EAA Chapter 983


Chapter 983 – Breakthrough To The Spiritual Realm Part 6

“She hasn’t died?”

Shi Hun became slightly impatient as he looked past the crowd to glance coldly at the densely surrounded girl. With a slight frown, he commented, “They are struggling in dealing with just a True Realm martial practitioner and a powerless little child. People of the Tian Huang Manor seemed to have slacked a lot recently.”

‘If Tian Mo and the rest were to know that Shi Hun had deemed Ye Si Huang as powerless, what kind of expressions would they have…

‘If he was powerless, there wouldn’t be any experts in the world. As expected, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…’


“Spiritual Realm Elders! You must kill this girl without fail!”

Shi Huang sniggered.

‘Now that her opponent had changed to Spiritual Realm experts, won’t it be a piece of cake in dealing with her, a puny True Realm practitioner?’

Elders that hadn’t appear in the Tian Huang Manor for a lot of years abided to Shi Huang’s order, appearing within the main hall. All of them unleashed their full might, attacking Mu Ru Yue.

In spite of that, Mu Ru Yue’s expression didn’t change while facing so many experts glancing indifferently at the crowd before her.

Blood seemed to have blossomed as pretty and flirtatious as roses within the main hall.

Her white robes had already turned scarlet with blood ages ago. But the girl still raised the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword charging into the crowd. But there was still a large disparity in her power with Spiritual Realm power, rapidly overwhelming her.

Following that, she took out a bottle of pills and downed it.


A tyrannical power burst forth from her body.

Ye Si Huang stood closely to Mu Ru Yue’s side, sweeping a sinister gaze through the crowd in the main hall. A tyrannical grandeur arose from his tiny body.

However, everyone was currently focusing on Mu Ru Yue. Hence, they failed to notice the changes of the little guy…

“Kill her!”

The crowd saw the power that was erupting from Mu Ru Yue’s body. Their killing intents intensified. She had such a horrifying innate talent. If they failed to kill her, perhaps the entire Tian Huang Manor would never be at peace…

But when all of them charged toward Mu Ru Yue, her grandeur had already soared to the next level…

An intense energy storm circled above the girl’s head, forming into an enormous tornado. The girl’s robes and hair were dancing wildly under the might of the tornado. She looked so magnificent, stunning the crowd…

“Spiritual Realm?”

Oh heavens, this girl had actually managed to break through to the Spiritual Realm at such a moment!

Sorrow surged in the crowd’s heart at this moment as they looked at the flawless face under the gale with despair.

Doomed! They were definitely doomed this time!

Mu Ru Yue no longer gave them a chance. With a raise of her hand, she swallowed a mouthful of pills. An intense firestorm had arisen from just a wave of her hand.


The crowd before her was engulfed within the firestorm.

“This… this…”

Shi Hun was shocked to the point that he spoke incoherently. But his fury and killing intents drowned his shock.

‘These people had not only defied my order, but they even dared to kill that many people before my gaze.

‘If I don’t kill them, how will I be able to continue governing the entire Tian Huang Manor?’

“Little girl, you will pay a price for doing what you did today!” Killing intents bubbled in Shi Hun’s heart. A cold light surged in his narrowed eyes.

“I originally wanted to let your son die with an intact corpse and even give him a grand burial. However, he had lost that qualification now. I will not only use his heart to save my daughter’s life, but also shred his corpse into tiny pieces making him die without a burial ground!”

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