EAA Chapter 97


Chapter 97 – Finale Of The Competition Part 3

Elder Flame and Elder He looked at one another. If they hadn’t guessed wrongly, that girl should be trying to refine an Earth Stage Mid Ranked Pill. Yet, it was a fact that the Thousand Year Ginseng Fruit and Violent Grass wouldn’t be able to fuse.

If this was just before the elimination round, then perhaps they would have already had similar thoughts like Qin Fei Fei’s. Now, however, they were unknowingly believing in her ability after viewing the answers she’d given previously.

With her current knowledge on pill refining, she definitely wouldn’t make such a novice mistake. Maybe, she really did have a way to fuse together those two medicinal plants.

“Alright, I’ll watch how you manage to refine that pill.” Qin Fei Fei glared at Mu Ru Yue before turning around and heading back to her seat. She really couldn’t imagine a way to fuse those medicinal plants with opposite attributes. But if that girl didn’t know such basics in refining pills, then how was she able to consecutively be the champion for the previous two rounds?


No matter how Qin Fei Fei scolded Mu Ru Yue in her heart, the final round of the competition still commenced.

Ling Ye looked sinisterly at her before coldly and wordlessly alighting a flame on his palm.


The flame leapt to the bottom of the pill furnace.


The furnace lit up momentarily.

At this very moment, the people of the Pill Assembly became nervous. Even though they doubted Mu Ru Yue would turn out victorious, they still wished for her to defeat Ling Ye.

A flame lit up on Mu Ru Yue’s palm. Her impeccable appearance become bright red from the glow of her flame. Her expression was exceptionally serious at this moment, her eyes like the night as they seemed to have two flames dancing in them.

There was a proverb: A girl that was serious would look exceptionally beautiful. Currently, Mu Ru Yue, as she was whole-heartedly refining the pill, gained many of the men’s hearts.

Her appearance was exquisite. Those long lashes drooped slightly, covering the two flames in her eyes. Her lips curled up slightly to form an elegant curve, and along with her white clothes, both amplified her beauty.

At this moment, her appearance couldn’t even be described as merely matchless.


A flame rose again, leaping and forming a perfect arc. Mu Ru Yue turned over her hand to drastically increase the heat of the flame before adding a medicinal ingredient into the pill furnace.

A faint, soothing scent permeated from the pill furnace. Those who inhaled it felt their spirit shudder. They could feel an unprecedented calmness as their heart and mind completely relaxed.

“Did the pill form already?”

Everyone’s gaze landed on the pill furnace with hope shining in their eyes.

“There is still the final medicinal ingredient, the Violent Grass. That medicinal plant and the Thousand Year Ginseng Fruit could greatly enrich the body, but shouldn’t be refined together. Otherwise, with the medicinal characteristics of the Violent Grass, it would definitely lead to a violent reaction that spreads outward. The end result for the pill refinement will lead to the furnace exploding!”

Seeing Mu Ru Yue’s actions, Qin Fei Fei coldly sniggered.

Finally, under everyone’s anticipating gaze, Mu Ru Yue picked up the Violent Grass and gradually added it into the pill furnace.

“Everyone, quickly put your guard up!” Qin Fei Fei immediately guarded her body as the might of the explosion from the furnace may endanger them, the innocent onlookers.

However, other than the Qin family, no one guarded themselves like she did. They shot peculiar gazes at Mu Ru Yue instead…

“Eh?” Qin Fei Fei was dazed when she shifted her gaze to the green pill in Mu Ru Yue’s hand. Her eyes opened widely in astonishment.

It didn’t explode? How can this be? What went wrong?

What made her even more gloomy was that Mu Ru Yue was really capable in refining a pill from those medicinal ingredients!

Mu Ru Yue didn’t even look at her and just placed her pill away without further consultation. Similarly, at that time Ling Ye had also completely refined his pill. With a cold sneer on his face, he extinguished the flame at the bottom of his pill furnace…

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