EAA Chapter 995


Chapter 995  –The One That Loves Her The Most Is Him Part 5

Although the woman didn’t have a devastatingly beautiful appearance, it was still pleasant to the eyes. Moreover, the current her was emitting a calming and soothing aura. It would make a person with a racing heart calm down gradually…

“You can leave once you recover.” Shu Ning slowly closed the book in her hand as she continued with an elegant smile, “I didn’t expect for us to meet again so quickly. Where is your younger brother?”

Ever since Shu Ning led them out of that mountain range, they no longer met each other. Moreover, Zi Qian Jing treated Shu Ning as a passerby in his life from the start…

“He needed to settle something so he left.” Zi Qian Jing frowned slightly as he queried, “Why am I at this place?”


Shi Ning glanced at Zi Qian Jing before she replied, “I coincidentally picked you up within a mountain forest. I saw that you were seriously injured so I brought you back here. Now, you still can’t get up and move about. You can only leave once you have fully recovered…”

“No!” Zi Qian Jing struggled to sit up. However, the pain from his body made him gasp.

‘It seems my injuries this time is really serious. I had also used up Mother’s pills. Otherwise, I don’t need to bear with such pain…

‘But the people of the North Devil Palace will find me sooner or later. If they find me here, it will implicate this woman.’

“It is best that you don’t force yourself to move.” Shu Ning glanced at him before she continued, “You can naturally leave once your injuries recover. Why are you in such a rush? Furthermore, you can’t leave even if you want to.”

Zi Qian Jing’s body stiffened.

‘What Shu Ning said was right. With my current condition, I can’t leave even if I wanted to…’

“Eldest young miss!”

The room’s door was pushed open at this moment as he reported, “Eldest young miss, the head leader is asking for your presence.”

Shu Ning’s eyebrows rose as she replied indifferently, “I know.”

‘It has already been a period of time since I’ve entered the Su family. The purpose of coming to this place is to find out the reason for my Mother’s death. Currently, I’ve already almost found some clues…

‘I will leave this place once I have avenged my Mother!’

Su Zhen’s expression had turned ashen as he sat within the large hall of the Su family. There was also Su Ning that was happy for Shu Ning’s misfortune and a grinning Madam Su that were standing by his side.

“Shu Ning, I heard that you brought a severely injured man back to the manor?” Su Zhen snorted coldly as he chided, “You should know your status! How could you interact with a man of unknown background, not to mention bringing him here into my Su family’s manor? What if he had ulterior motives in wanting to obtain my Su family’s assets?”

Shu Ning sneered as she rebuked, “Su family’s assets? You are placing too much importance on your Su family. Not to even mention him, even I… similarly think nothing of it!”


Su Zhen slammed his fist on the table as he scolded with gritted teeth, “Shu Ning, you’re too outrageous. Not only are you unwilling to change your surname after returning to the Su family, but you also keep on going against me. Is this how your Mother raised you up?”

Shu Ning’s expression darkened at that instant. With a glint in her eyes, she mocked, “Had you forgotten that my Mother already died the moment I was born?”

“Delinquent!” Su Zhen was so angry that his complexion had turned ashen.

‘If it wasn’t that I have my eyes on her stunning innate talent, it will be impossible for me to let such a seed of disaster return to the Su family.’

“Since you are in my Su family’s manor, you must abide by the rules of the Su family. You are to immediately chase that man out of this place! I don’t think he is a good person! He must have come here for my Su family’s asset. Perhaps he had intentionally gotten injured to earn your sympathy!”

Shu Ning’s face no longer was calm and elegant at this moment. Her expression brimmed with a freezing cold aura instead…

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