EAA Chapter 996


Chapter 996 –The One That Loves Her The Most Is Him Part 6

“He is severely injured so he can’t leave this place. I also won’t let him leave. If you are willing to accept him, it will be great. But if you are unwilling, I can only leave with him…”

Shu Ning gave Su Zhen a final glance before she walked out of the room toward the sunlight without turning her head back.


Intense fury gushed out from Su Zhen’s body. He then said with gritted teeth, “Shu Ning, you are really too imprudent in opposing your father!”


‘But I can’t do anything to her…

‘The Su family still needs this woman’s strength…’

“Daddy,” Su Ning bit her lips hard as she looked in dissatisfaction at Shu Ning’s departing figure. “Why did you let her off just like that? A woman like her doesn’t qualify to return back to the Su family!”


Su Zhen snorted slightly with a sinister cold aura surging forth from his body. But he gradually calmed down in the end.

“I will get some people to watch their every movements! Not only must I not let that man spy on my Su family, but I also can’t let him have any relationships with Shu Ning. She still have some uses for me…”

He narrowed his eyes slightly when he said to there. With a glint that flashed past his eyes, he continued, “She, as an abandoned daughter of the Su family, will be used as a tool of marriage alliance for my Su family!”

‘I can only stabilize the status of the Su family by marriage alliance.’

Su Ning became elated.

‘I know that daddy dislikes Shu Ning so he definitely won’t choose an outstanding man for her for the marriage alliance. He will just be using her to gain some benefits for the Su family…’

Shu Ning halted her steps when she was inside the courtyard. She frowned as she looked at the dazzling gold robes in front of her. With a cold and distant voice, she asked, “You need something from me?”

Jin Kai frowned his sword brows but his gaze had stayed focused on the simple but elegant face before him. He gradually walked forth and raised his hand, wanting to grip on Shu Ning’s hand.

“Young Master Jin!”

Shu Ning’s expression changed as she dodged Jin Kai’s hand. She said coldly, “Can you please watch your conduct?!”

“Shu Ning…” Jin Kai’s Adam apple rolled up and down once. With his handsome face emitting a faint glow, he continued in a pleasant voice that carried a trace of hoarseness within it, “You shouldn’t have returned to the Su family.”

Shu Ning sneered as she rebuked, “What does it have to do with you in me returning to the Su family?”

“Shu Ning, are you really clueless?” Jin Kai looked at Shu Ning as he said, “With Su Zhen’s personality, there will only be two reasons why he allowed you to return to the Su family. It is due to the might that you have revealed or due to you being a girl.

“There were other daughters, excluding Su Ning, from concubines within the Su family but all of them had been used by Su Zhen as marriage alliance tools. Furthermore, when your half-blood sister fell in love with a subordinate of the Su family, that subordinate was beaten to death. Your sister similarly committed suicide due to the loss of her beloved.

“That man has always been cold-blooded and heartless. You will certainly be treated as a marriage alliance tool in returning back to the Su family.”

Shu Ning lowered her gaze slightly with a mockery smirk.

“Jin Kai, I know that you are saying this with good intentions. But there isn’t an inkling chance for us to be together.”

“Why?” Jin Kai’s heart shuddered. A trace of hurt surged out from his cold eyes.

“Previously, you had chosen to hurt my comrade for Su Ning in that competition. Hence, no matter how well you treat me, I will never forgive you for what you had done!”

Jin Kai’s footsteps stumbled a couple steps as he looked at the woman’s distant expression.

‘How could I have known at that time that I will lose the person I love the most due to that single decision…’

“But Shu Ning, you can only choose to marry me. Your father had been interacting with the people of the Yuan family these days. He must be discussing your marriage alliance. The young master of the Yuan family has always been brutal. If you don’t marry me, you can only marry him…”

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