EAA Chapter 976


Chapter 976  – Return Part 7

“Luo Er,” Mu Yuan pulled Yun Luo into his embrace as he consoled, heart ached, “Yue Er will be back soon. Our family will reunite again at that time…”

“But… but we had just finally reunited after being separated for such a long time. I didn’t expect we will once again be separated after reuniting for less than a month.”

Yun Luo laid feebly in Mu Yuan’s embrace with tears gradually streaming down her face.

Mu Yuan was at a loss for words at this instant. He could only tightly embrace the trembling body…


The Tian Huang Manor was a mysterious place within the Eastern Island. It was said that the Tian Huang Manor was cut off from the outside world. Therefore, nobody in the world knew what was the path in entering the Tian Huang Manor.

More importantly, once someone entered the Tian Huang Manor, it would be tremendously difficult to exit it. No matter if that person was a Supreme Realm expert, they still wouldn’t be able to find the exit…

Mu Ru Yue didn’t expect the compass to send them to such a mysterious place as the Tian Huang Manor.

“Wu Chen, it seems that we have been separated from the Zi family.”

Mu Ru Yue helplessly shrugged her shoulders as she turned her head to look at the tall and short figures at her side.

“We will be able to find them once we leave this place.” Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly. He then embraced Mu Ru Yue with a gentle smile on his face. With his purple eyes focused on the girl in his embrace, he continued, “But what we need to do now is to find the connecting door that connects the Tian Huang Manor to the outside world.”

The Tian Huang Manor was extremely large and this space didn’t allow flying. It also didn’t have a city door. Thus, this city was completely sealed off from the world….

“I have some understandings regarding this Tian Huang Manor.” Ye Wu Chen paused for a moment before he continued, “I had heard that only the City Lord of the Tian Huang Manor knows the path in exiting this place…”

‘The Tian Huang Manor’s City Lord?’

Mu Ru Yue creased her brows tightly. A trace of glow flashed past her eyes.

‘I wonder what type of person is the City Lord of the Tian Huang Manor…’


Countless people carrying weapons suddenly surged toward Mu Ru Yue’s team from all directions, surrounding Mu Ru Yue and the rest in the centre…

“Someone, capture these three people for me!”

The middle-aged man leading the crowd shouted with a trace of killing intent in his eyes.

“Mu Er, I didn’t expect that no matter where we go, there’s always some troubles that pop up.” Ye Wu Chen’s smile became increasingly charming, but it was sinister and cold.

“I also want to know who will want to deal with us when we first come to this place.”

Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders as she asked with a fake smile.

“Even though I want to know who wants to deal with us, I don’t take pleasure in being seized by people.” Ye Wu Chen swept a gaze at the crowd of people in his surrounding. His sinister cold smile carried a glacial aura with it. His gaze was as though it was shooting wind blades at the crowd.

“The two of you are too gutsy!”

The middle-aged man’s expression changed as he said, “We are people of the Tian Huang Manor. We had come to arrest all of you under the order of the Grandmaster. I shall advise you to follow us obediently so that you won’t need to suffer unnecessary pain!”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze turned grim and with a cold smile, she asked, “I wonder who is that person you are referring to as Grandmaster.”

Hmph!” The middle-aged man snorted coldly as he continued, “You aren’t qualified to know the grand name of our Grandmaster!”

“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen lightly placed his large hand on Mu Ru Yue’s shoulder. With a gentle smile on his handsome face, he said, “Let your husband deal with these people.”

Mu Ru Yue was slightly startled but she nodded, retreating a couple steps back…

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