EAA Chapter 957


Chapter 957 – Heading To The Xia Family Part 7

‘Hadn’t she died?

‘If it wasn’t for the news of her death two years ago, how could us couple be ambushed by Xia Ming? Mu Yuan has even become a living dead person now.

‘Yet, my daughter has appeared before me now, full of vitality…’

“Mu Ru Yue!” Xia Ming’s expression changed completely. “You should have died. How are you here?”


‘One of my family members had personally seen her body been cremated and even took pictures to send them to the couple Mu Yuan and Yun Luo. Who could a person that should have already died appear again?

‘This isn’t scientific!’

“Do you think anyone can kill me if I still want to live?” Mu Ru Yue sniggered. She shifted her gaze to Yun Luo and with a softened gaze, she said, “Mother, I’ve come to bring Father and you back home.”

‘That’s right, I am here to bring them home…’

“No! I can’t return.” Yun Luo snapped out from her previous shock as she shook her head and said that with resolution.

‘Elder brother Yuan is still in their hands. Thus, I definitely can’t return…’

“Mother, don’t worry. I had already sent for people to get Father back.” Mu Ru Yue walked slowly toward Yun Luo. With a peculiar ray of light in her eyes, she continued, “Therefore, our family will finally be able to unite again. Nobody will be able to threaten you ever again…”


Yun Luo widened her eyes with slight disbelief.

‘Can my family finally be able to unite?’

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Xia Lu Lu looked furiously at Mu Ru Yue as she rebuked, “It is your mother that seduced my Father. Yet, you are saying she is being threatened by us? She had clearly done such a shameless matter due to being delusional in wanting to marry into an aristocratic family. She even dumped her vegetative ex-husband! A lot of people knew about this matter. Do you really think you can turn the table around for her?”

Jealousy filled Xia Lu Lu’s eyes.

‘In comparison to Yun Luo, her daughter Mu Ru Yue is significantly much prettier than her. But so what? I will soon be going to marry into the Zi family. On the other hand, her status will never be comparable to me…’

Mu Ru Yue glanced coldly at Xia Lu Lu. But that glance was enough to make Xia Lu Lu feel as though she had fallen into an icehouse. Her vibrant lips shivered slightly…

“You should stop attaching importance to Xia Ming. Truthfully, my Mother indeed doesn’t fancy him.” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to Yun Luo. She then said with a gentle gaze, “Let’s head back”


Yun Luo nodded slightly and with a warm gaze, she replied, “Let’s head home…”

The originally calmed down crowd became stirred up again.

Yun Luo actually didn’t want to marry into the Xia family? If not, why had she decided to leave now after gaining the chance? Could this girl be saying the truth that Yun Luo was being forced to marry Xia Ming?

“Yun Luo!” Xia Ming’s expression changed greatly. He clenched his fists tightly and said, enraged, “What did you just say?”


Yun Luo raised her hand to tear her gown apart and tossed it roughly on the ground.

She looked at Xia Ming with a glacial gaze and said, “Xia Ming, my daughter has come to get me. We must immediately head back to the Mu family! Furthermore, what you said just now was all bullshit!

“Elder brother Yuan and I are childhood lovers so it is just right for us to be together. Yet, you wanted to barge into our relationship. But you didn’t have any aspect that is better than Elder brother Yuan. I naturally wouldn’t choose you!

“Yet, you lured us to this place and lied to us about Yue Er’s death for your revenge. Elder brother Yuan was so mind-blown that he fell for your scheme, becoming a vegetative person. Following that, you used his life to threaten me in marrying you! It’s a pity that I am unwilling to dance with the devil. I would rather die than to have sexual intercourse with you. It is also to keep my chastity for Elder brother Yuan!”


Some people really couldn’t help but curse out after hearing what Yun Luo said.

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