EAA Chapter 960


Chapter 960  – Family Reunion Part 1

The chapel subconsciously became quiet. Everyone had cast their gazes at Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen, discussing softly amongst themselves. For those ordinary people that weren’t ancient martial practitioners, they didn’t understand what they were saying…

Zi Yu didn’t in the slightest see that Ye Wu Chen’s expression had already turned grim. An intense storm was gradually surging forth from his body.

“So what is your decision?” Zi Yu sneered as he looked at the couple before him. In his point of view, it was impossible for them to be a match for the Zi family no matter how powerful they were.

“Zi family?”


Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as slight suspicions flashed past her eyes.

‘Is there a relationship between the Zi family here and Wu Chen’s Zi family of the Central Region? Is it just a coincidence or…’

“That’s right, I am a person of the Zi family!” Zi Yu raised his chin arrogantly as he continued, “If you’re scared, you should accept my condition!”


A sinister cold aura struck on Zi Yu’s body just after he said that, sending him flying backward.


He spat out a mouthful of blood, crashing heavily on the ground.

Ye Wu Chen stepped on Zi Yu’s chest. He lowered his gaze and with a sinister killing intent imbued voice, he said, “Nobody is allowed to make use of the Zi family’s name to perpetrate outrages!”

“What did you say?”

Even though Zi Yu was frightened by Ye Wu Chen’s grandeur, he glared furiously at Ye Wu Chen due to having a strong background. He then rebuked, “Are you saying that I’m impostering as a person of the Zi family? Let me tell you this. I am a bonafide member. How dare you slander me before so many people?!”

A voice was heard from outside when Zi Yu wanted to defend himself with all his might.

“It seems it is rather lively here. Xia family’s head, I don’t know if you have thought about how to explain this to me.”

A couple of people walked into the chapel.

There were a handsome man and a beauty right at the forefront of the group.

The woman had a sophisticated appearance with an elegant grace. Every frown and smile was filled with a classical grace. The man by her side was also tremendously handsome. His appearance was indistinctly similar to Ye Wu Chen’s.

Xia Ming’s gaze looked past the couple at the forefront, landing on an elder following closely behind the couple. His expression abruptly turned gloomy as he said, “Elder Zi Feng1 (purple peak), aren’t you too much for bringing in a group of people now, interrupting my wedding? I had already said that our Xia family did not provoke your family’s young madam! Moreover, it is hard to say whether you people are really members of the Zi family.”

‘Zi Yu had already told me that these people must be imposters. Hence, I don’t need to worry about offending the Zi family…’

“Your wedding?”

The woman smiled upon hearing his words. With mockery in her smile, she continued, “She is the parent of my daughter-in-law. When has she become your wife?”

“Haha!” Xia Ming raised his head and laughed brazenly, failing to notice Zi Yu’s astonished expression. “You are people of the Zi family? Hmph! Don’t you think I will fall for  your nonsense again! Zi Yu of the Zi family is my Xia family’s son-in-law! If he doesn’t recognize any of you, how can you be people of the Zi family?”

The woman was stunned as she asked, “Zi Yu? Who is he?”

Hmph!” Xia Ming snorted coldly as he continued, “How can you people dare to call yourselves as a member of the Zi family when you don’t even know Mister Zi Yu? You should stop humiliating yourself. But as for the woman like Yun Luo, it is impossible for her to be connected to the Zi family via a marriage alliance!”

Since his facade had fallen through already, Xia Ming no longer hid his true colours from the media. He looked arrogantly at the couple with a cynical smile on his face.

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  1. Miki: To clarify, this man’s name is the same as that crazy bitch Zi Feng that had died already in English but his second character is different in Chinese.

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