EAA Chapter 998


Chapter 998 – Zi Qian Jing’s Crisis Part 2

“Is this the eldest young miss of the Su family, Shu Ning?” Yuan Luo Xin (source heart) rubbed his chin as he smiled with satisfaction and complimented, “Not bad! She indeed is a beauty. It’s not a mystery why my grandson had been constantly thinking about her. Shu Ning, my grandson fancies you. The purpose in me coming here today is to seek for a marriage alliance with the head leader of the Su family. You will be marrying into the Yuan family in half a month’s time.”

Shu Ning’s heart sunk abruptly as she refused in a cold voice, “I won’t marry him.”

Her voice was as calm as chrysanthemum but her words had drastically changed Yuan Luo Xin’s expression.

“Insolent!” Su Zhen slammed his palm on the table as he yelled angrily, “This is an order from your Father. You are to marry no matter if you’re willing or not!”


Shu Ning smirked with derision as she said, “What if I am adamant in refusing to marry?”

“You will be disowned!”

Su Zhen’s expression was gloomy.

‘I really don’t have any good feelings about this girl that has been known as a harbinger of misfortune. If it was possible, I really wished I never had such a daughter!’

“Do you think I had returned to the Su family by my own will?” Shu Ning raised her head to look at Su Zhen as she continued with a sneer on her face, “If it wasn’t to investigate the reason for Mother’s death, I definitely wouldn’t step a foot into this place!

“The reason for the death of your Mother?” Su Zhen snorted coldly as he said, “Your Mother had been killed by you, a harbinger of misfortune. If it wasn’t for you, how could she have died? You had already killed your Mother. It can’t be that you want to kill me now, right?”


Shu Ning couldn’t help but laugh brazenly. With a mockery smirk on her face as she laughed, she said, “Su Zhen, my Mother’s death is due to you being too unfaithful. You had feelings for a malicious woman that resulted in her killing my Mother in cold blood!”


Su Zhen slapped Shu Ning’s face hard. Her hair scattered from her shoulder, covering half of her face that had turned red and swollen from his slap.

She smiled but it carried boundless cold with it.

“That slap shall be counted as me returning the favour in you giving me life. We no longer owe each other anything from now on.”

What she meant was birth but not nurturement. But how could birth be comparable to nurturement?

Shu Ning wiped away the remnants of blood from the corner of her mouth. She raised her head to look calmly at Su Zhen as she said, “Why had you become angry from embarrassment? I naturally have proof for saying such words. It wasn’t a wasted trip in returning back to the Su family. I have already discovered the truth behind my Mother’s death after several months of investigation…”

“You…” Su Zhen was so angered that his complexion turned ashen. He shouted furiously, “You are slandering your stepmother. Your actions are really disgraceful. I don’t know how I had given life to you, such an evil creature! I also don’t know if you are really my biological daughter. Perhaps your Mother had an affair with other men, giving birth to a person like yourself!”


Rage burst forth from Shu Ning’s body as she stared at Su Zhen.

“You can insult me but not my Mother. It was obviously your fault in finding pleasure, leading to some malicious woman taking my Mother’s life. Currently, you are slandering my Mother in having an affair with other men. Su Zhen, are you really worthy in calling yourself a husband and father?”

Su Zhen’s body shuddered. It was due to him being overly angered that he said those words without thinking…

He regretted a little after thinking back about what he said now.

When he said that Shu Ning wasn’t his biological daughter, wouldn’t it mean that his wife had cheated on him? It would be an extreme humiliation to a man.

A man could have multiple wives and concubines but a woman must only have a man in her life!

Cough! Cough!” Yuan Luo Xin cleared his throat and with a cold glow in his eyes, he said, “Head leader of the Su family, didn’t you say that Shu Ning was already ready in marrying into my family? Yet, from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Rather, it looks like you had been lying to me…”

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  1. I want to see how Su Zhen wants to face his face infront of Yuan Luo Xin. If I am Yuan Luo Xin, why would I want Shu Ning to enter my family when her own father, Su Zhen claims she is not his daughter? It would be a slap in the face for Yuan family as they are being cheated of not having a daughter having Su bloodline.

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