EAA Chapter 953


Chapter 953  – Heading To The Xia Family Part 3

However, fragrance entered the guards’ nose shortly after Xia Ming left. The men dressed in western-style clothing were stunned for a moment. A beautiful face entered their sight when they raised their head.

It was a young mixed-blood young girl that was about seventeen-year-old. She had an exceptional beautiful appearance. Yet, she looked like a girl in her twenties from her revealing dressing.

“Eldest Young Mistress.”

The two of them were startled and subconsciously lowered their heads as they greeted her respectfully.


The young girl was born by the second American wife of Xia Ming so she similarly was the half-sister of Xia Rui. Since she was spoilt pampered since young, she had an extremely haughty temper, not placing anyone in her eyes.

Hmph!” Xia Lu Lu (summer nectar) snorted coldly. She arrogantly raised her snow-white chin as she commented, “I heard Father wants to marry that vixen. I’m curious to see what is so alluring about that vixen that seduced my Father!”

“But young mistress, the head leader had ordered that nobody is allowed to enter the room.”



Xia Lu Lu’s palm landed on the man’s body. She yelled furiously, “I am the Eldest Young Mistress of the Xia family. When I want to enter a room, who dares stop me? Scram!”

She raised her hands to push those two men aside and kicked open the door. Her gaze landed on the woman on the bed.

Xia Lu Lu felt inferior for the very first time.

‘My appearance can’t be counted as peerless, but it is at least so unique that it is one of a kind. But my appearance is definitely outshined by her.’

Jealousy surged in her heart. Xia Lu Lu sneered as she mocked, “So you are Yun Luo. You’re the vixen that seduced my Father? Your appearance indeed is outstanding, but it’s a pity you’re too old. It is a wonder why Father didn’t decide to choose from so many young ladies that were of seventeen or eighteen of age and chose to marry such a vixen as yourself!”

Yun Luo looked coldly at Xia Lu Lu as she said, “Get out!”

“You…” Xia Lu Lu’s expression changed drastically as she continued, “You actually want to chase me out of this room? This is my home. You are only an outsider. What rights do you have to have a say in my house? Do you think you have the qualification to replace my Mother? Let me tell you this. Stop dreaming! A person like you that don’t have any influence or might isn’t worthy to be the main wife of the Xia family!”

“Get out!” Yun Luo’s gaze darkened as she repeated what she said previously.


Xia Lu Lu’s expression changed greatly as she made threatening gestures when she pounced toward Yun Luo.

If it was in the past, Xia Lu Lu definitely wouldn’t be Yun Luo’s match. Nonetheless, Xia Ming had crippled her Dantian in order to confine her to this place. Currently, she was just a good for nothing trash. How could she be a match for Xia Lu Lu who was a martial practitioner?

“This is bad!”

The complexion of the two guards that saw her actions outside of the room turned gravely pale. If something were to happen to Yun Luo, the head leader would undoubtedly not forgive them…

“Xia Lu Lu, what do you think you’re doing?”

A low and heavy voice was heard from behind just when Xia Lu Lu charged toward Yun Luo. Following that, he moved a couple of flash over and stood before Yun Luo, catching the arm of the young girl that was swinging downward toward Yun Luo.


Xia Lu Lu stomped her feet, displeased. She then reasoned furiously, “This woman seduced you. I mustn’t let her enter our Xia family!”

“Enough!” Xia Ming’s expression turned grim as he chided her, “You should not be meddling in my matters. You should just have a grip on yourself instead. Stop hanging out with those hooligans day in and night out!”

“Father,” Xia Lu lu revealed a grieving expression as she said, “You chided me for this woman? Moreover, I am not hanging out with useless people. Those friends of mine are really useful. Recently, I had even managed to make a connection with a person of the Zi family through the help of a person I know…”

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