EAA Chapter 969


Chapter 969 – Family Reunion Part 10

Hong Ying’s body stiffened. She bit her lip hard as she looked at the green-robed man at her side. She took in a deep breath as she called out, “Hong Tian Qi (red sky start)!”

He was the top talent of the Hong family, Hong Tian Qi. He was also the successor of the Hong family. Nonetheless, the Hong family had to purchase an invitation from their connections with great difficulty in order to be able to attend the wedding.

“Elder brother Tian Qi, it is getting late. The wedding perhaps has already commenced. We had wasted a lot of time during our journey here. Now, we shouldn’t continue to waste time on a trash.”

Hong Yu (red speech) glanced at Hong Ying’s stiffened body with a cynical smile on her face.


In her point of view, this trash wanted to have a connection with the people of the  Zi family and Mu family. Hence, she had come here to test her luck. Yet, she didn’t know that it wasn’t that simple to enter the Mu family’s manor. As a result, she could only stay outside…

“Hong Yiing, you should stop humiliating yourself. Quickly leave this place.” Hong Tian Qi frowned slightly.

‘Hong Ying is an outcast member of the Hong family no matter what. If she were to offend some prestigious people, won’t she implicate the Hong family?’

Ye Si Huang frowned slightly as he swept a glance at the Hong family’s sister and brother. But he didn’t make a comment as he walked toward the entrance of the Mu family’s manor…

“Hong Ying, that kid seemed to be with you. Is he your illegitimate son? Haha!” Hong Tian Qi laughed brazenly as he continued, “But you should discipline him better. There are some places that you kind of people isn’t qualified to enter.”

“You…” Hong Ying’s expression changed greatly as she rebuked, “What nonsense are you saying? He had lost his way outside so I have brought him back home.”


Hong Tian Qi sneered as he said, “Do you think I will believe your excuses? Why will you bring him here to humiliate yourself if he isn’t you illegitimate son?”

Ye Si Huang walked up to the main doors of the Mu family as if he didn’t hear Hong Tian Qi’s words.

“Please show your invitation card!”

The guard at the door looked expressionlessly as he said strictly.

“I don’t have an invitation card.” Ye Si Huang raised his eyebrow and with a candid smile, he requested, “But you can tell Mu Ru Yue that Ye Si Huang has come to find her. She will definitely come and get me after hearing my name…”

If it was at a different time, Ye Si Huang would just barge in. But this place was the Mu family’s manor and was the place where his Mother grew up in. He definitely couldn’t hurt people of the Mu family so he controlled his temper.

The guard glanced at him as he said, “Wait for a bit. I will head in to report to the young mistress. But it isn’t up to us to know whether the young mistress will be willing to see you or not…”

He turned around and heard into the courtyard, leaving another guard to watch the large doors.

Initially, Hong Tian Qi was anxious about attending the wedding. However, he halted his steps upon seeing the current situation. A trace of mockery smile graced his face.

“This little boy is too brazen. Who does he think he is? How can the eldest young mistress of the Mu family come to see him when he doesn’t even have an invitation card? Hong Ying, you should know the position and status of the Mu and Zi families. You certainly won’t have a good ending for disrupting their wedding!”

Hong Ying’s expression changed slightly as she subconsciously clenched her fists. Worries filled her heart.

‘What should I do if Mu Ru Yue chose not to come out and this little fella gets punished for doing this?’

Hong Ying regretted slightly at this moment.

‘I shouldn’t have brought him here so impulsively. I should have come up with a perfect plan before coming here…’

“Little fella, are you sure she will appear?”

Ye Si Huang didn’t reply Hong Ying as he could already see that familiar figure rushing toward him…

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  1. What happened to the mother of the girl that married Mu Ru Yue’s brother?

    That girl also came from Hua Xia and wanted to eventually help her mother that was likely to end up suffering as the family was bad to her. Did author forget that?

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