EAA Chapter 986


Chapter 986– Heaven Stage Peak Realm Pill Part 2


Yet, a bolt of tribulation lightning struck down from the sky at this moment. Shi Hun was so frightened by it that he retreated a couple of steps.

“H-how…could this happen?”

‘Silver Tribulation Lightning!


‘Oh god! It is the silver Tribulation Lightning that will only appear when there was a birth of a Heaven Stage High Rank Pill…’

Shi Hun’s complexion constantly shifted between green and white.

‘Although refining a Heaven Stage High Rank Pill only required for the cultivator to be at the Spiritual Realm, Spiritual Realm experts may not be able to succeed refining a Heaven Stage High Rank Pill. But this woman managed to do it…

‘If… if she is a Heaven Stage High Rank Alchemist, she will be able to save my daughter’s life. She didn’t need to use a heart as an ingredient for the pill…

‘But it is too late for regrets. Hence, I can only follow it through.

‘Moreover, Grandmaster Xiao Jing’s status is prestigious that it is far more superior than a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Alchemist…’

Mu Ru Yue took out the Fire Controlling Pill from within the Phoenix Furnace. But she didn’t pass it to Ye Wu Chen. She once again took out a bunch of medicinal plants from the Alchemy Book. Her expression gradually became serious.

Shi Hun was stunned. “Can it be she is planning to continue refining a pill?”

Ye Wu Chen attacked Shi Hun when he was in deep thoughts. Shi Hun hastily withdrew his gaze, paying full attention to the man before him…

Mu Ru Yue didn’t even glance at their battle. She currently was focusing completely on the Phoenix Furnace.

What she planned to refine this time was the Heaven Stage Peak Rank Purple Gold Pill!

Since it was difficult in refining a Heaven Stage Pill, Mu Ru Yue refined a Fire Controlling Pill first. She perhaps might be able to refine the Purple Gold Pill on the first try with the help of the Fire Controlling Pill.

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath with a serious expression.

‘No matter what, I only have a chance. I can only succeed. I can’t afford to fail!’

Mu Ru Yue swallowed the Fire Controlling Pill when she thought about that.


Flames were ignited from the bottom of the Phoenix Furnace again.

The scarlet flames glowed on her face. Her expression became increasingly resolute within the glow of the flames.

“Can it be she is trying to refine a Heaven Stage Peak Rank Pill?” Shi Yun sneered and shook his head.

‘It is already stunning enough for her to be a Heaven Stage High Rank Alchemist. But it will not be possible for her to be a Heaven Stage Peak Rank Alchemist!’

“Nothing is impossible to her.”

Ye Wu Chen smiled. His handsome face carried a determined glow. Intense flames appeared from his body once again, surging all of them toward Shi Hun.


The entire main hall had crumpled instantly under his attack…

An intense battle was taking place at this side. But Mu Ru Yue similarly was having a hard time. The Heaven Stage Peak Rank Pill was obviously over her capability. Her face turned gravely pale in a short while. Cold sweats rolled profusely down her face.

Ye Si Huang’s heart tightened. He wanted to help his Mother but couldn’t do anything…

“Heaven And Earth Spiritual Grass, Purple Sun Fruit, and the core of a Spiritual Realm Demon Beast…”

Mu Ru Yue tool in a deep breath. She took out a stalk of Heaven And Earth Spiritual Grass and tossed it into the Phoenix Furnace.


The Heaven And Earth Spiritual Grass was instantly engulfed by hot energies, gradually becoming traces of medicinal power.

Following that, Mu Ru Yue had tossed all the other medicinal ingredients into the Phoenix Furnace. Just when she wanted to fuse all of those medicinal power, an intense mental resistance had developed…


A mighty power shot past the flames, penetrating Mu Ru Yue’s chest. Mu Ru Yue spat out a mouthful of blood. However, she didn’t stop refining the pill, focusing entirely on the Phoenix Furnace…



Yet, a bolt of tribulation lightning struck down from the sky at this moment. Shi Hun was so frightened by it that he retreated a couple of steps.

“H-how… could this happen?”

Shi Hun’s eyes widened as he saw a goddess appeared from where the lightning struck.

The goddess did a little stretch before she looked at Shi Hun with a mischievous sinister gaze. She said with a grin, “It seems someone has been naughty. Now, how will you like to be punished?”

[Miki to readers: It feels that it had been ages since Miki appeared and perhaps she might had heard a little voice that said had Miki vanished? How could this goddess disappear? Tsk! Tsk! Thus, I staged my grand entrance. Now, may everyone give me a round of applause! Inwardly blushed after saying that and thought

‘Ohh Wah Ahhh~ Did I really just said that? Please kill me! Where’s my cotton wall to smash my head on? Sigh~ I always can’t find it when I need it. Looks at an actual concrete wall Hmm~ it looks like it will hurt lots. Poses to run toward it Mhm! Let’s look for some painless alternative. Looks away from the wall‘ :P]

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