EAA Chapter 982


Chapter 982 – Breakthrough To The Spiritual Realm Part 5


Ye Wu Chen brandished the large sword in his hand. A black light soared through the air at that moment, heading toward Shi Yun in a curve like a bent sword.

Shi Hun dodged it by moving to a side. Following that, he drew his sword that was attached to his waist. His body moved in a flash toward that charming god-like man.

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes glimmered with a sinister cold glow. With gloominess expressed on his face, he gradually raised his hand. An intense storm brew from his palm.



It struck toward Shi Hun…


Shi Hun raised his sword to block that blow, retreating a couple of steps. With coldness in his eyes, he said arrogantly, “Brat, it’s not a mystery why you dare to act so outrageously now. I didn’t expect you to be this strong but so what? This is my Tian Huang Manor! It isn’t a place that you can do whatever you want! Moreover, even if you’re powerful, can you really protect that woman? Haha! This is really a joke. Since that’s the case…”

Shi Hun paused for a moment before he sniggered and continued, “I shall send that woman to hell first! Someone, kill that woman and capture the little child by her side alive!”



Countless people instantly surged within the Tian Huang Manor, densely surrounding Mu Ru Yue and Ye Si Huang within.

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze turned grim. He cast a sinister cold gaze at Shi Hun’s brazen and arrogant face as he commented with a cold smile, “You are belittling my wife. She isn’t a woman that needs my protection. She is a person that can fight alongside with me instead…”

‘This woman is too independent all these years. She isn’t a woman that needs my protection but she can fight foes alongside with me instead…’

Therefore, Ye Wu Chen always had great confidence in Mu Ru Yue.

“That may not be the case!” Shi Hun sneered as he ordered, “Rip that woman’s corpse into tiny pieces!”

“Understood, Lord Master!”

The crowd replied to him as a whole. Following that, they drew their weapons, charging toward Mu Ru Yue…

“Little Huang Er, grab onto my hand!”

Mu Ru Yue held Ye Si Huang’s hand tightly as she looked glacially at the crowd that was dashing toward her.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword appeared in her hand. The sword was coated with flames, transforming into a fire dragon as it flew toward the crowd before it.

A hand-to-hand battle broke out within the Tian Huang Manor.

Since this might be a chance for Mu Ru Yue to improve her might, she didn’t summon Xiao Bai and Xiao Yue…

It was due to Mu Ru Yue feeling that her energy had reached a bottleneck recently. The feeble barrier seemed to be able to break anytime but it failed to do as it still lacked some force to break through it.

Thus, she could only obtain new power through battling…

“True Realm?” Shi Hun glanced at Mu Ru Yue as he sniggered and said, “So what if you’re at the True Realm? There are several Spiritual Realm practitioners within our Tian Huang Manor. You’re destined to be killed by them!”

Mu Ru Yue seemed to have not heard his words as she charged into the crowd. Blood spluttered, staining her white robes red…

Suddenly, there was a person that appeared behind Mu Ru Yue with a raised sword, slashing downward aiming for her head. But Ye Si Huang that didn’t move at all from the start finally raised his heard.

His eyes no longer had its usual innocent and pure gaze as he looked indifferently at the man behind Mu Ru Yue.

It was unknown to that person why his heart trembled when he noticed Ye Si Huang’s bloodshot purple eyes. Mu Ru Yue decapitated that person with her sword before he could come back to his senses.

Nonetheless, the people charging toward Mu Ru Yue intensified, aggressively surrounding her within…

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