EAA Chapter 964


Chapter 964 – Family Reunion Part 5

‘They knew each other before Shen Mo was even born? H-how is that possible? Shen Mo is older than Mu Ru Yue. Could it be they knew each other in their past life?’

“Madam Zi…” Xia Lu Lu bit her lip heart. A sinister glint flashed past her eyes. Just as she wanted to continue speaking, she was slapped by Yan Ruo Xi.


That crisp sound made Xia Lu Lu swallowed the rest of her words into her belly.


“This is the price you have to pay for slandering my daughter-in-law!” Yan Ruo Xi no longer had her usual elegance as she turned her body to face Zi Chen and said, “Husband, why are you still standing there like a fool? Can’t you see that someone is bullying your daughter-in-law? What do you think we should do to such a person?”

Zi Chen looked coldly at Xia Lu Lu as he replied, “We should ruin whatever they care about! The Xia family had kept the parents of our daughter-in-law in captive for so many years and even injured our daughter-in-law’s Father to the point that he is now in a vegetative state. He even wants to be like a toad delusional in wanting to eat a swan’s flesh by marrying the mother of our daughter-in-law. Since so, we must be courteous to the Xia family. More importantly, Xia Rui of the Xia family dared to try to make a move on Yue Er. They can’t be forgiven with just that point!”

Yan Ruo Xi smirked as she asked, “How about I pass the remaining of this matter to you to handle? I don’t want to let even a single fish escape the net.”

“Don’t fret. My wife, I will not let anybody that bullies the people of the Mu family… continue living peacefully!” A trace of cold glint flickered past Zi Chen’s eyes with a sinister cold smile on his face.

Yun Luo could finally relax now. A smile of satisfaction graced her impeccable face.

‘It seems that the Zi family indeed values Yue Er. I don’t need to worry that she will be bullied by the Zi family from now on…’

Xia Lu Lu’s legs gave way, sitting on the ground. Despair was expressed on her gravely pale face…

“Wu Chen, Yue Er!” Yan Ruo Xi smiled as she asked, “When will you be organizing another wedding ceremony in Hua Xia?”

“The two of you can pick a date.”

Ye Wu Chen raised his arm to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. With a charming smile on his handsome face, he asked, “Mu Er, what do you think about that?”

“I am alright with that.” Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly as she continued, “They weren’t able to attend our wedding that year so I don’t mind having another wedding ceremony.”

“Alright,” Ye Wu Chen tightened his arm that was embracing Mu Ru Yue in his embrace as he continued, “We shall let them prepare for it in a bit… We just need to sit and wait.”

Yun Luo expressed a smile on her face but she still asked slightly worried, “It’s a pity your Father is unable to witness this scene…”

Yun Luo’s heart ached when she thought about Mu Yuan’s current condition, chuckling bitterly.

“Mother,” Mu Ru Yue held on Yun Luo’s hand. With a gaze filled with resolution, she consoled, “Don’t worry. I will wake him up. He won’t always be in deep slumber… Currently, Grandfather and Hao Tian are still waiting for our return. We should immediately depart for the Mu family!”

Yun Luo bit her lip lightly as she nodded slightly and agreed, “It has been ages since I saw your Grandfather. Let’s go, let’s head home now!”

Warmth filled Yun Luo’s heart when she said those two words, ‘head home’.

‘I already can’t remember how long I had waited for this day to come…’

“Mother of my daughter-in-law, we will be heading back with you.”

Yan Ruo Xi said smilingly, “Moreover, we need to discuss the wedding after heading back. We will then decide on their wedding date. It will be enough for my husband to deal with the rest of the matters here. He will be able to settle it…”

Yun Luo no longer said further as she followed closely behind Yan Ruo Xi, leaving the chapel.

Xia Ming shut his eyes with remorse as he looked at those fading figures.

‘If my life can restart, I hope I won’t do what I did again…’

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