EAA Chapter 974


Chapter 974 – Return Part 5

“Is that so?” Mu Hao Tian smirked, disagreeing with her statement. “Isn’t it all due to my relationship with my Elder sister? Otherwise, how could those people with high eyesight fancy my Mu family? I had been treated with indifference and was also mocked and ridiculed at during the past two years where elder sister had gone missing and grandfather was being bedridden from his critical illness…”

Hong Ying was stunned.

‘I originally thought Mu Hao Tian is just a noble son that has only enjoyed a life filled with roses. I didn’t expect that he had such a side in his life…’

Conflict surged in her heart momentarily.


“Oi!” Xiao Bai got a little pissed off when he saw them ignoring him. “You guys have not replied to my question. Where is my Master?”

“Little Bai!”

A surprise-filled voice was heard in front of him after he said that.

A silver figure was rapidly dashing over from the back courtyard. Her speed was as fast as a flash of lightning. Following that, she transformed into a silver wolf under the crowd’s gaze.

“Wolf… wolf monster?”

The crowd was so frightened that their heart shivered, almost collapsing.

“How could you call her a wolf monster!” Mu Zheng glared at those ignorant people as he explained, “They are divine beasts that had cultivated to the point of being able to humanize. They can not only contract with the human race, but can also help in their contractor’s battle. Yet, you call her a wolf monster?!”

Even though Mu Zheng initially was also frightened to the point that his complexion turned gravely pale and his body shuddered…

“Xiao Yue!”

The enormous dragon that was being surrounded by clouds roared excitedly. He then flew toward the Sky Wolf under everyone’s gazes.

The dragon and wolf tangled themselves in mid air, intense happiness surrounded their hearts.

“Xiao Bai, it is too awesome that you are safe and sound.”

The heavens knew how fearful and worried Xiao Yue was these days. Nothing could make her more happy than seeing him safe and sound…

“My skin is coarse and meat is tough so I usually won’t be in danger.”

Xiao Bai raised his claws to scratch his dragon head, smiling bashfully. But the affection in his eyes didn’t in the slightest decrease, it had increased drastically instead.

Following that, with two flash of lights, the Sky Wolf and the enormous dragon had humanized under the crowd’s shocked gazes.

Xiao Bai still had the young and tender youthful appearance, smiling youthfully. But just when he wanted to say something, Xiao Yue had held onto his hand by her own accord as she said, “Xiao Bai, let’s go.”


Xiao Bai blinked his eyes as he smiled in satisfaction. The warmth of her hand seemed to be warming his heart at the same time.

“Xiao Yue, is Mother at this place?”


Xiao Yue nodded. “But you should not go and disturb them now. They will naturally appear in a bit…”

However, Ye Si Huang’s little face obviously darkened when he heard how Xiao Bai called Mu Ru Yue.

‘There was already Zi Qian Jing. Zi Qian Jing had the same bloodline as me. But Xiao Bai is just Mother’s contracted divine beast. Yet, he shamelessly became Mother’s stepson.


‘I am really unhappy. It is especially so when this little worm seems to like sticking to Mother…’


Ye Si Huang snorted coldly.

‘If it wasn’t that I didn’t want to ruin Mother’s wedding, I will certainly be teaching that little worm a good lesson…’

The sun had just risen the next day.

Yan Ruo Xi and Yun Luo were playing with Ye Si Huang in the large hall. They then saw the two people that had walked in from outside. She then asked teasingly, “Why are the two of you here? How was the bridal night last night?”

“Mom, this isn’t the first time that we got married.” Mu Ru Yue chuckled helplessly but her gaze was filled with warmth.

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