EAA Chapter 980


Chapter 980 – Breakthrough To The Spiritual Realm Part 3

The sunlight landed upon the three people in the main hall.

Currently, footsteps were heard from outside the main hall. Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to look at the source. A middle-aged man was then seen walking briskly toward them.

The man was about forty to fifty years of age. He had a handsome heroic appearance. Navy blue robes enveloped his lofty figure within. His steps were quick and strong, quickly entering the main hall.

‘He should be the Master of the Tian Huang Manor.’


Mu Ru Yue sneered as she queried, “I wonder what grudges or favours I have with this Tian Huang Manor for the manor’s Master to keep disturbing us.”

The manor’s Master narrowed his eyes slightly, silently sizing up the three people in the room.

The girl had a flawless appearance with a glacial gaze. She had a smile on her face but it didn’t in the slightest reach her eyes. Her entire body gave off boundless glacial aurae.

Moreover, there was a handsome god-like man standing by her side. The Devil’s Snare pattern on his face enhanced his charm. A sinister cold aura was surging forth from his purple eyes.

Even the manor’s Master could not deny that this couple looked really like a divine couple. Furthermore, the little boy had inherited his Father and Mother’s appearance. His jade-like adorable appearance looked extremely adorable.

‘If it wasn’t for my daughter, I indeed will be reluctant to harm such an adorable child…’

“Lady, Mister, the purpose for this manor’s Master to have invited you over is to discuss a matter with you!” The manor’s Master looked at them with a fake smile. A trace of glint flashed past his eyes.

Mu Ru Yue raised her eyebrows as she rebuked, “The manor’s Master didn’t seem to want to discuss with us during the two bouts of invitations…”

Hehe! Lady, I didn’t have a choice in this. Lady should understand the heart of a father.” The manor’s Master smiled as he demanded, “Thus, I had invited the lady over for your help. Actually, the task is really simple. I just need your son’s heart as an ingredient in refining a pill to save my daughter’s life…”

He said that as calm as the breeze as if his demand was as simple as asking for some food.

A sinister cold aura abruptly surged forth from Ye Wu Chen’s body. His aura had instantly pressured on the manor’s Master. Killing intents were gradually expressed in his purple eyes.

“You want me to understand the heart of a father?” Mu Ru Yue smiled but it was filled with ridicule. “Why should my son sacrifice his life for your daughter and you even want me to be understanding?”

The manor’s Master frowned as he glanced coldly at Mu Ru Yue.

It was as if he didn’t expect her to say such words.

The Tian Huang manor had not interacted with the outside world for many years. All of the residents living within this Manor was his subordinate. It was only natural for subordinates to lay their lives for their Master.

Yet, she rejected him…

“Lady, I’m speaking politely and courteous to you, advising you. Yet, you refuse to listen. Do you really want to force my hands?” The manor’s Master’s expression turned grim as he continued, “Since you ask me why, I shall answer that question! It is all due to me being the Master of this Tian Huang Manor. I have only a daughter in my life so she naturally is the sole successor of this Manor. Her life is more important than anybody. Every people in this entire Tian Huang Manor should be more than happy to sacrifice their lives for her. There had not been anyone that chose to not save her life due to their selfishness.”

‘Since they entered the Tian Huang Manor, they are my subjects. Subjects should forfeit their lives without fail when their ruler demanded it since ancient times! So if I sacrificed a lot of people for the sole successor of this Tian Huang Manor?’

Mu Ru Yue smiled. She was really speechless for meeting with this kind of person.

“What if… I refuse?” Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly and with a cold smile, she continued, “Even if she dies, it doesn’t have anything to do with me!”

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  1. really now? its just too tiring reading some woman scheming again someone because of jealousy, they have the brain to scheme but didnt have the brain to think anything beside hatred… a really typical villainess… i’ll be skipping these chapters of nonsense, but anyone who read this and found out this ‘scheming’ story was related greatly to the story, please let me know and scold this foolish me to say some rubbish and wasting your time reading this lol XD
    its just that the ‘scheming’ story will always ended with the ‘villain’ get slapped back and then get killed, and thats it. i got fed up.

    dont get me wrong…
    i really liked this novel, i really do.

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      I understand haha It is getting a little too repetitive. *hugs* But I still enjoy the face slaps ? The anxiousness Of when the clowns will be meeting a terrible end when facing the MCs. Feel free to take a short break before coming back if you wish! Thanks for liking this novel that I’ve chosen to translate~

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