EAA Chapter 962


Chapter 962 – Family Reunion Part 3

‘This is really a great surprise!

‘I didn’t have any parents in my past life. It was only until I met this couple of the Zi family that I can enjoy being loved by a family. Yet, who knew that the Zi family’s couple would suffer an unexpected calamity? Lastly, Wu Chen and I had lost our lives under heaven’s calamity in order to try to save their lives…

‘Nonetheless, we still failed to save their lives.

‘Who could expect they had actually been transported to Hua Xia and even appeared before me…’


“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen pulled Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. With a gentle gaze, he explained, “These two fellows had always been missing you but they didn’t know that Mu Ru Yue of the Mu family was you. Otherwise, all of us could have reunited earlier. They personally came here to meet you after hearing that you’re back. I originally wanted to tell you that the Zi family has come to this place. But I thought it will be more of a surprise for you to personally witness them.”

Warm feelings surged in Mu Ru Yue’s heart. There was nothing that could be more surprising than the revival of the Zi family’s couple to her…

“Stinky brat!” Zi Chen (purple imperial) glared at Ye Wu Chen as he said snappily, “Who are you calling these two fellows? This old man is your Father!”

Ye Wu Chen’s brow rose slightly. His purple eyes swept a gaze at Zi Chen. The cheekiness in his gaze made Zi Chen instantly become sluggish. Zi Chen then had an impulse to pull this stinky brat out to give him a good bashing.

“Mother of my daughter-in-law!” Yan Ruo Xi smilingly walked toward Yun Luo and held her hand. She then said cordially, “Thank you so much for raising Yue Er up to be such a magnificent and outstanding girl. Our Zi family and the Mu family will be a family from now on. You don’t need to worry about your husband. I had already found his location and rescued him. It is just that he is still unconscious so it is inconvenient to bring him here.”

Yun Luo was stunned as she looked at Yan Ruo Xi’s flower-like smiling face, unable to come back to her senses from the sudden revelation…

“Elder Zi Feng, may I know who these two people are…” Zi Yu looked timidly at Yan Ruo Xi and Zi Chen as he asked carefully.

Zi Feng sniggered. He then introduced in a strict and cold tone, “They are our Zi family’s head leader and his main wife. The couple that you had just insulted are our Zi family’s young master and young madam!”


It was like a bolt from the blue, Zi Yu was stupefied.

‘I am only a grandson of a servant. Yet, I had threatened the young madam of the Zi family to give me her pills. Otherwise, she will become an enemy of the Zi family?’

Zi Yu wanted to kill himself by smashing his head against a wall after thinking back about what he said previously.

“Young madam of the Zi family?” Xia Lu Lu retreated a couple steps back as she shook her head in disbelief. “No, I can’t believe it! Why am I always crushed by her? How could she be that lucky to be loved by the young master of the Zi family? What aspects of me is inferior to this woman?”

‘Mu Ru Yue was really well-known within the ancient martial world as a peerless talent. I have always heard of her great name since young. But I just can’t stand it.

‘Zi Yu’s appearance made me think that I could finally triumph over Mu Ru Yue, climbing over her head.

“Who knew Zi Yu turned out to be a grandson of a servant while she is the young madam of the Zi family?


‘I can’t accept this!’

Xia Lu Lu bit her lips hard and with a trace of sinister ruthlessness in her eyes, she said, “Head leader of the Zi family and Madam Zi, perhaps the two of you may be unaware that Mu Ru Yue has ambiguous relationships with several men. She has an obscure relationship with Shen Mo and even nearly become my elder brother’s lover. She may also have already slept with several men ages ago. Do your Zi family really want such a woman?”

Xia Ming, who was initially frightened by Zi Feng’s words, wanted to kill Xia Lu Lu with a smack upon hearing her words!

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  1. Another dumb girl like Chu Yun. Why are there always girls who are jealous of Mu Er which leads them to their downfall? Why can’t they be happy with what they have?

    I am a bit confused. Is thi Zi family Wu Chen’s in their previous life? If yes, then Mu Er is blessed as she has found her in-laws and that bitch Zi Feng killed in their previous life?

    I wonder who will have the honor to rip out Xia Lu Lu’s tongue.

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  2. Thank you for all your hard work Miki. I love this novel <3 <3 <3
    As for the chapter question;

    At least 6. It could be 7, but I’m not to sure about that one.
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