daughter had a falling out with her father and is now living along with a man, without a single bodyguard by her side.  With such a good opportunity, how could these hard working people let her off?

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