EAA Chapter 96


Chapter 96 – Finale Of the Competition Part 2

Elder Flame smiled as he looked at Mu Ru Yue. “Little girl, bring out all of your potential. I believe that those with such tyrannical mental power will definitely have great alchemist’s prowess. This competition doesn’t only affect you, but will affect the entire Pill Assembly, so this elder begs you.”

Elder Flame, a highly respected elder of the Pill Assembly, had actually put down his status in order to beg an immature little girl. Everyone was so astonished that their jaws dropped.

Qin Fei Fei clenched her fist in hatred. She didn’t even feel the pain when her nails pierced her palm. She calmed her fury and looked icily at Mu Ru Yue.

So what if she could use energy to grow medicine? She was still just a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist. How could she defeat that black clothed man with her ability? Elder Flame must really be going increasingly senile. If not, how could he lower his status for someone who didn’t have any possibility of winning?


“Elder Flame, I have a suggestion.” Qin Fei Fei raised her brows as she took lotus steps forward and said, “She is just a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist. If she could pass her medicinal plants to me, the probability of winning this competition might be higher.”

From Qin Fei Fei’s point of view, she was doing this for the Pill Assembly, so Elder Flame shouldn’t deny her suggestion.

Elder Flame frowned slightly. He didn’t have time to respond before Elder Qin’s calm voice rang out from his side, “Fei Fei’s suggestion is reasonable. It is obvious that this will be just giving the championship to someone else if that person is at the Human Stage Mid Rank. Moreover, we had moved essentially all of the medicinal plants for the Pill Assembly here. There wouldn’t be enough time to head out and purchase more medicinal plants in the time needed to burn an incense stick. In that case, the competition would have ended meaninglessly.”

“She can’t, but Qin Fei Fei can?” Elder Flame sneered. Mister Qing Yu, who was at the Earth Stage Mid Rank, didn’t say a word. How could she, who was at the Earth Stage Low Rank, be able to do anything?

Qin Fei Fei’s charming face changed slightly. She lowered her head and no longer spoke.

“Actually, it isn’t impossible for her to compete.”

Just as the atmosphere became extremely tense, an indifferent voice was transmitted from the center of the venue.

Mu Ru Yue chuckled, but that smile didn’t reach her eyes. With an icy gaze, she continued, “If young mistress Qin can determine what pill can be made from my medicinal ingredients, I shall allow young mistress Qin to participate in this competition.”

“Alright, I will take a look at the medicinal ingredients in your hand right now.” Qin Fei Fei didn’t think much about it and sniggered. How could she not know about the lowly pill formulas used by Human Stage Mid Ranks?

But after she looked at the medicinal plants, her exquisite face changed.

She pointed at Mu Ru Yue’s medicinal plants and raised her head to look at her in fury. “It is impossible to refine any pills from your medicinal plants! How can you win the competition with these medicinal plants? Your ingredients also consisted of Thousand Years Ginseng Fruit and Violent Grass. Don’t you know that it is impossible to fuse those two medicinal plants? How could you make a good pill if you don’t even know this? This is clearly giving away the championship!”

Qin Fei Fei’s was so angry that her face flushed red. No matter what, the Qin family was associated with the Pill Assembly. If something were to happen at the Pill Assembly, it would similarly affect the Qin family. Hence, how could Qin Fei Fei not rage?

It was all due to this damnable girl!

At this instant, Qin Fei Fei had forgotten that without Mu Ru Yue, the Pill Assembly wouldn’t even have the possibility of obtaining victory.

“Elders,” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to the three judges as she said calmly, “It is not that I didn’t give her the opportunity. It was she herself that said she didn’t know how to refine these medicinal ingredients.”

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