EAA Chapter 990


Chapter 990 – Heaven Stage Peak Realm Pill Part 6

‘This man must die!’


A despotic grandeur burst forth from Ye Wu Chen’s body the instant he consumed the Purple Gold Pill. Shi Hun’s complexion changed drastically under the might of that grandeur. Terror was finally expressed in his eyes.

With a slight raise of a hand, a black large sword appeared in Ye Wu Chen’s hand…


When he tightened his grip on the large black sword, flames erupted from his hand and gradually gathered to the sword in his hand. It formed a sword aura in mid-air, striking at Shi Hun.


Shi Hun’s body abruptly flew backward. Astonishment still brimmed in Shi Hun’s heart as he looked dazedly and stunned at Ye Wu Chen who had an increase in his strength…

“Th-this… Mister, let’s talk this out instead.” Cold sweat formed profusely from Shi Hun’s forehead with a flattering smile on his face.

As they said, you should know what was the best choice. He didn’t have the choice but lower his head in this kind of situation…

Ye Wu Chen’s expression was cold as he looked gloomily at Shi Hun’s gravely pale face. With a wave of his arm, a purple sword aura was shot at Shi Hun.

Shi Hun immediately raised his weapon to block it, but he was forced to move a couple steps back. A layer of cold sweat subconsciously formed at his back…

“Tell me, who is that Grandmaster you are referring to?” Mu Ru Yue looked ice-cold at Shi Hun. A chilly aura enveloped her body.

“Sh-she’s Grandmaster Xiao Jing.”

“Xiao Jing?” Mu Ru Yue was startled for a moment before she commented, “When had Xiao Jing risen to power? But…”


A strong aura exploded forth, surging toward Shi Hun.

“Since you have teamed up with Xiao Jing, you’re destined to have such an outcome. As for that woman, I similarly won’t let her off!”

‘It was Xiao Jing that made a move on me at the most critical moment in whether I would be able to successfully return to Hua Xia that day. Feng Jing Tian didn’t hesitate to use his body to block her sword for me in order to help me in successfully activating the magic array.

‘I will never forgive her!’

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath and with her gaze becoming increasingly glacial, she asked, “Where is Xiao Jing now?”

When Shi Hun raised his head, his eyes met with the girl’s glacial eyes making him shiver a little. “Just now… she was in my daughter’s room. But I’m not sure where she is now. She had secretly followed me here when I came to meet you guys. She must have already left after seeing what happened previously. Nonetheless, I shall give you a piece of advice. It is best that you don’t become her foe as she will become an extraordinary existence in the future. You will certainly be not her match! If you kill me, she will similarly avenge for me!”

Shi Hun’s gaze darkened slightly as he thought about the prediction that his ancestor had left behind. It was the only card he had to threaten these two people.

“Is that so?” Mu Ru Yue smiled as she continued, “But so what? No matter who it is, if they want to hurt my son, I must eliminate them even if they are far from me! Xiao Bai! Xiao Yue! Go and bring Xiao Jing over to me!”


Two rays of light shot out from Mu Ru Yue’s body at that instant. Two figures appeared before her, one in the sky and one on the ground…

A white dragon was circling in the sky. Its enormous body had covered the entire horizon with a domineering gaze. The other figure was a silver wolf on the ground. Her elegant and beautiful furs emitted a dazzling glow under the moonlight.

Shi Hun, who initially didn’t think much about what she said, was completely stunned after he saw the dragon and wolf. He rubbed his eyes roughly. His pupils suddenly dilated when he discovered that he hasn’t seen them wrong.

Following that, he shrieked heart-wrenchingly, “No!!”

‘White robes, purple robes, silver wolf, and white dragon…

‘Is-isn’t… this the exact scene tha-that the ancestor had foreseen?’

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