EAA Chapter 963


Chapter 963 – Family Reunion Part 4

‘She is actually trying to drag Xia Rui down with her as well. Isn’t she implicating the Xia family?’

“Shut up!” Yun Luo’s expression changed greatly. Flames of fury erupted from her body.


She slapped across Xia Lu Lu’s face.


Xia Lu Lu’s face turned to a side from the slap with her hair unkempt. Blood gradually trickled from the corner of her mouth, making her look exceptionally miserable.


Xia Lu Lu smiled coldly as she continued, “Am I wrong to say that? She originally isn’t a good woman!”

‘Mu Ru Yue, since I am miserable, I will make you miserable as well. Do you want to be the young madam of the Zi family? Don’t even think about it!’

“You…” Yun Luo became anxious as she looked nervously at Yan Ruo Xi that was standing at a side.

‘Any husband’s family cares strongly on the reputation of their daughter-in-law. If they really misunderstand Yue Er, it will have an impact on Yue Er, especially for such an aristocratic family like the Zi family.

‘But if they really can’t accept Yue Er due to some slanderings, is it really suitable for Yue Er to go to such a family?’

Yun Luo’s heart sunk upon thinking about that.

‘Yue Er is my precious daughter no matter what. Nobody is allowed to hurt her!’

Yan Ruo Xi smirked as she smilingly walked toward Xia Lu Lu and asked, “Is what you just said the truth?”

“Of course, it is the truth.” Xia Lu Lu was elated as she looked complacently at Mu Ru Yue. In her point of view, she believed Yan Ruo Xi had completely believed her words.

“Madam Zi, Mu Ru Yue has an affair with Shen Mo. It was probably due to meeting the young master of the Zi family that she was delusional in wanting to be together with a man of a higher status, dumping Shen Mo. How can such a power-driven girl be able to be a stable young madam of the family? Madam Zi, I am saying all this in consideration of your Zi family. I hope that you can listen to my words as to not be deceived by some girl!”

At this moment, Xia Lu Lu didn’t see the mockery in Zi Chen’s eyes.

‘This woman is trying to slander Yue Er. She is making a big mistake.

‘How can there be anyone that can understand Mu Ru Yue as clear as us after being with her for two lives…’


Yan Ruo Xi laughed as she clicked her tongue and said, “Little girl, you are rather good at making up a story. You should keep it up as you can have a good future ahead of you with it. This madam loves to hear stories about affairs the most.”

Xia Lu Lu’s expression changed drastically as she hastily persuaded, “Madam Zi, I am not making it up. I’m speaking of the truth…”


Yan Ruo Xi snorted coldly and with her aura surging forth from her body, she said, “I had recently investigated about that Shen Mo you had just mentioned. He is just a brainless fool! He couldn’t even recognize his beloved woman and even thought that she was a fake. My Yue Er is so outstanding. How could she have an affair with such a fool? This is just too laughable! How can he be compared to my son?”

“Madam Zi!” Xia Lu Lu panicked as she continued, “Mu Ru Yue had a relationship with Shem Mo before knowing your son. The young master of the Zi family is indeed outstanding. Hence, Mu Ru Yue shifted her feelings to the young master after meeting him!”

Hehe!” Yan Ruo Xi chuckled lowly as she said, “Do you know? What you said is the most hilarious joke that I have heard recently. When Yue Er and my son knew each other, that fool hadn’t even been born. Yet, you said Yue Er and Shen Mo knew each other first?”

What Yan Ruo Xi said was right. Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen knew each other in their past life so she definitely met Ye Wu Chen first, instead of the other way round.

Moreover, how could Mu Ru Yue’s eyesight be that terrible in fancying such a man?

However, Xia Lu Lu was stunned upon hearing what she said, looking astonished at Yan Ruo Xi…

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