EAA Chapter 999


Chapter 999 – Zi Qian Jing’s Crisis Part 3

Su Zhen’s expression changed suddenly as he hastily pleaded, “Head leader of the Yuan family, please give me a chance. Shu Ning will obediently marry into the Yuan family no matter what. I will make her do so even if it is by force!”

“Alright! I shall give you a chance.”

Yuan Luo Xin’s expression was slightly displeased.

‘My grandson has been loved fondly by everyone within the Yuan family. I’ve given him everything he wanted for thirty odd-years already. Since he fancies Shu Ning, I must send Shu Ning to his bed for his pleasure by all means possible…


‘Nonetheless, it is just unpredictable how long Shu Ning will be able to survive in serving to my grandson’s needs with that body of hers.’

Shu Ning’s expression changed completely. Her usual elegant face had vanished as she looked coldly at her nominally father.

‘I had already been let down by this man during the previous banishment. But I didn’t expect for him to do such a shameless act…’

“I won’t marry that young master of the Yuan family no matter what you say!”

Shu Ning’s gaze became increasingly cold. She then turned around, intending to head to the entrance of the manor.

Yet, Su Zhen ordered in an enraged voice from behind her back at this moment, “Somebody, stop her!”

“Understood, head leader!”


Countless figures rushed over from the front, tightly surrounding Shu Ning within.

Shu Ning’s expression didn’t change from the start but her eyes darkened a little.

‘It seems that I really can’t continue enduring this time…’

“Shu Ning, I advise you to listen to what father says.”

Su Ning, who had just came over, saw the current sight. With a slight trace of happiness at Shu Ning’s misfortune, she said, “You should know the influential power that the Yuan family possesses. If you reject them, have you thought about the consequences that the Su family will face? Since you are a woman of my Su family, you must sacrifice for the Su family.”

Shu Ning sneered as she looked at Su Ning’s outstanding appearance and mocked, “Since you love the Su family that much, why don’t you marry instead?”

Su Ning’s expression turned ashen at that instant.

‘Who doesn’t know that the young master of the Yuan family is brutal by nature? He had already tortured numerous woman to death. Won’t I be seeking death in marrying such a person?’

“Shu Ning, the young master of the Yuan family fancies you, not me. Even if I throw myself to him, he may not even want me…”

“If he does?” Shu Ning smirked as she asked with a fake smile.

“If the person that the young master of the Yuan family wants is me, I will certainly sacrifice myself for the Su family.” Su Ning said those words with such devotion to righteousness, inspiring reverence. It similarly touched Su Zhen’s heart greatly.

He couldn’t help but lament a little.

‘If all woman of the Su family is like Su Ning, I will wake up laughing when I dream…’

“Su Ning, remember what you said.” Shu Ning shifted her head to look at Yuan Luo Xin as she offered, “Head leader of the Yuan family, since Su Ning wants to substitute me in marrying, how about you let her marry to the young master of the Yuan family instead? No matter if it is beauty or the degree of being pampered by the Su family, Su Ning is greatly superior as compared to me.”

Yuan Luo Xin became lost in thought.

‘Su Ning is indeed a good candidate but her temper is too arrogant and willful. How can such a woman be qualified in entering the door of the Yuan family?’

However, Su Ning had taken Yuan Luo Xin’s silence as agreement to Shu Ning’s request. Her expression changed drastically as she shouted, “Shu Ning, you’re despicable!”

“I’m despicable? Aren’t you the one that agreed to it?”

Scorching flames of fury blazed in Shu Ning’s heart whenever she thought that her Mother had been killed by Su Ning’s mother. She grinned at Su Ning as she said that.

“You…”Su Ning glared at Shu Ning before she turned her head to look at Su Zhen and called out with teary eyes, “Daddy…”


Su Zhen slammed his hand on the table and with his complexion turned ashen, he ordered, “Tie Shu Ning up and place her in a bridal sedan chair, sending her to the Yuan manor…”

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