PD3M Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Third Uncle (1)

Nanny Fang nodded. She looked all around before finding a spot to stand near where the coal was burning, waiting for An Yan to clean up and head out with her.

This Third Miss is indeed really tenacious She is a neglected young mistress of noble background but she managed to live in such conditions for so many years.

If the second Madam didn’t usually tend to her needs, perhaps she might not have survived!’

After keeping the broom away, An Yan tidied up her clothes and her hair accessory.


Nanny Fang frowned when she saw An Yan still wearing the same old ash grey clothes and the same hairpin of poor material.

‘Hasn’t the second Madam give the Third Miss a beautiful set of clothing yesterday?’

An Yan kept those pieces of equipments and saw that the wood in the room was about to burn out. She then said to Nanny Fang who was standing by the side, “Nanny, let’s go.”

Nanny Fang frowned, and asked, “Third Miss, where are the clothes that second Madam gave you yesterday? Why aren’t you wearing them?”

An Yan heard that and looked down at her attire. With a casual smile on her pretty and delicate face, she explained, “The clothes Aunt gave me are too expensive. I need to do daily chores and sweep up the snow. Won’t it be a burden to me in wearing that kind of clothes?”

In other words, she meant that although she was born into a rich and noble family, she did not have the luxury to live like a rich noblewoman. Those clothes were gorgeous and expensive, but they were too inconvenient to her. She couldn’t afford to wear such clothing and be a flower vase unless there would be a day that she wouldn’t need to take care of her own daily needs.

When Nanny Fang heard those words, she became tongue-tied. She then chuckled in embarrassment.

“Third Miss’s words are reasonable. It is getting late now. Third Miss, quickly come with this old slave to the second Madam’s place. She is still waiting for you!”

“Let’s go.” An Yan went out of the room with Nanny Fang following closely behind her. An Yan turned around and securely locked her house’s door after they left the room.

It was already bright outside. Seeing the cloudless sky without any wind blowing, it was a nice day. When the sunlight shone on the white snow, it gave off a dazzling glow.

Cloud Courtyard belonged to Aunt Lin within the entire Manor. Aunt Lin was one of the concubines favoured greatly upon by prime minister An. She was the third Madam and her status was only second to Aunt Rong’s.

Although her courtyard was smaller in comparison with Aunt Rong’s Xiu Liang courtyard, she had everything she needed. The slaves within the courtyard were also very careful when serving the third Madam as they feared that they might evoke unhappiness from her.

The third Madam usually didn’t speak much but she was always cold and collected. But whoever provoked her wouldn’t have a good ending.

Although the slaves within the courtyard were fearful of the third Madam, they were all extremely fond of the seventh Miss, An Xi. It was unknown how such a the third Madam with such a weird temperament and cold character could give birth to such an adorable and obedient daughter that attracted affections to her.

At this moment, An Xi had just gotten out of bed. But Aunt Lin came bursting into her room before she could fix up the messy clothing.

“Xi-er! Quickly get dress up properly. We will be making a trip out of the courtyard in a bit.” Aunt Lin was already dressed to the nines and had a thick but beautiful makeup on her face. She was wearing a tangerine red coat with cuffs trimmed with golden silk today. When the light shone on the cuffs, they gave off an eye irritant glow. Aunt Lin also wore a gorgeous hairpin on her hair. She sat at An Xi’s bedside, quickly helping her daughter to put on her clothes.

It was a little cold in the morning. Although the coal in the room was constantly burning, An Xi still shivered from the cold when she put on the clothes that had already been preheated by the maids since she had just gotten out from her bed.

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