EAA Chapter 961


Chapter 961 – Family Reunion Part 2

Zi Yu was scared witless that his body uncontrollably shivered intensely.

‘These people are really members of the Zi family…

‘Even though I don’t recognise that couple right at the front, I previously was fortunate in being able to meet with Elder Zi Feng. This couple must possess an extremely high status for him to act so respectfully toward them…’

“Zi Feng,” Yan Ruo Xi (face like rivulet) blinked her eyes as she turned her head to look at Zi Feng that was standing behind her and asked curiously, “Who is Zi Yu? Do you know him?”


Zi Feng shook his head and looked at the man that was being stepped on by Ye Wu Chen. He replied with a strict tone, “Who are you? You will be killed for impostering a member of the Zi family!”

Currently, Ye Wu Chen had already withdrawn his leg so Zi Feng that was no longer constrained to the ground panickingly ran briskly toward Zi Feng.

Xia Ming smiled coldly upon seeing this scene. In his point of view, that old man’s word must have provoked Zi Yu so Zi Yu, who could no longer stand it, decided to make a move on that old man.

But Xia Ming’s smile suddenly stiffened after he saw the following scene…


Zi Yu immediately knelt down before Zi Feng as he pleased, sobbing and sniffling, “Elder Zi Feng, I don’t have any relation with the Xia family. I don’t have any connection with them. You must believe me.”

Xia Lu Lu’s complacent smile disappeared at this moment as she looked at the usually prideful and arrogant man with disbelief. She quickly covered her lips, preventing herself from exclaiming…

‘W-what… is going on here?’

It was not only the people of the Xia family, but the rest that came to attend the wedding was also similarly stunned. They were obviously at a loss as to what was happening…

“Who are you?” Zi Feng frowned slightly as he asked coldly.

Zi Yu replied, flattering, “Elder Zi Feng, I had previously seen you before. It is just that the Zi family is so large that you had forgotten about me. I am the grandson of Zi Lin (purple forest).”

“Zi Lin?” Zi Feng relaxed his tightly creased eyebrows as he asked, “Are you referring to that Zi Lin who is responsible for sweeping the outer courtyard of the Zi family?”

“That’s right, he is my Grandfather. Elder Zi Feng, I am really a member of the Zi family. I am not impostering…”

Xia Ming’s complexion turned pale-white as he clenched his fists so tightly that they trembled.

‘I can’t believe that these people are actual people of the Zi family. Furthermore, Zi Yu whom I always thought to be a wealthy son-in-law is… a grandson of the Zi family’s sweeper?’

The blow of being dropped from the heaven to hell made Xia Ming stumbled a couple of steps. He took in a mouthful of cold air. Sorrow filled his heart but his sorrow was overwhelmed by a fear that seemed to be able to engulf him within…

“Young master Yu, what on earth is going on?” Xia Lu Lu bit her lips hard as she looked in disbelief at Zi Yu that was begging before Zi Feng with his complexion as pale as white paper…

“Shut up!” Zi Yu glared fiercely at Xia Lu Lu as he continued heartlessly, “Do you really think I fancy you? You are just a whore! I don’t have any inkling relationship with your Xia family. Please stop implicating me!”

Sorrow was expressed in Xia Lu Lu’s eyes. In comparison to Zi Yu’s insults, she hated her eyesight even more. She had mistaken the grandson of a servant as a treasure…

Who knew Zi Yu could act that similar as a wealthy nobleman? He completely possessed a grandeur that a grandson of a servant shouldn’t have…

At this moment, Mu Ru Yue and the couple of the Zi family didn’t say a word. Time seemed to have stalled, the current scene seemed to have become a painting…

Mu Ru Yue’s eyelashes trembled slightly. After a long time had passed, she then used a shuddering voice to ask, “Wu Chen, is this your surprise for me?”

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  1. ROFL. So the truth about Zi Yu’s identity is told to both Lu Lu and Xia Ming. With the arrogant words Xia Meng said to Zi Feng, I wonder how can he still have standing in the martial world. I am sure everyone will cut off the Xia family.

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