EAA Chapter 997


Chapter 997 – Zi Qian Jing’s Crisis Part 1

Shu Ning looked at Jin Kai’s affection filled eyes. She sniggered and said, “Jin Kai, it is just like how it is impossible for broken glass to recover its original form. There are some mistakes that can’t be given a second chance. I will never be able to forgive your previous actions!”

Her words were like a heavy hammer that struck heavily on Jin Kai’s chest. He placed down his hand powerlessly. He moved a couple steps back as he closed his eyes in pain.

“Do I really not stand a single chance?”

Shu Ning glanced at him and shook her head but she no longer said further as she walked past Jin Kai.


Jin Kai badly wanted to extend his arm to tightly embrace her at that moment. But he didn’t do that in the end…

Zi Qian Jing raised his gaze to look at the woman that had entered the room from outside. He had a languish but willful smile on his face with some traces of ambiguity.

“I’ve overheard your previous conversation…”

Shu Ning was startled for a moment but she didn’t reply to him.

“If…” Zi Qian Jing paused for a moment before he offered, “If you need help, feel free to find me. You have saved my life. No matter what, I will help you…”

“You should recuperate first.” Shu Ning’s expression was elegant as she swept a gaze at Zi Qian Jing’s handsome face and continued, “You currently can’t even protect yourself.”

Zi Qian Jing’s voice became slightly sluggish. He narrowed his eyes slightly with a dangerous glint that flashed past his eyes. With a light smile, he said, “Are… are you belittling me? I still have the might in repaying you a favour. Hence, if you need help, you can feel free to find me for help.”

Shu Ning didn’t say further. Her expression was calm as if she didn’t care in the slightest about what Jin Kai said.

“I will leave this room to you. I will sleep in the side room. If you have inconvenience in moving around, just call out for me.”

‘Inconvenience in moving around?’

Zi Qian Jing coughed drily with a bitter smile on his face.

‘When have I reached to such a point before?’

Zi Qian Jing suddenly thought about Mu Ru Yue.

‘If Mother was here now, she would be able to heal all of my injuries with a pill…’

Shu Ning no longer said anything else. She gave Zi Qian Jing a final glance before walking out of the room. That simple and elegant chrysanthemum-like figure slowly disappeared from Zi Qian Jing’s field of vision.

Zi Qian Jing’s gaze became absent-minded as he watched the girl’s departing figure.

‘It is undeniable that woman carries a calming power with her. My heart calmed down under the might of that power. The feeling is as if I’m in a field of flowers, surrounded by elegant fragrances…’

Su Zhen was chatting with an elder by his side within the main hall when he saw the figure walking under the morning sunlight. He was stunned for a moment before he revealed a forced smile.

“Shu Ning, quickly come here and greet the head leader of the Yuan family.”

‘The Yuan family previously had a similar influential power as the Su family. Yet, they recently managed to form a connection with the North Devil Palace. More importantly, the head leader of the Yuan family had a drastic increase in his might, reaching the Spiritual Realm from the Heaven Realm…

‘Thus, the current Su family can only look up at the Yuan family.

‘But the young master of the Yuan family coincidentally taken a fancy of Shu Ning. Perhaps this is a chance to make a connection with the Yuan family. Since so, how can I let such a perfect chance slip?

‘Why will I need to fear that the Su family can’t form a connection with the North Devil Palace after entering a marriage alliance with the Yuan family?

‘Although the young master of the Yuan family has a natural brutal personality, so what if the Su family sacrificed a woman for its future? Shu Ning shouldn’t be going to refuse in marrying that young master for the sake of the entire Su family…’

Shu Ning tightly furrowed her eyebrows. She had already more or less understood the purpose of why the head leader of the Yuan family had come here…

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  1. What are some wrinw with people in this book? We just had the end of one idiotic family that wanted to threaten their family with the devil palace, now this idiot will do something to their boss’s brother… I mean, considering how deceptive age and power can be in this…bookworld, why strnar people more careful?

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