EAA Chapter 956


Chapter 956  – Heading To The Xia Family Part 6

“That’s right!” Xia Ming smiled as he continued, “I must marry her!”

“Why?!” Xia Lu Lu’s body trembled as she asked, “What has my Mother done wrong for you to abandon my her to marry this woman? Daddy, can it be she is even more important than us, Mother and daughter?”


The crowd instantly stirred up. Reporters had their cameras aiming at the bride and groom. Countless flashing lights of cameras filled the entire chapel.


So this woman with such an impeccable beauty was the third wheel! They previously thought Xia Ming had a relationship after he divorced his ex-wife. They didn’t expect that their divorcement was due to her.

“Lu Lu, you don’t understand.” Xia Ming shifted his gaze to Yun Luo and said with deep feelings, “I had already known her before she even married to her ex-husband Mu Yuan several years ago. The Mu family was really influential at that time. She dumped me and chose to marry Mu Yuan instead.

“Currently, I had developed the Xia family to its current state after so many years. But I could never forget my first love! Now, her ex-husband is in a vegetative state. How could it be easy for a woman to be on her own? Hence, she looked for me, wanting to be with me.

“Initially, I refused her request in considerations of my previous wife. But one night when I was drunk in my room, I did it with her due to being intoxicated. She already has my child in her belly. I can only do this to be responsible for her…”

Everyone became stirred up at this moment, shooting disdainful gazes at Yun Luo.

So this woman was so materialistic. She previously dumped Xia Ming for a man with a higher status. Yet now, she dumped her husband due to him being in a vegetative state and wanted to obtain the Xia family’s main wife identity creating this mess.

If not so, how could she have appeared in Xia Ming’s room? All of this must be her plot!

On the other hand, Xia Ming was really such a romanticist and responsible man. He had never forgotten his first love after all these years but forcefully suppressed his feelings due to him being married. However, who knew this woman would plot such a shameless scheme? Currently, Xia Ming was trapped in her scheme.

“Xia Ming!”

Yun Luo was so angered that her entire body trembled.

‘This bastard is obviously bullshitting!’

“Are you doing this on purpose in order to get back at me?”

Xia Ming smirked slightly as he neared Yun Luo’s ear and whispered, “If you still want your husband to continue living in this world, then… it is best for you to play along with me, admitting you are a shameless, despicable slut!”

‘That’s right, I am indeed doing this intentionally.

‘That lord ordered that it is suffice in just having our offspring. But I want to obtain Yun Luo so that I can make her lose all her reputations under the cameras…

‘This was the price she has to pay for choosing Mu Yuan over me that year!’

“How come?” Xia Ming sniggered as he said, “Aren’t you deeply in love with Mu Yuan? Is it really that hard for you to admit it? Yun Luo, if you didn’t choose to be with Mu Yuan that year, none of this would have happened. Thus, if you want to hate, you can only blame yourself for making that decision. Nobody other than yourself should be blamed for this…”

Yun Luo’s eyelashes trembled a little as she slowly closed her eyes. But just when she was about to say it, a light chuckle entered her ears…

“My Mother seduced you? I’m afraid you aren’t qualified to enter her eyes.”

A snow-white figure walked into the chapel under the morning sunlight, reflecting in Yun Luo’s eyes.

Yun Luo’s body jolted as she covered her lips in disbelief. Tears gradually welled out from her eyes as she said, “Yue Er? No, you can’t be her…”

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  1. I cannot wait for Wu Chen’s appearance. I am sure his presence will be more shocking than Mu Er.

    I am sure those who know the Zi family will realise that he is the young master. And at that time Lu Lu will want him instead of Zi Yu.

    I cannot wait to see the face slap when they realise that Mu Er is his wife.

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