EAA Chapter 965


Chapter 965- Family Reunion Part 6

“Mother,” Mu Ru Yue turned her head to face Yan Ruo Xi while they were walking on the bustling main street. “How did this happen? Didn’t all of you already die that year…”

“Actually, I am not sure about that.” Yan Ruo Xi shook her head as she continued, “When your father and I woke up, we had come to this place. It was the same with the other members of the Zi family. But since our bodies had been destroyed, we needed to possess a body to rebirth… Following that, we established another Zi family here in order to let other members of the Zi family find us more conveniently. Moreover, we used some of the pill formulae that you left behind that year to regain our past life’s appearance.”

Yun Luo blinked her eyes dazedly. “What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand what you are saying at all?”

“Ma, it is a long story. I will explain this to you later.”


‘How can I be able to explain about that continent of my previous life quickly?’

“Oh.” Yun Luo nodded but the curiosity in her eyes didn’t resolve.

‘It seems a lot of things happened during these two years where she had gone missing…’

Hua Xia’s B City.

There was a figure that attracted everyone’s gaze to him on the main street.

It was a little boy with a jade carved-like face. But he was wearing an extremely unfitting ancient costume, as compared to the other people wearing modern clothes. He seemed to have walked out from a painting. He looked so adorable that it made anyone that saw him have an impulse to ravage him a little.

“Where the hell am I?”

Ye Si Huang frowned his cute eyebrows as he said, “Can it be I had been deceived by Murong Qing Chu? Didn’t he say that Mother and Father had come to this place? Can there really be people living in such a strange place?”

‘There is steel horse that can run here, an iron sheet that can fly, and the people here are wearing all kinds of weird grotesque clothes. This is especially so when some women are wearing such revealing clothing on the main street, exposing their chest and legs. Everything here is driving me insane.

‘If I knew how weird this place would be earlier, I wouldn’t have been deceived by Murong Qing Chu in coming to this place…’

“Little boy, are you lost?”

An outspoken and straightforward voice was heard from his side. Ye Si Huang increasingly creased his eyebrows as he glanced at the woman in a police uniform by his side.

“Where are your parents? I will take you back to them or you can come back with me to the police station so that I can contact your family.”

A glimmer flashed past Ye Si Huang’s eyes.

‘I have just come to this world so I am still unfamiliar to this place. I indeed need someone’s help.’

“Aunty, I shall be troubling you then.” Ye Si Huang smiled adorably as he continued saying innocently, “My Mother’s surname is Mu and is called Mu Ru Yue. I don’t know if aunty will be able to find out my Mother’s location.”

“Mother1?” The female police officer was stunned. “There are still people that call their mama Mother in this world? He is also wearing an ancient costume…”

‘This little boy has too many weird factors.’

The female officer shook her head helplessly as she said, “Little boy, let’s go. Tell me in details everything about your parent. I shall be responsible for bringing you back to your Papa and Mama.”

‘Papa and Mama?”

Ye Si Huang frowned.

‘Logically speaking, what this woman is referring to as Papa and Mama should mean Mother and Father…’

Mu Zheng was waiting anxiously at the Mu family’s mountain range, frequently looking out of the manor.

At this moment, two familiar figures were reflected in his eyes, his expression stiffened momentarily.

“Yuan Er? Yun Luo?”

Mu Zheng was startled but following that, he was overjoyed. He moved in a flash toward those two people as he said excitedly, “The two of you have finally returned…”

Main author’s PS: Do anyone still remember who Murong Qing Chu is? He is the cold man with an immortal-like appearance that could foresee the future. I just thought about refreshing your memories about him in case you forgot who he was…

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  1. The mother here in Chinese is like an ancient way of calling their mother.

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  1. This is the isekaiest thing that any isekai could do (except that japan isekai where all of japan went to another world)

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