EAA Chapter 981


Chapter 981 – Breakthrough To The Spiritual Realm Part 4

The expression of the manor’s Master turned gloomy.

‘I initially thought this will be an extremely simple task. Who knew this woman kept on going against my order?!’

“Lady, I really don’t know how your parents brought you up. You are so uncultured! I, Shi Hun (history soul), am the owner of the Tian Huang Manor. This is an order. You must agree even if you don’t want to!”

Shi Hun’s expression turned increasingly gloomy. An alarming storm was brewing within his eyes.


“A refined person generally won’t call others uncultured… He also won’t think too greatly of himself!” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders as she looked at Ye Wu Chen, who was standing by her side, and said, “Wu Chen, someone is trying to harm your son…”

Ye Wu Chen glanced at Shi Hun before he replied in a sinister cold voice, “Kill!”

At this instant, Ye Wu Chen no longer cared about whether he could leave the Tian Huang Manor or not. Since Shi Yun dared to make a move on Ye Si Huang, there was only an outcome.

It was death!

“Hahaha!” Shi Hun laughed brazenly. “You want to kill me by just the two of you? You shouldn’t overestimate your might. Moreover, this place is the Tian Huang Manor! Brat, I initially wanted to recruit you as my Tian Huang Manor’s son-in-law due to fancying your strength. But you are too brazen. If you apologize to me, extract that little boy’s heart for me and kill the woman by your side, I may allow you to continue staying at this place. If you were to become my Tian Huang Manor’s son-in-law, it won’t be a problem for you to do whatever you want in the Eastern Island.”

Shi Hun was indeed greatly confident. His confidence came from the reverence and obedience he had gotten from the residents in the sealed off Tian Huang Manor all these years. Hence, Shi Hun had believed from the beginning that as long as they were people in the Tian Huang Manor, they must abide by his order!

“Son-in-law of the Tian Huang Manor?”

Ye Wu Chen smirked slightly. But his charming smile carried a sinister cold vibe with it. “I’m sorry but even if you were to give me the entire world, it won’t be comparable to my wife. Not to mention… only a puny Tian Huang Manor.”

Shi Hun’s expression changed drastically.

‘This stinky brat is too outrageous. It seems I must give him a lesson so that he will know who is the owner of this territory!’


Shi Yun charged toward Ye Wu Chen while pressuring his mighty aura on Ye Wu Chen.

“Then I shall see your capability!”


Instantly, his aura seemed to be able to destroy mountains and overturn the sea, tensing up the atmosphere…

“Mu Er, leave this to me. Little Huang Er and you just need to stand by a side.” Ye Wu Chen raised his handsome face, gradually lifting his hand. At that moment, a sword glimmering with black flames appeared in his palm.

The black flames made the man’s purple robes to flutter charmingly in the wind. The man currently looked as if he had crawled out from hell. Evil tendencies gradually surged in his eyes.

“Do you really want to oppose our Tian Huang Manor?” The Manor’s Master narrowed his eyes slightly as he asked gloomily.

Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly as he replied, “It is a man’s responsibility to protect his wife and son.”

“Haha!” Shi Hun laughed unbridled. He suppressed his heartfelt fury as he continued with a gloomy voice, “Ye Wu Chen, there will be a day that you will regret not listening to my order!”

Ye Wu Chen didn’t say further as he walked toward Shi Hun. A gale abruptly arose in his surrounding as he neared Shi Hun. His purple robes fluttered in a sinister arc under the wind.

“Supreme Realm!”

Shi Hun’s expression suddenly changed greatly.

‘This man’s cultivation is at the Supreme Realm! The Tian Huang Manor has such a young Supreme Realm expert?’

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