EAA Chapter 966


Chapter 966 – Family Reunion Part 7


Mu Yuan’s voice was choked with his emotion as he looked at Mu Zheng’s face that seemed to have aged a couple of decades already with teary eyes. His heart ached as he said, “Your unfilial son has returned…”

“It’s good you’re back. It’s good you’re back.”

Mu Zheng wiped away his tears from the corner of his eyes but said with a shaky voice, “Now, our family has finally reunited…”


‘I’ve waited ages for this day already…’

When Mu Hao Tian saw the couple that appeared right at the front of the group from afar, he couldn’t help but dash toward them, leaping into Yun Luo’s embrace.

“Papa! Mama! Welcome home…”

The word ‘home’ was so warm to them, filling up their hearts with warmth…

“Dad! Mom! It is not only us that returned this time, but people of the Zi family has come as well.”

“Zi family?”

Mu Zheng was stunned as he clarified, “Is that Zi family you are referring to the Zi family I am thinking of?”

Even though the Mu family was located far from Hua Xia, he had heard about the fame of the Zi family. But he just couldn’t believe why the Zi family would come to this place.

With tears in her eyes, Yun Luo nodded as she said, “Father, the Zi family has come to discuss Yue Er’s marriage.”

“Yue Er’s marriage?” Mu Zheng was completely stunned. But his expression turned serious after he came back to his senses. “Hadn’t Yue Er already have a husband? A girl can’t have two husbands no matter what. Since she had already chosen her partner, we can’t force her…”

“Grandfather,” Mu Ru Yue walked forth and held Mu Zheng’s hand as she revealed, “Wu Chen is a member of the Zi family.”


A bolt of lightning seemed to have struck Mu Zheng’s heart, stunning him. He even suspected that his ears were playing tricks on him as he stared at Mu Ru Yue’s flawless face in disbelief.

“But isn’t his surname Ye? How can he be a member of the Zi family?”

He couldn’t wrap his head around the situation at this moment, looking dazedly at Mu Ru Yue…

“It is a long story. Mother, Father, Grandfather, Hao Tian, let’s head inside the house first. I will then tell you about everything that had happened these few years…”

Mu Zheng nodded in a daze as he subconsciously followed Mu Ru Yue inside…

Following that, Mu Ru Yue told them everything about her transmigration to a different world’s continent, including everything that happened in her past life.

Everyone was mystified as they listened to what she said. Yet, such a fantasy-like story was happening before them…

Now, Yun Luo knew why Yan Ruo Xi believed so much in Mu Ru Yue.

‘So such a thing happened when we weren’t aware of it. But my daughter is so outstanding to be the reincarnation of Senior Yue of the Central Region, an existence where every people in the world yearn and long to be…’

But some matters obviously took a lot of time to digest. Mu Ru Yue left the room after saying everything…

The sunlight from the sky landed on the girl’s flawless face. She took in a deep breath as she said calmly, “Wu Chen, the matters of the Mu family has finally ended. I will be going to find Xiao Bai next. We will then leave Hua Xia to head back to the Eastern Island once Xiao Bai appears…”

‘There are people that I care about there…’

Mu Ru Yue’s expression turned slightly grim. With a trace of a cold ray of light that shone past her eyes, she continued, “We will be going to settle our debts with Bei Jun real soon!”

‘But what I don’t understand is that Bei Jun was the only one that could send souls to Hua Xia. Could it be he spared the Zi family in the end? But how could he had done such a matter with his domineering and ruthless personality?’

A trace of confusion flashed past her heart when she thought about that. A slight sense of helplessness was expressed on her face…

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    About time the Mu family have their reunion.

    One son is on the way to meet them. Will they miss him as they journey back to fight Bei Jun?

    I find it hard to believe that he spared the Zi family. If it’s not him, I wonder who else has the power to send their souls to Hua Xia? Is it that guy who has the power to foresee the future?

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