EAA Chapter 955


Chapter 955  – Heading To The Xia Family Part 5

Xia Ming relaxed his taut heart after finding out that he didn’t really offend the Zi family. “Mister Zi, thank you so much for telling me about this.”

Seeing Xia Ming’s respect to him, Zi Yu smiled complacently.

‘I had always been looked down by the people of the Zi family. But I am able to get so much respect and reverence after coming to this place. How can I not be excited?’

“Mister Zi, it will be my marriage day in a couple of days. I am wondering if Mister Zi will be able to make it.”


“Alright,” Zi Yu stood up and said, “This mister will definitely be there at that time. But Lu Lu is a treasure of the Zi family. I hope you will not hurt Lu Lu for another woman. If not, my Zi family will certainly not let you off!”

Xia Ming’s eyes lit up.

‘Zi Yu seems to be able to represent the Zi family? It looks like his status in the Zi family is rather high. Our Xia family has indeed picked up a treasure this time. If that bastard Mu Yuan wakes up now, he unquestionably will be tremendously jealous.

‘So what if his deceased daughter is really pretty? How can she be comparable to my beloved daughter? But even if Mu Yuan’s daughter is still alive, the people of the Zi family will definitely not fancy such a prideful woman!

‘She couldn’t even hold a candle to Lu Lu…’

“Mister Zi, I shall see you out.” Xia Ming politely hand gestured him to go first. His attitude toward Zi Yu was as low as it could get. If Zi Yu were to call him to lick his shoes, he would do it without an inkling of hesitation.

“I will be troubling you then.”

Zi Yu cupped his fists with a complacent smile on his face. Following that, he walked out of the Xia family’s luxurious manor under Xia Ming’s lead leaving the premise…

No matter what, the Xia family was a highly aristocratic family. Hence, the matter about the header leader of the Xia family remarrying attracted the attention of the media.

Furthermore, with Xia Lu Lu fanning from behind the scene, all of the media reported that Yun Luo was a woman that seduced a married man and that she was even a dirty woman that worked in a nightclub before.

Instantly, everyone was throwing insults toward Yun Luo. It was obvious that they thought she wasn’t compatible with Xia Ming…

Currently, a couple that had their hands intertwined had subconsciously garnered the attention from people in their surroundings as they walked in America’s Washington bustling main street.

“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen smiled as he pulled Mu Ru Yue into his embrace and continued to say in a gentle voice, “Mother-in-law’s wedding will be commencing shortly. We must rush to reach there before it starts. But I have a surprise for you this time…”

Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to Ye Wu Chen and with a raised eyebrow, she asked. “What is it?”

“There are two people that want to meet you.” With a cheeky ray of light that flashed past his eyes, he continued, “As for who they are, you will find that out real soon…”

‘The news that they came to America had already been released. Those two people of the Zi family will definitely come as quickly as possible to see their daughter-in-law…

‘Nonetheless, Mu Ru Yue is still clueless that the Zi family exists in this world. Therefore, I will be able to give her a great surprise this time…’

Within a sacred and dignified chapel, people were standing at the sides of the aisle, silently looking at the bride and groom that were walking in from outside.

Xia Ming had an appropriate smile on his face but he was gripping tightly onto Yun Luo’s hand. He then warned in a voice where only the two of them could hear, “Yun Luo, you better be on your best behaviour for me. Otherwise, not only will your husband be in danger, the entire Mu family will be wiped out by me!”

Yun Luo’s body shuddered with intense flames of fury surging out of her eyes. Yet, she didn’t have a choice but endure such humiliations for her beloved man and the Mu family!


Xia Lu Lu couldn’t help but call out. She glared furiously at Luo Yun and asked, “Are you really going to marry this woman?”

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