EAA Chapter 989


Chapter 989  – Heaven Stage Peak Realm Pill Part 5


That roar shocked the entire Tian Huang Manor. Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky, dazedly looking at the enormous black dragon that was circling under the night sky.

Xiao Jing, who had been hiding and watching how things played out at a dark corner from the start, couldn’t help retreat a couple steps back. Her face was void of any colours with her body shivering slightly.

‘It is unthinkable to me to expect that Mu Ru Yue will not only a Heaven Stage Peak Rank Alchemist, but her son was also the infamous Demon God from the past!’


Chills were sent through her body once again after she thought about that…

‘I’m finished. I had poked the hornet’s nest this time. Even stepfather won’t be able to save me…’

“Hell Dragon, I no longer want to see this kind of thing like the Heaven Calamity to appear in this world ever again!”

The little boy raised his face. He had an immortal-like silver hairs and scarlet eyes that seemed to be those of a demon’s. His body was like a fusion of immortal and demon, a sinister cold aura was reeking out of his body.


The Hell Dragon roared loudly. A black dragon breath was shot out from its mouth. That dragon breath instantly engulfed the lightning tribulation, the lightning tribulation quickly vanished from the sky…

Ye Wu Chen hugged Mu Ru Yue’s body tightly. His purple eyes had focused on the little boy in front of him. An unprecedented seriousness was expressed on his face.

But the Hell Dragon quickly disappeared after it dissipated the tribulation cloud. It was as if it hadn’t appear at all. The sky recovered its tranquility at this moment. The quiet and cold moonlight shone downwards into the main hall…


Ye Si Huang spat out a mouthful of blood. He shut his eyes gently with his body collapsing toward the ground.

“Little Huang Er!”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression changed drastically. She hastily left Ye Wu Chen’s embrace to catch the little boy’s body before his body hit the ground.

“Huang Er!”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart ached when she saw the little boy’s gravely pale complexion.

‘I, as his Mother, needs to be protected by my son instead…’

“Mother…” Ye Si Huang opened his eyes weakly. With a pleasant smile on his face, he consoled, “I… I’m alright. I just need to rest for a while.”

But he didn’t tell Mu Ru Yue what was the side effects of using that power in the end.

He needed to pay a heavy price for forcefully summoning the Hell Dragon to this place! Not only would it make it harder for him to recover his original might, but also if those people wanted to find his location, they would be able to find this place…

“LIttle Huang Er,” Mu Ru Yue hugged the tender body in her embrace as she continued, “You aren’t allowed to do such a matter ever again.”

Even though Little Huang Er just glossed over it, how could Mu Ru Yue believe that he didn’t need to pay a price?

She gently caressed his silky silver hairs but her heart felt a pain as though it was ripped apart.

‘Other children usually grow up under the wings of their parents. But my two sons need to follow me in constantly entering dangerous situation and surviving from it…’

“Mother, Huang Er initially thought of making the Hell Dragon eliminate that person, but he couldn’t stay here for long so he needed to leave… Hence, Mother can only settle the Manor’s owner by yourself. Huang Er is tired now so he needs to rest for a while.”

Ye Si Huang gradually closed his eyes. His silver hair emitted a dazzling glow under the moonlight.

“Alright,” Mu Ru Yue smiled warmly. She held his body in her arms as she slowly stood up. She then shifted her gaze toward Ye Wu Chen and said, “Wu Chen, this is a Heaven Stage Peak Rank Purple Gold Pill. It will help in increasing your battling power!”


Mu Ru Yue raised her hand and tossed the pill toward Ye Wu Chen.

Ye Wu Chen raised his hand to catch the Purple Gold Pill. With killing intents gradually surging out from his purple eyes, he commented, “If it wasn’t for him, my wife and son wouldn’t need to get hurt. Thus…”

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